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    Intel Discontinues All Consumer Optane-Only SSD Products

    I had one of these it died in a month, worst shit Intel made along those cpus that run on an old tech from7 years ago
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    Gigabyte Announces Z590 Vision Motherboard Lineup: Empowering Creators

    Intel sux, PCI4 and a new line of cpus on a DMI3.0 Ryzen ftw
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    Bitspower Releases RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Full-Coverage Blocks with Tail-end Intakes

    Bitspower are the GOATs since Turing cards same out, those blocks are a month old btw
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    Micron Confirms Next-Gen NVIDIA Ampere Memory Specifications - 12 GB GDDR6X, 1 TB/s Bandwidth

    i'm having nightmares thinking about buying an Nvidia gpu with Micron memory, my 1st 2080Ti had it and it never OC'd even +1mhz on core/memory i hope Samsung is doing 3090 Vram chips
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    ASUS Announces World's First HDMI 2.1 Certified Gaming Monitors

    let me guess the pricing, 2x the price of LG models ?!!
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    Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    here's my benchmarks of the game , 4k 8k DLSS TAA FACS all of them 8k 4k i think my setup is doing a lot better than TP's
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    Seagate Announces "The Last of Us Part II" Licensed Game Drives

    Too bad it's exclusive to LGBTQ people
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    ASUS Unveils ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha Motherboard: Improved CPU VRM

    ASUS loves making Mobo so much they remaster their Mobos with better cooling every 6 months
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    ASUS Formally Launches ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti White Edition Graphics Card

    yeah you can buy it right now in Kuwait :D
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    Intel 10th Gen Core X "Cascade Lake-X" Pricing and Specs Detailed

    are those max clocks on all cores or just 2 cores like the previous gen ?!
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    Lian Li Announces O11 Dynamic XL ROG Certified Case

    best case eve , hands down , now who sells this case ?! nobody so far
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    XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT THICC II Graphics Card Pictured

    they called this THICC ? they need to see GALAX HOF cards
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    COLORFUL Readies World's Most Unique RTX 2080 Ti

    Readies ? this gpu was out on AliExpress for 2 months now
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    EK Water Blocks Announces EK-Vector Trio for MSI RTX 20-series Gaming Trio

    poor EK , so late in the game , everyone got Bitspower blocks already
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    Zotac Announces Liquid-Cooling Ready GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ArcticStorm Graphics Card

    if the memory is Micron then I won't be near this thing , i dont want a dead 2080ti under water
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    KFA2 Goes All White with GeForce RTX 2080 Ti HOF

    good luck ever finding one
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    Alphacool Announces Eisblock GPX Waterblocks for AMD and NVIDIA Graphics Cards

    does it watercool the back side ?! no ?! then I'll pass
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    Magewell Ships the Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LT

    much better than the Hauppauge products i used before it
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    Magewell Ships the Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LT

    i have the HDMI 4K PLUS capture card by Magewell fantastic video quality to say the least , however you'll need Vmix to enable high bitrate also that tiny fan runs 100% all times so it's a consistent annoying hiss that goes slowly into you head , i had to remove the card after 8 months of use...
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    Where Art Thou, Denuvo? Shadow of War DRM Cracked in Two Days

    they will get their money back because the agreement is if the game got cracked within2 or 3 months after release they will get the money they paid for the DRM also the 4.6 ver. is still not cracked yet , this game seems to use 4.5 ver. though
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    Destiny 2 Beta: Performance Analysis

    i have to say HDR works quite well , but it needs to be on windowed fullscreen
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    GALAX HOF Extreme Limited Edition Chrome-Plated DDR4 Modules Now Available

    i had the white ones (4000mhz) with white LED , they looked damn good and the package is so sexy too
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    Alphacool Announces the Eisbaer 420 - The World's Biggest AIO solution

    FINALLY something to cool 7900k