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  1. Dethroy

    New gaming mouse - which one to choose

    I am a bit puzzled no one mentioned Roccat yet...
  2. Dethroy

    Optimal windows settings for a new headset?

    There is no right or wrong here. Try it yourself and stick with what works best for you.
  3. Dethroy

    You pick the game giveaway!! Part IV

    I'm in for Divinity: Original Sin 2. I love and miss everything that LUCASARTS used to make ... Thank you for your generous offer @WhiteNoise !
  4. Dethroy

    OFFICIAL Strategy Gaming Thread

    Yet still Warcraft 3 is the better game. Warcraft 3 is very different from the typical 'build your base, tech/upgrade, and raise an army" RTS that was popularized by C&C...
  5. Dethroy

    Giveaway! $50 (x2) for the Steam Summer Sale 2017 (Congrats to the winners)!!!

    I'm in. I plan on inviting friends over at least once every weak, since I haven't had much time for them lately as I've been pretty preoccupied with work, my kids, our house and back garden. Appreciate the generous offer @Norton . Thank you! :rockout:
  6. Dethroy

    CryEngine to Support Vulkan Renderer in Upcoming 5.4 Update

    When will the flame wars finally come to an end ... :kookoo:
  7. Dethroy

    After Kaspersky's Shots Across the Bow, Microsoft Reacts

    Nothing but hot air. Baseless accussations trying to sway sheeple.
  8. Dethroy

    GIGABYTE Releases AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box

    A niche product (eGPU enclosure) that only accepts niche GPUs (non-full-size). I bet it's going to sell a lot of units ...
  9. Dethroy

    New ITX Build advice.

    Seems like the Hadron Air is not available anymore. The Hydro variant is 18.2 liters - so not really mini-ITX worthy and doesn't fit what the OP was asking for ...
  10. Dethroy

    AMD Announces the Radeon Instinct MI25 Deep Learning Accelerator

    Pretty sure they had to tweak it in order to reach their desired FLOPS/watt target range.
  11. Dethroy

    AMD Announces the Radeon Instinct MI25 Deep Learning Accelerator

    I'll wait for Zen 2 then, since I will have to wait until Jan/Feb 2018 anyways as this is the projected delivery date of the A4-SFX v2. Will be interesting to see what progress AMD and GloFo will be able to achieve with its Zeppelin die revision.
  12. Dethroy

    Blizzard in Process of Remastering Diablo 2, Warcraft 3

    Both gameplay and atmosphere/graphics are vastly different. I'd rather keep it that way ...
  13. Dethroy

    Blizzard in Process of Remastering Diablo 2, Warcraft 3

    It is probably not as lucrative as remastering its successor. But if those remasters generate enough $, then Blizzard might consider remastering older titles as well.
  14. Dethroy

    Any good wifi extenders / repeaters for my router?

    While the Ruckus antenna hardware is amazing, the software is not and in case the master goes offline, the whole network may see some downtime while electing a new one which is simply unacceptable in a business environment tbh. We've exchanged all our Ruckus APs with Aruba APs and couldn't be...
  15. Dethroy

    New ITX Build advice.

    ITX enthusiasts pick a case first, and only then they'll start doing research on compatible components that'll suit their demands - not the other way 'round.
  16. Dethroy

    New ITX Build advice.

    Ok, I'll give you that point... But even if people list potential cases without knowing what hardware the OP is planning on using, I'd imagine the OP is intelligent enough to sort out the ones that don't fit his idea of a mini ITX build himself ;) Having said that, looking forward to my Dan...
  17. Dethroy

    New ITX Build advice.

    Dan Case A4-SFX: up to 295mm Fractal Design Node 202: up to 310mm Cougar QBX: up to 350mm Basically no restrictions whatsoever ...
  18. Dethroy

    New ITX Build advice.

    Even the smallest ITX cases can house almost any hardware. Since he already mentioned that the Dan Cases A4-SFX would've been his case of choice, I'd imagine he's aware of possible limitations of such small cases...
  19. Dethroy

    New ITX Build advice.

    I'd choose the Fractal Node 202. Have seen it in person and even did a build for a friend. Can't say anything bad about it and it does look really nice imho. It also is the most flexible when it comes to putting it somewhere hidden. The Cougar QBX might also be worth a look. A previous thread...
  20. Dethroy

    Blizzard in Process of Remastering Diablo 2, Warcraft 3

    Awesome! Cannot wait for the Warcraft 3 remaster. Best RTS ever made! I am less excited for Diablo 2's remaster, but I'll probably buy it anyways...
  21. Dethroy

    Upcoming Geforce GTX Volta cards Use GDDR5X not HBM2

    While it is probably the way better business move/decision, it still makes me kinda sad as an tech enthusiast. I was finally planning on upgrading my GPU next year, after Nvidia didn't release anything interesting (from a technical point of view; not performance wise) since Kepler in all this...
  22. Dethroy

    Looking for Ryzen 8 Core to build dedicated cruncher

    I've heard almost nothing but praise from you about Ryzen - both in general and 'bout your crunching rig - which is a welcome change. Did you encounter any problems with the AM4 platform thus far Norton?
  23. Dethroy

    AMD Ryzen Discussion Thread.

    I'd say the 1700X is the much better option now if you're not looking to OC yourself (e.g. SFF PC with limited cooling options or not willing to play silicon lottery), and it might even be the better bargain when planning to OC as it might clock a bit higher or need less voltage for the same...
  24. Dethroy

    Noctua Shows off a Super-Compact Low-profile Socket AM4 CPU Cooler

    Hah, perfect. This will probably end up in my already ordered/backed DAN Cases A4-SFX v2. Even though I initially bought a Cryorig C7 for said case, lots of people have reported turbulence with said combo, hence leading to increased noise output. Replacing the C7's stock fan with Noctua's...
  25. Dethroy

    Where do you cut if you are really on a budget for a new PC ?

    I'd actually cut the GPU first. The price gaps between enthusiast, high-end and midrange GPUs have become startling in recent years. And with each new GPU generation your previous purchase will see the biggest decrease in value out of all components. That's why GPUs tend to be the PC parts that...