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  1. XL-R8R

    XPG Memory and Solid State Drives Support Latest Intel Z590 Platform

    "News" like this should be supporting TPU with a form of revenue; not Chinese key sellers.
  2. XL-R8R

    Intel Core i9-11900T "Rocket Lake" Processor Allegedly Catches Up with Zen 3 in Single-Threaded Performance

    Some quick maths? 4.9GHz vs 4.7GHz max single core boost = 4% difference in clock speeds (being in Intels favour) 1717 vs 1674 is the max single thread score of both CPU's mentioned (being in Intels favour again)... but when we take 1717 (the score of the mentioned 11900T) and reduce it by...
  3. XL-R8R

    At Stock All-Core Boost, i9-11900KF "Rocket Lake" Hits 98°C with 360mm AIO CLC Under Stress

    Sensationalised news post that intentionally leaves out any mention of the use of ES/QS sample chips running way above the intended speed (these are not retail CPU's with finalised design specs) with way over spec voltage of 1.4v.... Not much to see here.
  4. XL-R8R

    HP at CES 2021: The Future of PC Innovation is Now

    I think TPU missed the ball with this one; you should have got paid for this news post. After all, you did such a good job advertising the upcoming HP products... I think this site deserves some of that ad money. :laugh:
  5. XL-R8R

    HP at CES 2021: The Future of PC Innovation is Now

    Is this an advertorial/paid placement or something? 2048 words/nearly 13000 characters/12 pictures.... the average TPU reviews contain not much more than this "press release"... and sometimes has less content by a fair amount? No "press release" needs such a long post about basically...
  6. XL-R8R

    GPUs to See Price Increase Due to Import Tariffs, Other PC Components to Follow

    And in other news; water is wet and fire is warm. The new prices and the continued rise in cost to the end user is now the new "norm"... prices only ever will go up and never will return to pre-2020 levels. Acceptance - while hard to logically or financially justify - may be the only...
  7. XL-R8R

    I just bought a scalpers 3080.. he he

    I'm not sure it was needed (at the above price) when you already own/owned a 2080Ti.... but, congratulations.
  8. XL-R8R

    Need a Older Win10 ISO DL

    I'm glad it worked out well. :toast:
  9. XL-R8R

    Need a Older Win10 ISO DL

    https://the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/ Is this any use?
  10. XL-R8R

    PC Replacement advice

    I'll repost this here again as I think your post is a little jaded or misinformed(both?): It's got better cable management than half of hobbyists can personally manage.. and it comes backed by a 1 year warranty on the entire rig, which no home-builder can provide either.... for less than...
  11. XL-R8R

    PC Replacement advice

    Cyberpower specs: Asrock B450 EVGA GPU EVGA PSU Corsair RAM Looks almost unbeatable for the price if compared to stand-alone components. (who'd have thought we'd be saying that in 2020!?) GMA6600WST promo/cyberpower shot: Edit More digging @ Walmart reviews: A nice unit for a...
  12. XL-R8R

    PC Replacement advice

    The above link is perfect for the OP and includes a 2060 which would be a giant leap over the GTX960 in use currently.
  13. XL-R8R

    PC Replacement advice

    I'll be reply #16... and so far no one has provided even a basic build to this person and the conversation is now seemingly about IE vs Chrome.... o_O Next it'll be about how his budget isnt good enough as everyone needs a RTX3080, 64GB of DDR4 @ 4600mhz and a 4k HDR monitor, with how the...
  14. XL-R8R

    Sharkoon Announces Shark Force II Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

    Budget specs. However, having used the Shark Force 1(not this model) as a stand-in mouse while waiting for a the arrival of something better, the mouse was certainly not 'bad'; just dont expect "Logitech G" levels of performance from #2.
  15. XL-R8R

    Corsair HS75 XB Wireless

    Reviewing a (mainly) console product, seems kind of redundant on a mainly PC-orientated site... no? I know Corsair frown upon samples being refused review - or maybe even at a negative/not so glowing result at the end of said review - but come on eh? The award badge has been awarded without...
  16. XL-R8R

    Corsair HS75 XB Wireless

    TPU reviews strike again: Certainly doesnt seem to deserve this: Maybe stop handing out these awards at the end of each review so at least the reviewing seems more legit and less BS? (Editor tagged @btarunr) I mean, who wants to buy an Xbox adapter in order to use a $150 headset on...
  17. XL-R8R

    Arecibo Collapsed 12/1/20

    Seemingly the 'best' video on youtube.
  18. XL-R8R

    Cyberpunk 2077 Benchmark Test & Performance

    One of the best reviews TPU has ever produced. Thankfully @W1zzard didnt turn into a fanboy and splash another shoddy review onto the internet in the process; the same cannot be said for the vasy majority of other publications... no one seemingly wants to speak negatively about the obvious...
  19. XL-R8R

    HyperX and Acer Announce Partnership for Orion Gaming Desktops

    Board used in the non-x299 build: Also, the system with this board above, is the 3000; not the 9000.. the TPU 93% copy/paste article doesnt make this clear. ] Pass; even if prebuilts were entertaining.
  20. XL-R8R

    China Develops Tools for 28 nm Silicon Manufacturing

    This thread will also go down a rabbit hole lol But, good luck to China; the western world player this game incorrectly and will pay the price at some point shortly. Edit - me too @Fourstaff :laugh:
  21. XL-R8R

    Is %50 bottleneck normal?

    I figured external HDD's having stupendous seek times on average, would be enough for the average forum user to ascertain that 25-60ms+ of waiting for the HDD to find your item, would cause massive drops in FPS numbers seen..... 50%... 20%... 80%.. its all arbitrary as its caused by the same...
  22. XL-R8R

    Is %50 bottleneck normal?

    If you wish to pile more time - and other members of this communities - into this thread, please do so/feel free to lol Good luck on your quest. however...
  23. XL-R8R

    Is %50 bottleneck normal?

    Loading games from an external 1TB HDD will always cause stutter that can/does/will be perceived as a "bottleneck" due to the drop in fps you'll see at the same time. The OP clearly needs to move the game and stop using external storage; the rest of the issues are minor compared to this.
  24. XL-R8R

    5600X vs 9600K

    I can tell this thread will turn into some steaming pile at some point....... But there is no point changing platform OR worrying about how much faster/slower/sexier/richer/hotter/colder/whateveryouwishtoworryabout. Stick with the 9600K and buy some better RAM and a new(er?) GPU...