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  1. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    Hi Guys, I need some help writing a batch file to test network connectivity for various locations. Basically we are transitioning to from an existing network provider to a new network provider. What I would like the script to do Ping a list of IP address and then output the results into a...
  2. Yin

    How do I track user account activity on a Domain(Windows Server 2008)

    Hi Guys, I'm a trying to track user activity (log on and off details etc) on a windows server 2008 domain controller could someone point me in the right direction? I have tried googling on how to do this but I'm confuse as not everything matches up to what they are saying. Thanks! Sorry I...
  3. Yin

    Linksys WRT610N - Net loopback?

    Hey network wizards:), I'm currently trying to configure my router so that my brother and myself can play Warcraft III together on bnet. I have tried reading\searching on this but I haven't had any luck. At the moment I can host but he can't join but other people can. He can also host but...
  4. Yin

    Gaming System

    Hey Guys, Friend asked me to build a computer for him hoping you guys can give me some pointers as I haven't been following the pc market for a quite a while. Okay we are based in Australia\Sydney so prices will be in AUD. He has a rough budget of $1000 and we need a whole tower and a...
  5. Yin

    Looking for a program which grabs folders\files and converts it into text

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a program which lets you pick a folder and grabs all the files\folders names and puts it in a text file. I'm not sure if that makes sense, sorry if it doesn't.
  6. Yin

    Need help in setting up sound

    Hi Guys, I'm having a weird issue with my sound configuration my current setup is a X-FI soundcard which came with my motherboard (Asus Rampage II) paired with Logitech Z-5500 Speakers. I decided to purchase myself an optical cable thinking I'll get better sound quality but I'm running...
  7. Yin

    Starcraft II problem, nvlddmkm.sys, 8800GT

    Hey Guys, I am experiencing bsod when playing starcraft II and I have tried googling around but I am finding a lot of different\unrelated issues. First my monitor will lose it signal, in this short period my computer seems to still response as I have a G19 Keyboard and the software still...
  8. Yin

    Harddrive skipping?

    Hi Everyone, I have recently swapped over to Win 7 64bit and noticed that my hard drive skips just before playing an mp3. I'm not sure if its related to me swapping over to windows 7 however I'm not too sure on where to begin to trouble shoot this issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yin

    COD MW2 multiplayer problem?

    Hi guys, My brother and I have both got COD MW2 on PC however when we try to play together the game seems to always kicks one of us. We both have our own steam accounts and can play multiplayer fine by ourselves but we would like to player together with a bunch of friends. Any suggestions/
  10. Yin

    8800GT as a Physics card?

    Hi TPU'ers, I vaguely remember reading somewhere on the internet that it is possible to make Nvidia cards as physics while having an ATI card as a primary video card. What I'm thinking of doing is getting a new ATI card and using my current 8800GT as a physics card, is this possible...
  11. Yin

    Recommend a SSD????(in AUS)

    hello Tpu, I'm looking to get a ssd and putting windows 7 it and a few games. I've looked around a bit however I'm getting confused on what I should be looking for. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it so something less than $250 would be good but I'm willing to spend a bit more...
  12. Yin

    Over layer program?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if such a program exisit. eg I'm playing borderlands I get a message on msn instead of not knowing anything about it I get a little message or notification like the steam application. I have found a program called game overlay but it doesn't seem compitable with...
  13. Yin

    should I 12gb of ram?

    Hi guys I am currently building a new I7 rig and was stumped on which ram to get. So far I have decided to get Asus Rampage II Extreme I7 920 and I'll be using my old bits and pieces to make up the rest. *EDIT* Sorry forgot to mention I am getting a Hx750w Corsair PSU I have...
  14. Yin

    Z5500 Sub buzzing

    Hi guys, Just got myself a set of the imfamous Logitech Z5500 Speakers and I hooked it all up to my netbook as my computer has recently died and I have noticed that the subwoofer is making a buzzing sound, Should I be concerned? Thanks :)
  15. Yin

    Anyone here own a G19

    Hello TPU, Has anyone got G19? Can you tell me your experiences with it? Heres mine So I got myself a G19, thinking its gonna be awesome. So After spending $200(AUD) bucks on a keyboard. Instead when I search for mini applications designed for the G19 (colour and all). I usually come...
  16. Yin

    XP Sharing Folder\drive issues??

    Hi Guys, 2 computers. desktop(yin) and laptop(yin2) I can access \\Yin2 from my desktop, to see all shared folders on my laptop. but I can't access \\Yin from my laptop. However I can access \\Yin\storage or \\Yin\Music and so on. When I use the "net use \\yin" command in cmd on my...
  17. Yin

    Microsoft Excel 2003 question

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows how to make cells equal their values instead of it being a function. say for example A 1x 2=a1+1 3=a2+1 4=a3+1 5=a4+1 so i can move them around without the values changing Thanks all!
  18. Yin

    8800GT and 9800GT SLI? possible?

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to sli a 9800GT and a 8800GT? the reason I ask is I can't seem to find a retailer that still stocks 8800GT and I believe the 9800GT is really just a 8800GT re-branded? Thanks
  19. Yin

    PS3 Controller on PC\XP

    Hey, Just wondering has anyone successfully got their ps3 controller working on their pc, who could help me set mine up. I've been searching the net trying to get it working, so i can play l4d split screen on my pc. (I have a dual monitor setup so 1 4 each player if i get it working) (1...
  20. Yin

    Learning Active Directory?

    hey guys, Not sure if this is the right section but besides that. I would really like to learn more about active directory as it seems like its mandatory for career in IT. I already have a good idea what it is\does. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.
  21. Yin

    help in creating a simple program

    Hi there, I have no programming experience (except html and im not even good at that) and i what i want to do is make a simple program that makes my job easier. The aim of this program is for me to click on a button and it copies a text to a box. eg. click button 1 (abc) copies abc to...
  22. Yin

    Laptop Drivers?

    Hello TPU, I'm not sure if this should be in the hardware or software section. anyway I was looking for a new laptop and everything seems to be vista these days, I currently have my eyes on an asus G1S which comes with vista and I was thinking of formatting it to windows xp, but I havent...
  23. Yin

    2 Q's Compiz - Desktop Cube and Firefox Settings

    Hello Tpu, I know these questions may seem nooby but I am totally new to linux and I am trying to learn it, like I've just worked out how to get to my drives...... through the explorer and thank you in advance. Q1.I've installed a compiz the fancy desktop stuff on to my ubuntu and I was just...
  24. Yin

    Help me in picking a new router.

    Hello TPU'er, I am in need of a new router and I would like some suggestions and obviously some good reasons to pick product a over product b. So far I have found two products that I like but I would also like your suggestions and input to help me decide. 1. D-Link DGL-4500 Details Pros...
  25. Yin

    How to get NVIDIA drivers installed on Ubuntu?

    Hello TPU'ers I just attempted to install Ubuntu and Nvidia graphics drivers and I am running into a brick wall now. I got Ubuntu 7.10 installed and just before it starts up it prompts me with a msg saying it can't detect my video card and I have to run it in 800x600. So I searched around...