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  1. micropage7

    PowerColor Teases New Family of Graphics Card Products: Hellhound

    it just me or i see the logo looks like mobile gaming clan
  2. micropage7

    Data transfer system connects silicon chips with a hair’s-width cable

    it's like where the processors go from 14nm to 4nm with better performance
  3. micropage7

    Your PC ATM

    colorful cables, it's pretty rare for now
  4. micropage7

    New SSD not detected

    have you tried another app to clone that, sometimes cloning drives get little weird
  5. micropage7

    Seagate Giveaway: IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD

    it looks not me again :D :D
  6. micropage7

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    it's a beautiful house but i dunno at certain points i feel depressed looking at it
  7. micropage7

    NASA’s Perseverance Rover Sends Sneak Peek of Mars Landing

    This high-resolution still image is part of a video taken by several cameras as NASA’s Perseverance rover touched down on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021. A camera aboard the descent stage captured this shot. A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for...
  8. micropage7

    PC Won’t start up with CPU Power Plugged in

    i agree you need to check from the power cable then the PSU first
  9. micropage7

    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" to Feature i9-9900K-like Fancy Retail Package

    the box, looks like after rammed by the truck come on Intel
  10. micropage7

    Sapphire Launches the Radeon RX 6900 XT TOXIC Limited Edition

    sometimes i wonder with something like limited edition, you may keep it for years and re sell it in high price then
  11. micropage7

    Solving the dusty PC cleaning problem

    usually i use paint brush with big fan :D
  12. micropage7

    Rare GPUs / Unreleased GPUs

    actually i feel the looks is good, with bare metal and grey color. very industrial
  13. micropage7

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    he just sitting there like nutting happened
  14. micropage7

    ROCCAT Burst Core

    at last something that simple and far from night club light actually it's kinda surprising where they can pack it in retro style
  15. micropage7

    Gelid comes with a CPU protection bracket for socket AM4

    from design, it looks ok. just why the other not making it integrated to hsf mounting
  16. micropage7

    How future spacecraft might handle tricky landings on Venus or Europa

    If a spacecraft (like the one shown in this artist’s concept) ever touches down on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, the craft will need to be especially agile in order to stick its landing. The best way to know a world is to touch it. Scientists have observed the planets and moons in our solar...
  17. micropage7

    NASA rover Perseverance on track for daredevil landing on Mars

    NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance, the most advanced robotic astrobiology lab ever flown to another world, neared the end of its seven-month, 293-million-mile (470-million-km) journey on Wednesday, hours away from a daredevil landing attempt on the Red Planet. With 370,000 miles (596,000 km) left...
  18. micropage7

    pc green screens then restarts

    could be from the card, just bring it back to stock then re test it again
  19. micropage7

    Intel Rumored To Launch Three 8-Core 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H CPUs

    that is the point, when the customer confuse they can "advice" you to buy something that they say much better in fact that intel pushs the ads better than AMD
  20. micropage7

    Disinfection spreads antimicrobial resistance

    so it not just kill the germs but human too
  21. micropage7

    Is this a model name or an essay?

    personally i prefer something like naming based on the level, like entry, medium, high end but so far i can see brands prefer not that way
  22. micropage7

    Zotac geforce 1080Ti mini

    this one? nope, looks like normal. or just miss something
  23. micropage7

    Disinfection spreads antimicrobial resistance

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of disinfectants, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and antiseptic hand wash has surged. As a precaution, many authorities have also increased chlorine dosage in wastewater disinfection to achieve a free chlorine residual concentration greater than 6.5 mg/liter...
  24. micropage7

    LG USA Launches 2021 Gram Series Notebooks

    sometimes if it's too thin and too light i'm getting worried about snapping and personally i don't like anything that like 2 in 1, tablet mode or like that since the risk of breaking something is getting bigger than just regular laptop
  25. micropage7

    Unresponsive drive

    any weird sound, usually started with weird buzzing or clicking or heavy spinning with speed drop