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  1. LittleLizard

    x58 unknown motherboard

    Hello guys, Do any of have any info regarding this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Intel-X58-Computer-ATX-Motherboard-ATX-LGA-1366-Socket-B-8-USB-DDR3-Black-/131739586756?hash=item1eac4a90c4:g:HjMAAOSwPc9W1FI8 Anything, brand if possible. It seems very suspicious to me that's not printed onto the...
  2. LittleLizard

    Video Memory > Ram

    Basically, what the title says. I have the system specified in the specs and have bought a GTX 750 Ti with 2gb memory. I am waiting on some 8GB sticks to be delivered now. My question is, what would happen if i installed the 2gb video card with only 2gb of Ram? There would no be adressing...
  3. LittleLizard

    Downloads section

    Is it just me or it needs some SERIOUS updating? I know that most people dont use it, but i was looking for a tool to flash my board bios (stupid board cant do it from thumb drive & floppy drive is broken) and just noticed that some programs go back till 2006 :eek:
  4. LittleLizard

    Upgrading advice

    Even though i've said it one or two times over the years, at last i have money to upgrade my "PIECE OF CRAP" of computer. :D Thing is... is not much :ohwell: So, i want recommendation on what. (Keep in mind that i live in a country where prices are high as hell) A) Change my generic PSU...
  5. LittleLizard

    1155 skt on newegg

    dont know if it was posted already but as i didnt found it, here it is Computer Hardware,Motherboards,Intel Motherboards,... Computer Hardware,CPUs / Processors,Processors - D...
  6. LittleLizard

    Nvidia KEGputer

    Today, ladies & gentlemen, nVidia show the world the most advanced computer case. AND YOU WILL ALL AGREE WITH ME NVIDIA KEGPUTER
  7. LittleLizard

    ASrock Premium?

    How the have come from being 5 years ago a cheap division of Asus to make this: Seriously, they are impresing me each day more.
  8. LittleLizard

    TPU GOTY Awards!

    TPU GOTY Awards! (POLL CLOSED) After seeing the post of "Graphics card HoF", and that every single gaming website is giving their GOTY awards, i thought it would be a nice idea to have our own GOTY awards. ### Things to know ### A) The list is of PC Games ONLY. If we would take time to...
  9. LittleLizard

    Trouble with steam

    Ok, im very new to this Steam thingy and, even though it's completely awesome there are a couple of things i want to know if they're possible A) Everytime i start a game, the other games im downloading stop. Here the DSL connection is as slow as hell, and i need to get out the most of it, so...
  10. LittleLizard

    Realtek Drivers do not save config

    Just change my board (will update specs soon). The new board has a realtek ALC662, a crappy but fine for me. I use all 3 jacks in the back like this MIC > MIC OUT > Headphones IN > Speakers The point is that i change the settings everytime i turn on the computer cause the damn drivers do...
  11. LittleLizard

    BSOD all over the place

    Well, it's been a long time since the last time i posted but right now i need help. My computer was giving me BSOD at random times, while using different software (MSN, Games, Winamp, Firefox, etc). It's the Memory Dump BSOD. So, now i formatted and while doing a fresh install of 7, it...
  12. LittleLizard

    gts 450 low profile

    Seems like palit have nothing better to do other than make an overpowered low profile card that IMO very few people if any will actually use. Palit NE5S4500F0601 GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 12...
  13. LittleLizard

    skt 939 790gx motherboard

    Yes you read right, Yes its weird, No I couldnt found it on etail anywhere, Yes its already released Asrock 939A790GMH Edit: found it on etail http://www.productwiki.com/asrock-939a790gmh/
  14. LittleLizard

    drivers problem

    Ok, i tried to download forceware 258.96 from here, from softonic, from omegadrivers, from nvidia official page AND EVERY SINGLE TIME IT CUT's at around 50mb completed. Anyone knows what may cause this?
  15. LittleLizard

    Sound card question

    The question is simple. I know that modern, proper soundcards come with Front panel headers. Here though, they dont, so, Is there any way to have a soundcard WITHOUT a FP header and yet still make some way with the drivers to use the FP header of the MOTHERBOARD while getting the sound of the...
  16. LittleLizard

    Gran Turismo 5 Music Contest

    if this thread doesnt go here, please move it. http://eu.gran-turismo.com/gb/news/d13705.html Just came across this morning. Its a contest to put a title to the main song of Gran Turismo 5. You can hear it and have the lyrics plus rules in the website. The prize is: Your name as...
  17. LittleLizard

    Sata HDD problem

    Ok, i just bought a new Samsung sata drive (Sata II, 160GB, 8mb cache) for my old pc (p4, Asrock board) but now i want to install xp but the bios doesnt find the hard drive. The board HAS sata but its only sata I. The hdd manual says that some sata I host boards can not connect to some hard...
  18. LittleLizard

    P4 Dead... again

    Well guys, its been a while since the last time i posted but i need some help now. My Bedroom pc (478 P4, 2.4ghz, 2GB ram, Asrock P4mv800 mobo, 6600gt, XP windows) is dead. I was watching some youtube when suddenly it hanged. Rebooted and it gets to the xp logo with the loading bar and...
  19. LittleLizard

    Razer's best invention yet

    http://www.fudzilla.com/content/view/18313/1/ www.razerzone.com/venom Its basically a DRUG to keep you awake and gaming for days.
  20. LittleLizard

    Peace Walker MG in 3 PLAYER CO-OP!

    take a look at this and try to not fall laughing :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVUzFBnHIcA
  21. LittleLizard

    RSS Feed problem

    Ok. This is my little yet very annoying problem. I want to have RSS Feed from my main news site (including TPU ;) ) but i cant find any gadget for windows 7 that uses Mozilla Firefox RSS Favorites folder, only IE ones. Any ideas?
  22. LittleLizard

    Im Back and with some doubts on 32 bit applications on a 64 bit OS

    Im back TPU. Its been quite some time since the last time i posted mainly because i was studying for some exams and going out... sort of. Anyway, my problem. I've just installed win 7 x64 and i noticed it makes 2 separate folders for 32 bits apps and for 64 bits apps (program files x86 and...
  23. LittleLizard

    First 10 Minutes of Mass Effect (HEAVY SPOILER ALERT)

    http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/105/1055992p1.html just found this while looking for more mass effect things and OMG!!! There is also a bunch of new videos you can look at. Just look in videos, mass effect 2,
  24. LittleLizard

    MW2 most hilarious kill

    its just :roll::roll: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cudCajMNRM0
  25. LittleLizard

    all started with...

    Hell March!! Ok, a friend made me listen to Hell March from the C&C Red Alert and I love it. Now i was just digging a bit more about the game and i got to know that is freeware :O :) :rockout::rockout::rockout:. So im planning to download it BUT here comes the point. Soon im going 7 x64 and i...