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  1. flmatter

    WORM'S Reloaded giveaway

    https://www.gamesessions.com/en/Game/WormsReloaded Another game sessions game give away
  2. flmatter

    Dirt 3 Free

    https://www.gamesessions.com/en/Game/Dirt3CompleteEdition free download going to download when I get home tonight
  3. flmatter

    Power Cooler Winter wishes give away

    http://www.powercolor.com//event/20161206_Christmas_Wishes/index.asp 10 lucky people will win something
  4. flmatter

    [FS] PNY DDR3 16gb 1866mhz

    sold PNY Anarchy 2x8gb 1866mhz RAM $65 shipped Anywhere US, International to pay shipping. Need postal code for estimate on international. The PNY is new in package, still sealed. Heatware is in sig, paypal is accepted. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for looking. Trades.... Looking...
  5. flmatter

    Galaxy S7

    Did anyone else pre-order the S7? I have both the S7 and S7edge coming by March 11th, the regular S7 for my wife and the Edge for me. Figured it was time for upgrades I have a S4 and my wife has a S5.
  6. flmatter


    Anyone running an AC3200 yet? I have a chance to grab one sub 200. the Asus RT AC3200 tri band to specific. Any recommendations or thoughts? I currently have an asus RT 65n for my router. Thanks in advance
  7. flmatter

    So I was at Walmart and saw.....

    @Toothless what were u doing in wally world. ;)
  8. flmatter

    Nvidia Shield

    GEFORCE CUSTOMERS CAN NOW GET $50 OFF SHIELD ANDROID TV Promotional Code: 3t3zrejud Claim your $50 off coupon by visiting http://shield.nvidia.com/store and using your promotional code at checkout. Great tablet got a little cheaper
  9. flmatter

    Monitor question

    Is anyone using a QNIX QX2700 or a Samsung U28D590D? I know the res is different and gtg response is too. 2560x1440 vs 3860x2160 and 6ms vs 1ms. Any issues with either? Quality wise? I have an opportunity to buy either, qnix is $100 and Samsung is $300, maybe both. Both are basically half...
  10. flmatter

    [FS] Sold locally Thanks

    Sold locally thanks for use of space
  11. flmatter

    ssd question

    So I came across 2 240gb PNY optima ssd's NIB for an awesome price. I installed them into my system ( < see specs minus the ssd's atm). My question is my Bios sees both drives and are set for AHCI not raid nor ide. I install my OS - this time Win7 Pro. My question is why does the OS only see one...
  12. flmatter

    Sapphire r9 280X dualx bios question

    Hey guess what???? My turn to ask a gpu bios question. First answer yes both bios are already backed up. Now for my question; will there be anything gained, ie performance or whatever, by updating the older bios to match the newer one? I am fine leaving everything as it is because my system is...
  13. flmatter


    I am currently running a gtx760 in my system and up until recently I was going to buy a second 760 to sli. Now that the 970/980's are out I am looking to buy one of those instead. My problem is I found a deal on a pair of 280x's to run in xfire. So should I wait until the 970's get back in...
  14. flmatter

    Evga Gtx 760 to go sli? or buy a gtx 970?

    Up until the new 9 series came out I was searching for a 2nd gtx 760 to sli in my main machine. But now that the 970 is here and from what I am seeing about performance. Would I be further a head to off load the 760 and donate the cash to the purchase of a 970? If I buy new the 760 is 230 and...
  15. flmatter

    EVGA B-Stock video cards

    Has anyone had any luck with evga b-stock or even tried them? Reason being is I am stuck in a debate with myself over which video card to buy. EVGA B-stock Gtx 770 4gb for $359. I was also looking at the 2gb Asus gtx770 for $322 after rebate. I thought about the gigabyte gtx760 4gb for 289 or...
  16. flmatter

    New Shell SHocker SSD

    Shell Shocker Deal. Exclusive Jaw Dropping Saving... $55 before $10 MiR not too bad
  17. flmatter

    [FS/FT] FLMatter's spring cleaning

    Up for sale or trade are D-Link DGE-560T 10/100/1000 pci-e ethernet card $25 OCZ Reaper Ram pc2-8500 1066mhz 2x2gb $50 Geil Black Dragon Ram pc2-8500 1066mhz 2x2gb $50 All prices include shipping international shipping is considered buyer just has to pay difference I will entertain...
  18. flmatter

    [WTB] AM3+ 990/970 mobo or pc2-6400 RAM

    As the title says looking for either a AM3+ 990 or 970 mobo OR pc2-6400 ram perferably 8gb total. Help is greatly appreciated, my system specs should be listed in usual spot. Thanks Heatware http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=79543