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  1. xfire

    Linux Gaming PC build

    Hi all, I am planning on building a PC and the heaviest workload I would do is probably play Dota on linux. I will be running this at a 1920 by 1080 resolution. These are the parts I picked out https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ynwRRk. I'm concerned about memory compatibility (cause I hear Ryzen is...
  2. xfire

    New build advice

    A friend of mine needs a new system with budget Rs. 35,000/- . He's an engineering student and also wants to a fan of need for speed (has only played carbon & UG2 once till now). Prices of components are available here http://www.theitwares.com/index.php For a future proof configuration...
  3. xfire

    New system configuration advice

    I need to build a new system for office use. It is going to be used for Word and excel and an accounting software called tally. Planning to install windows XP. It just needs to be stable and smooth. I need suggestions for cpu+mobo combo as cheap as possible. (Budget is like Rs. 5k for both...
  4. xfire

    configuring a router

    I have a D-link Dir 300 router. I used to have a non wireless modem.(type I adsl) I now have a type II wireless adsl modem It's a real pos and the wireless connection keeps getting disconnected. Now I want to use the router for the wireless part. The dns has to be set manually cause I...
  5. xfire

    Finding cosine inverse without standard functions

    Anyone has any program or method to find the cosine inverse of a value without using the cos tables or cos-1 function? I'm trying to program an 8051 micro processor so in short a program to find cosine inverse in assembly language.
  6. xfire

    Internet accessible only through IE

    As the title says it only IE can access the internet. It's on my laptop with a wireless connection. The system was affected by virus and some permissions are still blocked. I'm positive that maximum of the virus is gone. How do I restore permissions like changing security center settings? No...
  7. xfire


    Can any one tell me the advantage of a pointer to a pointer. Also the advantage of array of pointers i.e int *p[20]; I've read that it can be used as a 2d array. Is that true?
  8. xfire

    Windows Login fail

    The system BSODed once and since then whenever it starts I get the error code It start in safe mode It BSOD's again if I start with "Restore previous..." I've also tried changing the login screen from welcome screen to classic.
  9. xfire

    E-book readers and DRM

    Does DRM enabled E-book reader mean that it can't read regular PDF files? also, How are the battery life on these things? and Netbook vs E-reader which is better?(cause they cost almost the same)
  10. xfire

    Windows affected by rootkit

    From the past one week I keep getting this yellow icon with a exclamation mark(sort of like a hazard symbol) in the task bar. Until now it has been pretty harmless and used to disappear when clicked. My AV(Rising Anti Virus) detect and cleans this RootKit.Win32.Mnless.aot but it always comes...
  11. xfire

    Opera 9.6 released

    Opera 9.6 has come out of it’s beta version and has been tailored to meet the Indian market. Opera is now available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. This is as a result of the growing user base of their Opera Mini and Desktop. Some more advantages for the change log visit...
  12. xfire

    Recovering Data

    I have a Segate Sata Hard Disk with an external enclosure. The hard disk has stopped working(I checked by putting it in the computer). The bios doesn't detect it and it's making noises. Is there a way to recover it. I've tried Ubuntu and it doesn't start because it has an error detecting the drive.
  13. xfire

    Another go at lan

    So now there are 3 systems all connected to hub. All of them run Xp. Lets name them as p4-1 p4-2 and p-3. Now p4-1 has internet but the net should not be shared. p4-2 can access p4-1's files but p4-1 cannot access p4-2 files. I get the error that access is denies(file sharing has been enabled...
  14. xfire

    Setting up network

    I need to connect around four computer. While two computers are nearby each other and far off from the Switcher the other two are close to the switcher and close to the hub. Now I connected one of the computers which are far off from the switcher and the connection works and I've connected them...
  15. xfire

    Get your wii mote to work on Ubuntu

    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=836231 Any one with a wiimote in this forums care to try it out?
  16. xfire

    AMD's software suite

    Just seen it. Called AMD live. http://experience.amdlive.com/gb-en/Home-Page/Downloads.aspx Check out the explorer.
  17. xfire

    Which would be better?

    My cousin has build identical to mine except for the processor which is an x2 5200+. Every time he starts a game his comp restarts. This only occurs with games and applications like Photoshop and Corel Draw work fine. Since the chance for the IGP to die is very slim I'm thinking the problem...
  18. xfire

    New version of AMD dual core optimizer

    http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_13118,00.html Any one find any difference?
  19. xfire

    Opera 9.52 realesed

    Opera 9.52 realesed. I saw t only yesterday. Start much faster than the 9.51. Get it from opera.com Here's change log http://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/windows/952/
  20. xfire

    System doesn't post

    The system config is P-4 prescott at 2.8Ghz Intel mobo and 300w psu(This is all I know about it) So it was running allright but the CPU starts to get over heated. I opened it to dust it and then put it back. I start it up and it freezes and the splash screen of Xp. I open it tinker a bit and...
  21. xfire

    How's this laptop

    http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/in/en/ho/WF06a/321957-321957-3329742-89318-89318-3739787.html Is this model comparable to my desktop? Is the 8200 GPU with it good enough for low res gaming?
  22. xfire

    Intel X3100 gaming performance

    How good is the x3100(lapton chip) good for games like FIFA(can it play the future versions too at 800x600)? Also is it enough for video playback. Is the 3450 much better performer than the x3100.
  23. xfire

    Ram compatability

    I'm thinking of getting this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227139 and I wanted to know if it will work perfectly well with my sytem. I have a single 1 Gb stick which I think I'll remove once I get this. My PSU is 450 watts. Will the 1.9v be hard for it? Also what...
  24. xfire

    Video splitter

    I need a software which splits videos into the specified amount of time. I tried xilisoft video converter but it didn't do it properly.
  25. xfire

    [Review] Dream Linux

    Dream Linux- A nightmare for linux novices I know that a title is a bit harsh but I am afraid it is true. First lets get into some technical stuff. Dream Linux is a Debian based distro(like Ubuntu) . It has both Xfce and Gnome interface. I'm reviewing the Gnome version. The Installation The...