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  1. Ramo1203

    102 Celsius for Samsung 960 EVO 500gb?

    The 960 EVO can get toasty but you should check if that temperature reading is right. 102°C seems just way TOO high. Try to read the temperature with another tool. Samsung Magician, HWmonitor, CrystalDiskInfo are good tools.
  2. Ramo1203

    Win 10 fresh install, few dilemmas

    Hi there! 1) I actually had the same problem. Try doing it from the Windows utility directly instead of converting the .esd, it will create the latest version on a USB key or an ISO. Worked for me. 2) I don't recommend to use the drivers on the MB product page as they are mostly outdated. Try...
  3. Ramo1203

    Reliable 1TB External Drive

    There aren't really external HDD's that are "made to be reliable". If you want "reliable" you could put a WD Red 2.5'' in a USB3 2.5'' enclosure. Otherwise any name branded HDD should be fine, the My Elements is the newer of the bunch, I would choose that.
  4. Ramo1203

    Downgrade gigabyte bios

    You can't downgrade to F1. The BIOS for the F3 says: "Support Intel® Optane™ Technology * This BIOS prohibits updating to earlier version BIOS" Also unless there is something really wrong with the BIOS, you always want the latest version.
  5. Ramo1203

    PSU - Seasonic or EVGA

    I would go with the Seasonic, but the EVGA one has good reviews too. You can't go wrong, both are very good! Choose the cheapest of the two I guess.
  6. Ramo1203

    What GTX 1080 TI to chose?

    I would also recommend a new case first of all. That case is way too cramped for a 1080 Ti and also outdated in terms of design layout.
  7. Ramo1203

    Getting out of watercooling, what to get for a CPU Heatsink?

    I would recommend Noctua, not as cheap as other brands, but the price is worth it! The build quality is really amazing, performance is amazing, and they are really quiet. Also you get a long 6 year warranty. For me it's like buying a BMW, not cheap but you get German quality (Austrian with...
  8. Ramo1203

    GTX 1070 Arriving Today - What Software for Burn-In & Testing?

    I used to have this card. You should update to the latest BIOS (HERE) first of all. It fixes memory issues with Micron chips and adds 0 dB too. I didn't like the 0 db because it made the fans spin then stop then spin. (bad fan curve I think) So it's up to you to decide. Other than that, just...
  9. Ramo1203

    New Fans for The Case

    Actually you screwed the fans wrong. You were supposed to use the long screws and screw them from the front of the case. They come with the case, you should have like 12 of them included, check the manual. Also the orientation of the CPU fan is correct as it exhausts air to the back of the case...
  10. Ramo1203

    New Fans for The Case

    I just finished my build and have the same case. I put 2x140mm as intake and 1x140mm as exhaust. Ideally if you have PWM with thoses fans it's nice but not mandatory. You can connect them to the motherboard and if you don't have enough headers, you can use a 3pin Y cable to connect them all...
  11. Ramo1203

    NAS or build a home server?

    I also had the same choice to make some time ago. If you want a good NAS, you need to spend a lot, those entry-level NAS aren't very fast. Some are also very picky about the drives for example. The NAS would be a simple, easy, choice. I would recommand a DIY server if you can build it yourself...
  12. Ramo1203

    Is Monitor Response Time/Ghosting Even an Issue in 2012?

    I think the response time issue was a thing at the beginning of the LCD screens. Now it's not really a problem for most users.
  13. Ramo1203

    IPS Panel Advice

    Yeah for the price I can get the DELL (305), it's a pretty good deal, the ASUS is 405. The extra stuff like HDMI port and card-reader that the DELL doesn't have aren’t useful for me anyways. I'll be pretty happy with it I think. Thanks for helping me choose!
  14. Ramo1203

    IPS Panel Advice

    Not really, because I don't want to buy outside of Switzerland, it's not worth it... Plus I work at a computer shop, and I have a good discount.
  15. Ramo1203

    IPS Panel Advice

    Hello everybody! I’ve wanted to change my 24” Philips TN monitor since a while. After a little of searching and reading, I think a 24” IPS panel would be nice, I hope I’ll see the difference in quality! It’s really hard to choose between the DELL U2412M, HP ZR2440W, and ASUS PA246Q. For...
  16. Ramo1203

    External HDD recommendation.

    +1 for the Western Digital, but if I were you, I would buy a HDD and an external case separately that way you can choose your HDD and case according to your needs (Speed, Capacity, Price, etc.)
  17. Ramo1203

    Help on choosing a NAS and HDD

    I mean for the price, around 150 dollars for a 2TB disk and a NAS, it's good value. I didn't wanna spend more money on my first NAS.
  18. Ramo1203

    Help on choosing a NAS and HDD

    I finally got the hardware. It works really great. Only thing is that the NAS doesn't support magnet link for bitorrent download. Hope that they will update the firmware to add support for that! Or than that, yes it's kinda slow, but it does what I need, and I'm happy with it.
  19. Ramo1203

    Help on choosing a NAS and HDD

    I've decided to go with a QNAP Turbo NAS TS-112 with a ST2000DM001, 2TB with 1TB platters, should be a nice combo I think! :-) I'll update when I get the stuff, can't wait to try it out!
  20. Ramo1203

    Help on choosing a NAS and HDD

    Thanks for your answers guys! As you said newtekie1, building a real machine seems much better performance wise. However I really wanted something that could fit next to my router, something pretty small and also less complicated. I will check out some build possibilities, with the specs you...
  21. Ramo1203

    Help on choosing a NAS and HDD

    Hello everybody! I'm in the market for a NAS but I don't know much about the brands and models. Between the Synology Disk Station DS112j and the QNAP Turbo NAS TS-112, which one is the best choice? They both fit my budget, but it's hard to choose as they both look nice! The QNAP has better...
  22. Ramo1203

    How's the cable management for a noob?

    This old case lacks any cable management holes. You could use some cable ties to make it look better, since your cables aren't sleeved. But it won't be MUCH better in the end.
  23. Ramo1203

    Fallout 3 or Borderlands???

    Both games are great! Best games I've played this year so far. Fallout 3 GOTY edition is a deal, for the price you get a game you can play easily around 75 hours.
  24. Ramo1203

    Sound card?

    People get sound card because they have some good audio system that they want to utilize and they can enjoy the better sound quality compared to the onboard audio.
  25. Ramo1203

    need advise: GTX260-216 or GTX275

    True maybe the GTX460 could be a nice card. If you are not in a hurry, I would say wait a little bit.