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  1. freeagent

    High end air cooling.. for a GPU

    I was just curious if a large air cooler exists that would work well with my 980 Classified? I am contemplating a move to passive or semi passive air cooling. I know there is 0rpm mode, but even though the cooler is large, it’s only dual slot. I can already do it, just not in game for long.. I...
  2. freeagent

    Thinking about a new PSU..

    Looking for something a little more modern than what I am using now. And I need my old PSU for another (old) build. I was thinking of this guy: Fractal Design Ion+ 760P 80 PLUS Platinum Certified 760W Full Modular Compact ATX Power Supply with UltraFlex Cables - Newegg.ca Or this guy...
  3. freeagent

    Intel owners who have switched to AMD

    Hi, just curious how you like the AM4 platform? Is it as smooth as running an Intel? Any quirks? Regrets? Would you do anything different? I am running a Z77 system and would like to move into something newer. Years ago I told myself I would have to try AMD again when they are beating Intel...
  4. freeagent

    Has youre max VID been reprogrammed?

    My max VID according to Core Temp and Aida64 has been 1.215v for the last 3 years that I have owned this CPU. A few days ago I noticed my max VID has been bumped to 1.221v. I have never seen it higher than 1.215v, so I'm curious if this is some micro code manipulation due to certain hardware...
  5. freeagent

    Windows 10 key..

    Just curious.. if you buy a windows 10 key, and tie it to your Microsoft account, is that a permanent connection? I have never paid for a copy of windows. I would like to, but the whole activation thing seems like a pita. I sometimes install windows frequently, so paying for a new key each time...
  6. freeagent

    Z77 and ram timings.

    Hi guys, I have a question for you. I have a 3x2 set of G.Skill Perfect Storms and a 2x2TridentX ,and a set of OCZ Reapers.. All of these sticks can run 1000 7-9-7-24 on my x58, but will not on my z77, best I can get is 8-9-7-24. I cannot get anything cas 7 or cas 6 to post. But no problem on...