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  1. EviLZeD

    SDA releases Painkiller speedrun!

    Nice job
  2. EviLZeD


    I completed it about a week ago its awesome really scary.
  3. EviLZeD

    This mouse looks awesome!

    I think it looks awesome all mechanical and stuff seems solid as well with the metal base etc but a little pricey.
  4. EviLZeD

    Dual Monitor / Crossfire

    Im running 3 monitors using hybrid crossfire (on board + 4850) and whenever I launch any 3d app/game my other two monitors don't blackout I can still see the desktop on the other monitors. I'm using the default catalyst settings
  5. EviLZeD

    Worst game you've finished or almost finished

    Oh yea I didn't bother completing farcry 2 either it was terrible IMO.
  6. EviLZeD

    Worst game you've finished or almost finished

    I played a game called hellforces its so bad its amusing so I ended up finishing it with cheats of course its insanely difficult even on normal
  7. EviLZeD

    ZOWIE Announces HeatoN's EC-series of Mice

    Looks a lot like the Razer death adder :S
  8. EviLZeD

    The best free games you ever played

    I remember a long time ago there was an ad supported far cry but it was the full game for free which was good
  9. EviLZeD

    activate windows 7 oem key

    Ive installed windows 7 using retail disk but with an oem key it worked fine you can always change the key from right clicking my computer-properties then selecting change product key
  10. EviLZeD

    Mouse bungee

    you could just use blu tack to keep the mouse cable from moving as an alternative but it looks messy
  11. EviLZeD

    Mouse bungee

    I think it must be pretty handy but really really expensive at least in the uk for what it is.
  12. EviLZeD

    Free component emulator software upgrades your pc!

    Lmao this is amazing :P
  13. EviLZeD

    Is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat any good?

    I found it to be really good you can kill enemies with head shots instantly and once you complete the main story you can carry on doing side quests that you didn't get complete or find. some mutants take a million shots to kill tho haha
  14. EviLZeD

    An eyefinity question

    I read somewhere a while back that the resolution should be the same on all 3 screens so it would probably work if you lowered the 1440x900 res monitor to 1360x768 but it may look a little odd.
  15. EviLZeD

    Giving away a Metro Key

    I'm interested :)
  16. EviLZeD

    ATI Catalyst 10.2 WHQL Released

    its working fine for me, I couldn't use 10.1 tho
  17. EviLZeD

    AMD Delivers Performance, Stability, Expanded Feature Set with New Catalyst Suites

    These should work for palit and xpertvision cards now running fine unlike 10.1
  18. EviLZeD

    Ati catalyst 10.1 drivers working with Palit 4850 only after vendor id change.

    I also have this issue with my xpertvision*(i think palit owns them or something?) 4850 i thought i was the only one
  19. EviLZeD

    What grade of Graphics do you use?

    I started with an ati 9550(did a great job for £47) then when I built my first proper pc I bought a 7950gx2 I wanted the best but I sold it when the 8800's came out I'm never gonna buy the top end again unless I have a lot of money to spend I go for the mainstream/higher end stuff now much more...
  20. EviLZeD

    power saving options

    In device manager under "mice and other pointing devices" right click your mouse then properties under power management tab uncheck "allow this device to wake the computer" check box. Hopefully that would work sometimes the mouse buttons are considered keyboard keys I know it is for my g9 they...
  21. EviLZeD

    64-bit OS with 2GB RAM

    I remember my cousin had vista on his laptop with 1gb ram my pc had 4 at the time and vista used around 1.3gb of my ram but I think vista recognizes if you computer lacks memory and somehow lowers its usage because he could play few games fine on his laptop like fear and wow even with 1gb ram...
  22. EviLZeD

    Which is the best anti-virus program for windows 7?

    Avast is good but im liking microsoft security essentials atm it uses very low resources and works great for me and its free if your windows is legit ;)
  23. EviLZeD

    Sharkoon Readies LanPort ''USB Servers''

    I think theres a typo in the title sharkoon?
  24. EviLZeD

    Windows 7 freezing strange issue

    Ok just a little update for others who experience this issue it seems that it was the SSD which caused the freezing (were you can move the mouse but can't do anything else) maybe it wore out I dont know I didn't defrag it or used it improperly maybe some are not as reliable as you would expect...
  25. EviLZeD

    Windows 7 freezing strange issue

    Thanks for the replies I can get into safe mode but I did a clean install so theres nothing to remove or change I ordered another drive to test out just incase, I will post the outcome when it eventually arrives. Before I installed win7 I had ahci enabled in vista (loaded drivers and enabled...