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    Best thermal pastes in 2021 ?

    TFX is one of the most durable pastes now and is the best for laptops. If you apply it correctly (do not spread it), it's also one of the top performers for desktops and video cards after it cures for about a week!
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    Need Help!!! R11 i7 10700KF 3080 Power Limit Issues, restrictions, and my options

    The only way to increase the power limit is to shunt mod. Shunt modding a 3080 FE and 3090 FE is a bit tricky as the edges of the original 5 mOhm shunts are lower than the middle (non conductive) part, by like half a mm or something, which means the "easy" way of soldering 5 mOhm (stacking)...
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    Best thermal pastes in 2021 ?

    Thermalright TFX is one of the best pastes out there and definitely the most durable (just let it cure first, before putting it under >75C temps, for about a week).
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    SN850 vs motherboard heatsink?

    I have a Western Digital SN850 2TB, and the onboard heatsink of my Maximus 12 Extreme (there's also a Samsung 870 Evo on there too) keeps it frosty cool (easily under 55C in daily use), without needing the WD heatsink. It didn't pass 53C after some long gaming sessions and an ATTO Queue depth 4...
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    PCIe Gen 3 Boards can't handle as high GPU clockspeeds compared to Gen 4?

    You switched from AMD to Intel. Completely different platform. Can't compare stuff like this with how the CPU and Motherboard interact with video card transactions. Increase your VCCSA (System Agent voltage). Stock is 1.05v. You can go up to 1.35v safely on Z490. Experiment with values...
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    The official thermal paste thread

    Thermalright TFX is an extremely good paste. It has very long durability, much like those old, extremely thick pastes like Arctic Ceramique (for those who remember, that paste literally never pumped out). It can also cure and improve temps slightly after it gets fully cured. The paste hardens...
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    Seagate Giveaway: IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD

    I need the Seagate IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD because I am out of SSD space and need to get rid of my spinners.
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    NVIDIA 461.09 Driver on a 3090 and the secret memory PerfCap

    In addition to what it said above, Your memory power draw and your SRC (Input power plane source power) are both way past their internal power limits when you are getting the thermal flag. This is based on the Gigabyte 3090 OC Bios dump. The SRC max power limit is 175W for SRC1 and 2. You are...
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    RTX 3080 emitted smoke and it smelt like firework - but it's still fine even under load?

    Those are balancing insulation pads, not thermal pads. The solid capacitors don't need cooling. It looks like those pads are used for weight distribution. I can't even see the pad on the right side of this review here (the one that looks "level" on yours)...
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    GPU-Z RTX 3090 (and 3080) SRC voltage (Power plane source power) readings?

    Wow, 3 weeks and still no reply except one person asking about this? I am assuming PWR_SRC is "Input Power Plane Source", but what is this voltage in HWinfo64? There are three "misc" input voltages (misc1, 2, 3) but all three are around 1.23-1.236v idle and 12.025v load, and don't seem to...
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    I bricked my 1060 --- Can It be fixed ?

    If you can't flash it by booting with another video card in the primary x16 slot and the 1060 in a secondary slot, just hardware flash it. You need a 1.8v converter, a programmer, and a 5250 clip. https://www.amazon.com/ARCELI-high-Speed-Programmer-EZP2010-Supports/dp/B07FN4KX35/ (Skypro) (I...
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    GPU-Z RTX 3090 (and 3080) SRC voltage (Power plane source power) readings?

    Hi, in GPU-Z, the PWR_SRC voltage is around 12.5v at idle, but this voltage rises at load --13v--14v, etc, and can go up to 15v! Is this a bug or erroneous reading? Or is it actually 15v? There seems to be no corresponding voltage in HWinfo64, just three "Misc" voltages which are all 12.3 to...
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    ASRock Z490 Taichi Preview

    It's going to the case anyway. I don't think that matters since the cable is long enough anyway, especially for cases that route the I/O through the edge of the case first.
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    Antec Signature Titanium 1000 W

    I just bought a Seasonic 1000W "PX-1000" Platinum from newegg a few weeks ago for a 9900k+Vega64 system, and that's to eventually replace my aging 2013 purchased Platinum 1000 for a new upcoming build as well. And frankly I get very very upset and irate when someone says "you wasted your money"...
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    Anyone Else Try This ( 7970 BIOs Flash)

    OLD original reference 7970's can NOT be flashed to 280x. they also can NOT be flashed with NEWER 7970 bioses. The old reference 7970's have VRM temp monitoring (that isn't stuck at 25C). They (the old original 7970's) can also be flashed with the old unofficial ghz edition flasher. New...
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    RBE v1.28 launched!

    May I ask what the "rare overdrive bug" is?
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    RBE v1.27 released!

    Has nothing to do with fan speeds. The 3d aps wont even start. I know what bug hes talking about. The SAME bug happens with smartdoctor....I saw people posting about it...
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    RBE v1.27 released!

    Change vid 3, then. Then see if you gain any more mhz. You can always either change it back or just reflash a backup bios...
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    Need Help With Bad Flash

    Mistake free, no. But he never explained how he flashed a 5850 bios.... All the 5850 bioses I found said 5850 on the file name...so how is that a mistake? :/ I'm not the only one who asked this question, either. I just took the liberty of looking in the BIOS collection to see how this was...
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    HD 7XXX series?

    The original poster is probably close to being punished (or banned) with that type of attitude. If the 6900 was such a failure, how come I chose to upgrade to it? I came from a 4890 and I get about double the GPU horsepower of my previous 4890 (the 5870 was basically a single card 4870x2)...
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    Poll: What caused your flashed 6950 permanent damage?

    Maybe he plans on getting one? But he has a GTX470; why the hell does he want a 6950?
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    Poll: What caused your flashed 6950 permanent damage?

    Some people were flaming 6970 owners, saying how they "wasted their money" Funny how those people have completely vanished now....maybe I'll head over to the [H] forums and stalk the guy who said that, to see what he has to say now.... or was it on XS, I forgot... I remember one doubter...
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    Need Help With Bad Flash

    HOW did he flash a 6870 with a 5850 bios? I mean, I couldn't even do that if I were drunk ! I mean, that's like IMPOSSIBLE to do. The filenames are too different...I mean who is going to click "5850", even if they don't understand a SINGLE word of English? That's just stupidity. Plus, why...
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    Poll: What caused your flashed 6950 permanent damage?

    95% any issue is going to be RAM/timings. GPUs themselves don't usually die from stuff like that...they either work, or crash. voltage and heat can damage gpus, not frequency... And is it me, or is RAM a lot more fragile than it used to be? I never remember DDR or DDR2 on much older cards...
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    RBE v1.27 released!

    What's limiting you? increasing vgpu doesn't help? How much vgpu for 950 mhz?