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  1. Fitseries3

    [WTB][US] Intel 1155 cpu

    Hey guys, im looking for a cheap used i5 or i7 cpu for socket 1155. seeing how its older i would think the prices wouldnt be as high as the new cpus out there. looking for i5 or i7, bonus points for unlocked K models. paypal ready.
  2. Fitseries3

    need help booting win7 on new laptop

    I bought a new laptop tonight and I want to use my hdd out of my old laptop(because its better and has all my stuff on it). I put the drive in my new laptop and it boots into the bios every time. the bios sees the hdd but will not boot to it at all. I've tried to use ide mode but it does the...
  3. Fitseries3

    [FS][US] couple of misc items

    lots of misc stuff going unused. not looking to make a ton of money here. just want it gone. i have moved past computers and no longer wish to see this stuff around. 1 ati hd650 pci card - $30 shipped mushkin 2x4gb ddr3 kit - $35 shipped lots of misc ram ddr1-3 256mb-2gb sticks - $2-10 a...
  4. Fitseries3

    sims 2 all of the sudden wont work right?

    my GF loves sims 2, i know its old but she really loves it, today out of the blue its acting really odd. no driver updates have been done since the last time she played. we have updated the driver today, updated directx as well. her laptop uses intel HD3000(sandybridge onboard) and she...
  5. Fitseries3

    troubles pulling video from dvr.. need help asap!!!

    my stepdad and mom have to send their DVR back to dishnetwork TODAY and we are trying to pull the video off of it. i've read around the net about how to get the stuff off.... typical hook the drive up via sata and use linux or windows with PVR explorer to get the files off. i plug in the...
  6. Fitseries3

    gtx570 a worth while upgrade from 6970?

    i have an asus 6970(unlocked 6950 2gb) that OCs pretty well. im not 100% happy with its performance so im selling it. i would like either a gtx580 or gtx570 and im wondering if its going to be a fair amount of improvement. games i play are crysis 2 and COD:MW3, sometimes portal 2...
  7. Fitseries3

    cuda not detected with gt540m

    got a new laptop and its riddled with stickers that says it has cuda support with its gt540m gpu but gpuz doesnt detect it. i know its not major but i thought i'd let you know
  8. Fitseries3

    new laptop cant find tv over WiDi

    my new asus laptop supports WiDi but i cant seem to get it to work. i have 2 samsung 5000 series 46in led tvs both hard wired to my router. drivers are installed in the laptop and i have the Intel MWT center installed. when i go to add device it doesnt give me any options and just...
  9. Fitseries3

    Is this a decent laptop for lite gaming

    asus rog g73sw-xa1............. Product Features and Technical Details Intel Core i7 Processor 2GHz 8GB SO-DIMM RAM 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive 17.3-Inch Screen Nvidia GTX 460M Processor, Memory, and Motherboard Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i7 RAM: 8 GB Max RAM...
  10. Fitseries3

    [FS][US] Asus X53E laptop LIKE NEW

    Im upgrading to a better laptop. used this one 2 months lightly. never left my living room and never unplugged. NEED SOLD ASAP!!! specs are: Intel i5-2430m 2x4gb mushkin ddr3 500gb seagate hard drive 15.6" LED LCD 8x DL DVD/CD-RW Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (with key) Office 2010 professional...
  11. Fitseries3

    looking for internet tv box... reccomend me one

    my step dad is wanting to ditch cable tv and satellite and replace it with something like a roku, logitech revue, sont NSZ-GT1, etc. im wondering if anyone can recommend us one of the above or if there is a better one i haven't found yet.
  12. Fitseries3

    Will IvyBridge work in z68/p67/h67? give me proof

    Now im not stupid and i have "heard" people say that you need z77 chipset for ivy support but what i HAVE NOT seen is proof that it is a requirement. i have googled it, for one, and i have asked around. no one seems to be able to prove it. now are manufacturers trying to push us into an...
  13. Fitseries3

    [WTB][US] 2500k

    gonna post this now... hoping someone will want to sell their chip to get an ivy. looking for a reasonable price. i don't need a golden 6ghz cpu. and if you are wondering how much i'll pay.... less than microcenter which is currently $192 after tax.
  14. Fitseries3

    Will I be able to upgrade to ivybridge in my laptop?

    i know in desktops its seems the ivy requirement is z77 although im not 100% sure. wondering if the same is true on laptops? i have only had my SB lappy for a few months. would be nice to just upgrade cpu if the price isnt as much as a new laptop.
  15. Fitseries3

    is ocz done making ram?

    i noticed that ocz no longer makes ram..... wtf? did i miss something? i know they are into ssds and stuff now but no reason to stop making ram. guess i missed the memo
  16. Fitseries3

    Asus apple of my eye build

    Im a huge asus fan. always have liked their ROG stuff and i have owned most of their ROG boards. I had this mac g5 case laying around and thought i'd make use of it instead of wasting money buying a case. thought it would give me something to do as well. i've seen alot of these mac mods but...
  17. Fitseries3

    [WTB] Stuff i NEED IF your price is right

    i need the following items: 1. Coolit freezone, freezone elite, eliminator cooler. 2. Asus "supremeFX xFi" proprietory sound card 3. IO plate for Asus Maximus III Formula 4. 2x 140mm fans(matching)
  18. Fitseries3

    [WTB] asus xfi supremeFX audio card

    i need one of these... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320850662758 i also need an IO plate for my maximus III formula if you have one, i'd like it cheap enough to make it worth my while. let me know what you have. thanks
  19. Fitseries3

    paypal question...

    i had a buyer pay me via paypal as always but this time the buyer paid in EUROs. paypal USED TO just change it to USD but now its asking me to accept/deny the payment. if i accept will it change to USD so i can use it or will it forever be stuck as EUROs? paypal is closed or i'd ask them...
  20. Fitseries3

    [WTB][US] Asus maximus III formula/extreme or other black PCB P55

    i want a black PCB p55 board preferably atx. asus maximus III formula/extreme would be most wanted. ecs p55-ak or asus i55 sabertooth would be nice too. IF you have one but dont really want to sell it, i'll trade my gigabyte H55M-UD2H + $. works perfectly and i have box + accessories. i'll even...
  21. Fitseries3

    whats the best way to get heatspreaders off ram?

    i have some OCZ gold/plat that i want to take the heatspreaders off of. should i just use a heatgun and slowly heat them or is there a better way? last time i did this with OCZ's i ripped off some ICs :o
  22. Fitseries3

    No longer receiving email notifications of PM's or thread responses

    as the title states i am no longer receiving any notifications from tpu. i have double checked my settings and everything looks to be setup right. is there an issue with the site?
  23. Fitseries3

    [WTB][US] Maximus III Gene 1156

    I want an asus maximus III gene, yes.... socket 1156. NOT 1155. under $100 please. just dont have the money to pay upwards of $180. IF you have one but dont really want to sell it, i'll trade my gigabyte H55M-UD2H + $. works perfectly and i have box + accessories. i'll even give you a receipt...
  24. Fitseries3

    how much and which psu for my setup?

    this PSU i have cannot handle my system under load so i want to know what wattage i should get and if you have a recommendation of which is a good psu these days let me know as well.
  25. Fitseries3

    now that ATI 7K's are out, when can we epect to see cheaper 6k's?

    like the title says. i want a 6950 2gb / 6970 / 6990 asap!