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  1. Chewy

    Good Gpu for Q6600 3.4Ghz

    Looks like my Ati 5850 is dead now The bios wont post on screen, my mobo does not have onboard graphics. What would be a good GPU to upgrade to ? I would like one, preferably with a black pcb. I think I may liquid cool it too but am not sure. Anyone have an idea on my best bet? Budget is...
  2. Chewy

    Lga 775 Mobo hard to come by?

    I cant find any good ones other than m-atx and an intel board for sale online ? I think my mobo died while I was away on vacation. Jumping the power button does not work. Powers connected properly and the mobo light is on.
  3. Chewy

    Different Loop

    Heh, I cut the clear hose down a bit, looks better too. It looked worst in this picture than in person. even a little bit trimmed off makes a big difference in length.. and the difference of to fit or not to fit. Good Day fellow Tpu'rs Im wondering if you think the hosing is alright. I used...
  4. Chewy

    Waterblock intake (enzotech luna)

    I am rebuilding my computer and I forget what ones the intake lol. I cannot find any manuals online! Theres a picture showing the waterblock striped down in this link: http://www.enzotechnology.com/luna.htm# This is what happens when you procrastinate people :roll: For some reason I...
  5. Chewy

    Re-Building my Watercooled SS Temjin TJ09

    Help Upgrading my Watercooled System I previously had just the Cpu Looped with a rear res/rad mounted set-up. I'm looking to include a regular rad (swiftech basic 240mm) to the top, and my Swiftech Komodo 8850 gpu cooler. Any ideas on how my loop should look? The rear rad, comes in through...
  6. Chewy

    Water cooling loop

    Hello, I'm going to install my new GPU block and rad to my loop. I'm wondering what would be best: Config1. Pump, Rad1, CPU, GPU, Rad2, Pump. Config2. Pump, Rad1, CPU, Rad2, GPU, Pump. My set-up consists of: Luna Cpu Block Swiftech Komodo 5850 Block Den Danger CPX-Pro •Flow...
  7. Chewy

    4500MHD, anyone used for video playback?

    Anyone know much about Intel GMA 4500MHD? I want better/decent video playback on my lcd tv. Im using a g80 8800gts 640mb video card which is fine for gaming.. thinking about getting a 5850 orrrrr a netbook/laptop.. this one to be exact...
  8. Chewy

    Virus removal

    Ok so a friends computer has a virus on it that will not go away even after fully re-installing Windows. Would using a program such as Acronis Drive Cleanser to wipe the HD work? would the HD lose its firmware data and need to have it reinstalled? Im going to have another go at this so...
  9. Chewy

    Sharp LCD updates

    Anyone know where I can find bios updates for Sharp tv's? I couldn't find them on Sharps site or on the net yet.
  10. Chewy

    Usb hub causing crash

    Gooday fellow TPU'rs. I recently bought a Berklin in desk usb hub, but when I have it connected to my pc and I reboot or power up my pc my Asus p5k-Premium board says Oc failed hit f1 to change settings.. why is this I wonder, my Oc is 100% stable and I have the latest mobo bios... I...
  11. Chewy

    benefit of more cache with Amd

    Im currently wondering about the difference the extra cache on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 2.6GHZ 2000FSB 2X1MB would make compared to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850E 2x512MB performance-wise.
  12. Chewy

    Low cost home PC

    This PC will be used for flash games and playing Blu-Ray on Vista - AMD x3 8450 2.1Ghz <<< Update! - Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400C4 2GB 2X1GB PC2-6400 - Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G mATX AM2+ PCI-EX SATA RAID Video Sound GLAN 1394 HDMI Motherboard - Antec NSK3480 New Solution...
  13. Chewy

    AMD 780G chipset question

    Hello fellow Tpuer's Im going to build someone a computer to use as a multi media center with thier tv. I was wondering how the 780G chipset works with Vista and playing back a blu-ray movie? would it be smooth? I figure Amd is a good route to go and support since I doubt they will need any...
  14. Chewy

    Mem test errors what to make of it.

    Comps been real naughty lately so I decided to check my ram! Im running a asus p5k black pearl board and patriot extreme 1066 ram 2x 1gb... I think my rams like dead.. havent even given it much voltage tested it @ 2.4v before its rated for 2.35v but initially patriot had this ram on thier...
  15. Chewy

    Ati Rage 2 Xp driver?

    where do I find one? LOL
  16. Chewy

    help with cost efficient build

    Someone I know want s to build a new family PC, and keep it at a very low cost. this will just be for things like internet browsing so a video card is not needed. Im no good with picking out lower end stuff considering most cost efficient builds are made with Amd processors and I am a newb...
  17. Chewy

    Which duel pump water loop setup is best?

    I have 2 configurations, which one would be better for a duel pump set-up? A: B: or should I do 2 separate loops? I have a t-line sitting around, also I have 3 90" angle fittings 2 are most likely going on the rear rad.
  18. Chewy

    8800gt or 8800gts 640mb 112sp?

    Im wondering what you guys think! I have to catch this sale so! hurry up n vote! lol I game @ 1680x 1050.. The extra ram would come in handy but is the 8800gt's core have alot more potential? meh I game @ a higher than avg res though :P what do you think? both have 112sp's so... anyone have...
  19. Chewy

    How to wire-transfer funds to Koolance?

    I placed my order but they never asked for my bank account #... I sent a pm on Thursday and still havent gotten a reply.. I need theses parts ASAP! so I can finish my build before December hopefully. anyone know how to wire the money to them? I could go into my bank tomorrow! I chose to...
  20. Chewy

    Bootmgr is missing.. error

    Well I built my bosses comp today, everything went smoothly till we decided to cancel the O/s install.. I quickly canceled it, didnt read to much just hit for it to cancel elc.. than upon reading the drive/disc it gave me this error BOOTMGR is missing.. I cleared cmos and still it dont work...
  21. Chewy

    Silverstone TJ09 - Project Log

    I decided to get new case, the Silverstone tj09... it offer great cooling, thick aluminum & stainless steel chassis with no front door. I also like the race car inspired side vents, they will look good under my desk. Some modifications will be: - Painting the motherboard tray and supports...
  22. Chewy

    does this seem right

    179watt on load for power consumption? Im going to build a system like this soon but with an Amd x2 6400 3.2Ghz blackbox cpu.. the cpu is a power hungry beast, I just found out it has 125 watt tdp.. and the psu thats coming is an Antec built by Seasonic 430 watt duel 12v rail with 16...
  23. Chewy

    Cold Cathode Light 5v mode safe?

    can you mod a CCL to 5v? will it work still? Im not a big fan of lighting my case up to much! I think I could handle a 15" CCL if it wasent so bright.. to go with my new case :p :D.
  24. Chewy

    Build for boss

    Ok so a friend/boss of mine wants me to build a mini gaming/home entertainment pc.. Since she just bought a house and did renovations, were going to try and keep this fairly cheap. Antec Fusion 430 HTPC Desktop mATX Case $182.46...
  25. Chewy

    Tv Tuner card

    Im curious if you can change the channel on your tv trough one.. or trough your computer in general... I getting this silverstone MFP51 it has channel button on it but it cannot control other devices such as a tv/vcr (Im old lol)/dvd elc). I dont know why it has channel buttons on this...