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    Blizzard Also Announces World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, Coming Later This Year

    I will say that all of these remakes are getting to be a bit much, however there is a big market for Classic and even BC. I spent two hours last night in one WSG on my twink rogue. It was insanity, but in a good way. Back when Battlegrounds didn't have a time limit. It actually wasn't blizzard...
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    ASRock Releases Ryzen 5000 Support BIOS Updates for B450 Motherboards

    I got the same board bro. So happy
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    Samsung Announces Global Availability of New Lifestyle Smart Monitor

    Mount this little guy in front of your toilet, take a dump, while you netflix, and chill. :P
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    bHaptics Announces TactSuit X Series VR Haptic Vests Starting at 300 USD

    I'm with basard. Need vibration in the crotchal region for certain reasons. Don't ask questions just get it done.
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    AMD Releases Even More RX 6900 XT and RX 6800 XT Benchmarks Tested on Ryzen 9 5900X

    I completely agree with this guy. Refresh rate does not matter as much after 60 fps. I own a 60hz, 120hz, and a 144hz monitor. One of which is a laptop with horrid gray to gray scale of 45ms. All three of them perform similarly. They feel the same with vsync on the the 60hz monitor. If you were...
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    Logitech Maximizes Comfort and Saves Space with New Sculpted Ergonomic Trackball

    Looks down at Logitech M570 under my hand. I love trackball mice for work. :p
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    HyperX Launches Wireless Cloud II Gaming Headset

    I prefer wireless at my desk, but man.....my head is too damn big for most headsets. Same goes for the hyper x cloud. I ended up using the Logitech g930 for almost 5 years before they broke. They came out with a newer model that sucks and then I went to the Corsair Void Pro. If it can't fit a...
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    Leaked AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Lineup Shows Significant Performance Boosts

    New mobile cpu and new mobile gpu paired together= Having a relationship.
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    Leaked AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Lineup Shows Significant Performance Boosts

    Now, we just need the entry level line of the rtx 3000 series to come out. I hope they do a full rebranding of the 1650 and 1660ti in laptops. Get rid of the 1650 and make like a 3050 with the performance of a 1660ti. We would finally have an entry level card that would be recommended across the...
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    Kensington Releases Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball

    A fellow man of culture. Welcome.
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    Kensington Releases Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball

    Finally, a mouse to teach men how to win a woman's heart. My joke has layers and not everyone will understand, but for those that don't. You will one day my friend.
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    OWC Launches New Hub for Thunderbolt 4 PCs

    The power cord in the dock is meant to power your laptop via thunderbolt out the front of the dock. It also supplies data. The goal is to only ever have to use a dock at your workstation and never have to use your power brick that originally came with your laptop. The only requirement is to have...
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    APC by Schneider Electric Releases Back-UPS Pro Gaming Grade UPS

    It's an APC product. I have no reason to complain, until I see some pricing. As long as it is priced similarly to the regular APC variant of the UPS, then I don't mind it. If it cost a crap ton more, then we got a problem.
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    Redragon K530 Draconic Keyboard

    Oh, finally getting some redragon products in here. You guys need to review the K556. The weighted aluminum chassis is fantastic for us hard typers. Our development team uses that specific keyboard at work. Nothing but high praise from it. We bought them about 2 years ago. Our devs average 120...
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    MSI Announces Alpha 15 & 17 Models Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4800H + Radeon RX 5600M

    Look where the power cable and type A ports on the right side of the laptop are located. :banghead:
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    MSI Officially Enters the Business Laptop Market With New Logo

    I'll take any kind of competition in the business sector. Bring those laptops on over. I'm overall rooting for AMD in the mobile space, but I got to say intel's 11th gen with multiple thunderbolt 4 ports is very promising. If AMD can implement USB 4 into their devices quick enough. It could be a...
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    Razer Announces the Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse: Adapt to Any Game Genre

    Price is high, but they always have sales on peripherals eventually. It's new. The changeable button layout is genius. I'm pretty rough on my mouse and keyboard. I can wear down the keys quickly. Being able to just buy new buttons and swap them out quickly. Or change them out for a different...
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    Logitech G Lets You Play Your Way With a New Lineup of Vibrant Gaming Gear

    I've had my Logitech g600 mmo mouse since 2014. No issues. However, my logitech m570 trackball mouse at work started double clicking in only a few months. I probably use my mice several hours a day, so they get pushed pretty hard.
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    Apple is Preparing its Own Search Engine

    Apple is making some changes lately. Making their own processors and now search engine. They want everything to be done in house. Having full control over all hardware and software has some serious advantages for build quality. I'm not Apple user either, but got my eye on them.
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    Elon Musk to Show Working Neuralink Device This Friday

    Whether Musk is full of crap or not. I got give the man props for trying to push the board on topics that were science fiction for the longest time. He can be criticized for being human himself, but how many of us in this forum are trying to get people on mars or potentially cure a fatal brain...
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    ZOTAC Announces ZBOX QCM7T3000 Combining 10th Gen Core and Quadro RTX

    Give it time. Most of these manufacturers have special deals, discounts, and contracts with each other. It takes time for contracts to run out and to make sure supply and demand can be met. Ryzen has started really building a name for itself with third gen ryzen desktop cpu's. And their fourth...
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    Azza Introduces The Pyramid Mini 806 Mini-ITX Case

    Hey, this proves that humans can indeed build pyramids. My history teacher can kiss my butt. :laugh::toast:
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    ASUS Launches All-New ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425)

    The ram is on board meaning soldered on the mobo. This has always been my biggest complaint with zenbooks. If it had a 16gb option then it would be my go to laptop, but no upgrade path is useless.
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    Synaptics to Acquire DisplayLink, Extending Video Interface Market Leadership

    I'm actually looking forward to the merger. Displaylink has been a love hate relationship of mine for a long time especially after propitiatory docking stations went away on business laptops. Now, we are forced to run docks through usb and thunderbolt. Thunderbolt has the bandwidth using pci...