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  1. DoomDoomDoom

    The Witcher 3: Performance Analysis

    Nice to see that the older architecture is getting the shaft. /sarcasm
  2. DoomDoomDoom

    Lamptron Announces CM615 Fan Controller

    Renders are cool, but seeing the FC in action would be nice as well.
  3. DoomDoomDoom

    Corsair Announces Air Series LED High Airflow PC Case Fans

    Sleeve bearings? D'oh.
  4. DoomDoomDoom

    [FS][US] NIB XFX 7970 GHz Edition Double D

    They aren't as bad as everyone complains about, they just aren't "the best". Bump, probably last one. AMD's upcoming offerings don't seem too impressive and I don't wish to spend 600 bucks on an upgrade...
  5. DoomDoomDoom

    [FS][US] NIB XFX 7970 GHz Edition Double D

    Selling a NEW IN BOX XFX Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Double Dissipation card. XFX Double D FX797GTDFC Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition... Card is straight from XFX (replacement card from an RMA) and sealed. http://puu.sh/4zweN.png http://puu.sh/4zweN.png Asking $300 shipped. Paypal only (Amazon...
  6. DoomDoomDoom

    Mad Catz Ships S.T.R.I.K.E.3 Professional Gaming Keyboard for Windows PC

    I like how there have been a few press releases of late which try and market membrane-switch keyboards as "gamer friendly". Mechanical switch really is where it's at. However, this "unique membrane" with tactile feedback sounds interesting. Would like to read a review of this to know how well...
  7. DoomDoomDoom

    Seagate Delivers Industry's First Purpose-Built 4TB Video HDD

    Sounds like marketing BS to me.
  8. DoomDoomDoom

    NZXT Announces Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller

    As an owner if the first one... Well, isn't this some crap. But whatever, I think I like the look of the first one a bit more, anyway.
  9. DoomDoomDoom

    Sharkoon Intros Unique 5.25" Bay Extension Accessory

    Pretty sweet idea. Now make V2 have some holes to mount a fan and we'll be set.
  10. DoomDoomDoom

    Icy Dock Ships the FlexCage MB974SP-2B

    3 5.25" bays? Gah, dealbreaker. I still use an optical drive plus a fan controller. Otherwise, pretty sweet.
  11. DoomDoomDoom

    Sennheiser Launches the MOMENTUM Black Headphones

    So... Sennheiser Beats?
  12. DoomDoomDoom

    Thermaltake Announces Level 10 GTS Mid-Tower Chassis

    Interesting... looks like things could get a little cramped. Would love to see a review for some temps.
  13. DoomDoomDoom

    Rosewill Unveils the Armor Evolution Mid-Tower Case

    Wow, the first Rosewill case I'd pay money for. I like it. All it needs are tubing holes and an X-dock.
  14. DoomDoomDoom

    DharmaPoint Intros DRTCKB91UP2 Gaming Keyboard

    I use a tenkeyless Filco. You get used to it after awhile - It's not nearly as bad as some make it out to be. This keyboard though, eh. That key layout mixed with "gaming grade" membrane is a turnoff. Ew.
  15. DoomDoomDoom

    Scan Announces TARDIS System for Doctor Who Fans

    My girlfriend has been clamoring for a TARDIS case for any upcoming build, and this comes out? Nice. If only it wasn't so expensive and was offered in the states. Or had better than a Pentium G2120...
  16. DoomDoomDoom

    Intel Core "Haswell" Quad-Core Desktop CPU Lineup Detailed

    Seems cool. Thinking my 2500K will last for a good, long while though, especially at 4.5GHz. Sandy Bridge CPUs have got to have another 2 years of life in it, easy (Current owners. Intel will probably kill off 155 with 1150's release).
  17. DoomDoomDoom

    OCMemory Launches Hynix-Based DDR3-2400 MHz Memory that Stays Cool without Heatsinks

    1.65v? So for safe use in AM3+ and 1156, I guess. Unless I missed something (it is almost 4AM).
  18. DoomDoomDoom

    Spire Introduces X2 Nano-Tech Bearing Fan Series

    1) Go to the TPU main page 2) Find this article 3) Click one of the pictures in the news article 4) Hold the left or right arrow key on your keyboard 5) Be amused for 3 seconds Seriously though, these are nice fans. Wouldn't mind a few as replacements for my orange w/white LED Xigs.
  19. DoomDoomDoom

    Mushkin Announces World's First 480 GB mSATA Solid-State Drive

    Very nice. I love me some Mushkin products.
  20. DoomDoomDoom

    AMD Won't Abandon Socketed Client CPUs: Company Spokesperson

    I certainly hope Intel doesn't go down that route. They have such great products... Though if AMD offers something down the road which heavily competes with Intel's products, and still supports overclocking, I'll of course give them a look. Good on AMD for clearing up any concerns and jabbing...