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    вот на английском Excellent work: 0), - I liked it, all the elements are mobile. and the description is generally a bomb: 0),
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    Experimental cluster of three satellites and a control server

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Three completely different PCs on the 1366 socket i7 990x RAM 24GB DDR3 RAID-0 2HDD = 2Tb video radion 7970 6Gb * 2 power supply 1500 watts, i7 960 RAM 24gb DDR3 RAID-0 2HDD = 2Tb video radion 6970...
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    Отличная работа :0), - мне понравилось, все элементы подвижные. а описание вообще бомба :0),
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    Corsair Unveils the AX1500i Power Supply

    OEM - china CWT - pcb