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    HP ENVY x360 15-bq101na Could be First "Raven Ridge" Implementation

    Sorry but thats not true at all. a LOT of Intel ultrabooks on the market come with only 1 stick of ram, and even worse, there are no other sodimm slot, so you cannot even run in dual channel even if you want to. My workplace bought some ThinkPad x270 notebook, and it's a single slot...
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    Mozilla Looks to Supercharge the Browsing Experience With Firefox Quantum

    Give me ADMX Templates !!! Then I will be happy !
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    Sandy Bridge-E Stock Watercooling: Enthusiast Overclocking Right Out Of The Box

    well , thats funny ... when there was news about AMD thinking of the possibilty of shipping high-end FX with watercooling , every AMD haters were ready with comments like : fx must be overheating ahahah, fx this , fx that .... Intel doing it : oh nice !
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    OCZ ZX Series 850 W

    Can you explain me why this is a bad point ? I mean, if I buy a 850watt PSU the lowest load i will apply to it will be at least 300 watt .... I dont think people wil buy a 850 watt psu for a low power computer ....