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  1. XL-R8R

    Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X feature 12 Teraflops AMD RDNA 2 GPU

    I couldnt find anything similar thats been posted... but, as the title says, Microsoft has provided more details on the specs of the GPU in the new Xbox. More information can be found here: https://videocardz.com/newz/microsoft-confirms-xbox-series-x-feature-12-teraflops-amd-rdna-2-gpu A...
  2. XL-R8R

    Asus 'ProbeIt' voltage monitoring leads/cables?

    I was wondering if anyone knew any sources for, or alternatives to, this particular set of cables that came standard with a few motherboards? I could do with an extra two (a set?) and I cant seem to find anything similar in size to ghetto rig something together.... I don't want to go...
  3. XL-R8R

    The Humble "Origin" Bundle

    Here we go again guys! :rockout: The Humble "Origin" Bundle This ones a pretty big one for sure..... Whats included in this bundle: Dead Space Dead Space 3 Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (Includes 4 Limited Edition unlocks and the Retaliation and Decimation packs, 9 additional...
  4. XL-R8R

    Razer to honour 90% discount code

    Saw nothing via the search function so I thought I'd make a quick thread for whoever hasnt read this. What its about.... "Razer's website was hit by a massive traffic spike earlier this week as details of a previously-secret code that reduces any product price by 90%. Valid only on the...
  5. XL-R8R

    New: The Humble Bundle - Indie Bundle 7

    After the success of the last sale, The Humble THQ Bundle, it seems The Humble team are having another massive blowout sale... this time on Indie games! :rockout: The Humble "Indie" Bundle 7 You guys should get on over there and show some support/love for this concept and the developers...