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    Gigabyte Unveils GeForce GTX 660 Ti WindForce III 3 GB Graphics Card

    Think i'll wait for the 4Gb 650Ti....afterall, the more RAM a card has the more powerful it is. ;)
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    AMD "Tahiti LE" to be Launched on November 27

    It's just a way for AMD to use up the chips that didn't make the grade as full performance 79xx's, renamed defective cast off's.
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    Eizo Intros FlexScan S1703-T 17-inch Professional Monitor

    Hey, 5:4 monitors are perfect for emulation of old games..MAME in particular, no lousy aspect ratio stretching or huge black borders either side of the play area, which is why I keep mine. Also, 17inch 5:4 screens rotated into portrait mode are the perfect size for reading magazines and...
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    AMD FX-8350 - "Piledriver" for AMD Socket AM3+

    9 out 10...you've got to be fucking joking,right? "Low" but adequate single-threaded performance will not appeal to some. You said it...in this regard the chip is still a dog...utterly useless for emulation. From a reviewer who knows what their talking about... "If you are looking to...
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    AMD FX-8350 Cracks 7.443 GHz

    Lol..that still makes them slower clock for clock than a Phenom II. :rolleyes:
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    AMD A10-5800K Cracks 7.446 GHz

    Piledriver cores...which are going in the new refreshed line of FX CPU's, I was just making the point that even these new,supposedly improved cores are still going to suck in the non budget AMD range CPU's.
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    AMD A10-5800K Cracks 7.446 GHz

    Piledriver at 7.4ghz...hmmm, about as fast in IPC terms as an inexpensively cooled Ivybridge at 4.8Ghz. ..yes, that's how crap they are.
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    GeForce GTX 650 Ti Final Specifications Out

    Too many cards, too many model numbers....all of them overpriced.
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    AMD Trinity FM2 APU Preview

    Well given just how much the FM1 CPU's gaming scores increased when using faster memory, I'd expect a similar improvement with these FM2 ones, scores of 2000+ should be possible in 3dMark11 But...as usual for CPU limited tasks, these CPU's,whilst an improvement over Bulldozer, still suck. For a...
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    BitFenix Ghost

    nice case, but if I were in the market for a case right now, I really couldn't look further than the new Fractal R4...such an elegant,understated design that wont date one bit.
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    AMD FX "Vishera" Processor Pricing Revealed

    Lol..they're still going to market these as 8,6,4 core CPU's... 4,3,2 is more accurate.
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    AMD Shows Off A10-5800K and FX-8350 Near IDF

    Lol...1.45vlts for 5Ghz is high? I'm having to put 1.47vlts through my Phenom II @ 3.8Ghz..:p
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    Windows 8 Launch Event Slated for October 25, Held In New York

    ..and MS can fuck right off, hell will freeze over before I put this POS on my desktop.
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    Gigabyte Releasing a Radeon HD 7850 with 1 GB of Memory

    €265. Lol..wut? Must be a typo...or have we skipped to April 1st or something.
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    Philips Announces a Fleet of New Monitors at IFA 2012

    "UltraWide 21:9 display" They launched this format as a high end TV last year, which has just been discontinued due to low sales. I wonder why they think it will fare any better as a desktop monitor..:confused:
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    NVIDIA GK106 GPU Pictured, GeForce GTX 660 Benchmarked

    That all depends on the price...here in the UK a 7850 can be purchased for £140, I cant see Nvidia launching the 660 anywhere near that.
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    NVIDIA GK106 GPU Pictured, GeForce GTX 660 Benchmarked

    Oh, I'm just as critical of AMD's prices as i am of Nvidia's, this whole round of card launches by the pair of them have been complete rip off's.
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    NVIDIA GK106 GPU Pictured, GeForce GTX 660 Benchmarked

    Compared to the $200/£130-£150 it should be, just as the 660Ti should be $250/£180-£200, Nvidia's launch prices are just complete bullshit...
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    NVIDIA GK106 GPU Pictured, GeForce GTX 660 Benchmarked

    So, by how much is this one going to be overpriced.?
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    AMD CTO Mark Papermaster Outlines Vision for 'Surround Computing'

    If only AMD's engineers were to the same standard as their marketing dept. 'Surround Computing'...:rolleyes::wtf:
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    AMD "Vishera" FX-Series CPU Specifications Confirmed

    Well unless these new CPU's have increased their IPC rate by at least 30% over Bulldozer, which obviously they wont, they're still a waste of time.
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    Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Arrives in Q4

    One of the consequences of AMD being out of the game these days unfortunately. Intel only has to give you what they want, not what you want.
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    AMD Reports Second Quarter Results

    Perhaps if they hadn't gone down the road of vastly overpricing the 7xxx GPU's, they would have sold more. They were/are piss poor value compared to previous generations...
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    AMD Readies Radeon HD 7950 GHz Edition

    Here's an idea...why don't you just drop the price on the standard 7950, to a level it should have launched in the first place..because right now they're $75-$100 over priced. That way you wont have to worry about the 670, because the majority people looking to buy a new Gfx card will always...
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    SSD Prices in Free-Fall: The Next DRAM?

    Give me 256Gb for $100 and i'll go for it...until then, no thanks. And I'm still not convinced of their reliability, many forums i visit seem full of people having problems with them.