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    GTX680 performance preview at HKEPC

    According to the article, the GPU base frequency will be 1006Mhz and GPU Boost frequency will be 1058Mhz. However, in games, it will boost even further to between 1097Mhz and 1110Mhz. So the whole picture (from my impression after reading the article) will be like this: OCCT/Furmark...
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    Another HD 6870 for Crossfire or HD 7870?

    Yeah, it's definitely true that AMD driver is sometime problematic. However, when it work, it ran wonderfully. The scaling of 6000 series and above is so good that you can almost guarantee 2x performance in all the latest games except recently release titles. The only thing to worry for the...
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    Another HD 6870 for Crossfire or HD 7870?

    If you plan to go for a crossfire setup, you must be prepared to face some micro stuttering issues. This issue exist because now you're rendering frames using two GPU and delay exist between the interconnection. Thus, there will be a short time interval between the arrival of each frames and to...
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    Low HWBOT Unigine Heaven score for single 6950

    Hi all TPUers, I managed to flash my 6950 2GB into a 6970 2GB using a bios flash and with some luck, managed to push the clocks to 1010 engine and 1510 memory. Here is the link of my 3dmark performance score in HWBOT...
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    2x7970 vs.7990

    Yea, you're right about the digital power delivery! 6990 can almost certainly reach 6970 clocks without too much of an hassle. However, cooling wise, two fan+two huge vapor chamber heatsinks on the 2x crossfire setup will always be more efficient than one fan+two smaller heatsinks on a dual gpu...
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    2x7970 vs.7990

    2 6970s or 2 7970 in crossfire will always overclock better than their "dual gpu on a single card" counterpart due to more power are being supplied to each card separately. Furthermore, the thermal solution i.e. heatsink and fan will be bigger and more efficient on a single card. Thus, always...