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  1. Disparia

    Have you got pie today?

    Adding megapower (back) to the mix! This is the 6-core Xeon + X58 that I won here awhile back. BOINCed until it broke. Got it a new cooler, RAM, SATA SSD, and GTX 680 -- it's very era-appropriate. When it's not absolutely crushing DX11 (and some DX12 games) it's BOINCing once again to bring...
  2. Disparia

    How are you all coping with increasing PC hardware and tech prices around the world?

    Had hoped for new systems for the wife and myself for the past year or so, but instead have been working on a HTPC/console emulator and just upgraded a side-box from GTX 660 to a 680.
  3. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    OH you're a big one!
  4. Disparia

    Remembering The Mighty Core 2 Duo / Quad (post your best overclock)

    Was able to build my department a number of Q6600 workstations back in the day. Only clocked them from 2.4Ghz to 2.8Ghz, but it was from bus/ram increase and not just multiplier adjustment. No speed records or anything, but nice boost and they were very dependable.
  5. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    My old stand-by mice were the M100 or B100 from Logitech. Basic mice which can be bought in multipacks for under $10/each. Not a big loss if lost at work or given to a colleague in need. At least, back in the before times when I did that kind of in-person thing... haven't seen the office in...
  6. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    I won the board, CPU, original RAM, and a water AIO from a crunch-o-thon here at TPU years ago. All good at the time, but the AIO has now seen retirement and I've just received a new air cooler for it, a Vetroo V5. So quiet, but of course I'm only in the BIOS, no load yet. Also decided to buy a...
  7. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    My X5660 system stopped working awhile ago but wasn't able to diagnose it until last week. Turned out to be the RAM, which is an alright problem to have as that component can be obtained. This will be an upgrade in capacity as well, 6GB to 12GB. Also picked up some MX-4 in the 8 gram tube --...
  8. Disparia

    Blizzard Entertainment to Resurrect Diablo II in 2021 for PC and Consoles

    I'm looking forward to it, and my order said something about owning D3 content and Necromancer!? Maybe I'll continue playing then... it's actually the D3 trial that got me back into D2 last year. MrLlama, DBrunski, and Sweet Phil were also streaming quite a bit so I just gravitated back to D2...
  9. Disparia


    Wait! what!? It's a GOLD edition NESputer! I heard those are like, very rare, as to my knowledge I've only made one. Might notice a missing port cover... I blame a cat. Will hopefully locate it or fab a new piece. Not bad for spray gold. Should it ever become scratched I could buy a gold...
  10. Disparia

    Sharkoon Unveils Skiller SGK30 Gaming Keyboard

    Sharkoon, just re-release Mech SKG2. I couldn't get my hands on one the first time around!
  11. Disparia


    Holy crap it's 2021, I need to get moving on this so I can play some games from 2001! Fans holes, standoff holes, and holes for the new feet. Was also primed as you can see in the pics.
  12. Disparia

    How many pc's have you built?

    Probably 350-ish. Number of custom systems for others, Pentium II through Athlon MP/Xeon. When replacing servers at S/M-sized businesses I'd usually start with a SuperMicro kit (case/power/board) and go from there. Rest were mine, with 3 more systems in "buy later" lists! But it's going to be...
  13. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Construction is solid and odd thing to say about a patch panel, but it looks pretty good too. I guess I've just used some really ugly panels in the past to be impressed by this one :)
  14. Disparia


    Been cold and/or wet lately so I haven't done as much body work as I wanted. Did get the bottom vents filled in with JB Weld for Plastic and will be doing a thick fill-in where the component video and audio would normally be installed (but there's now a power supply in that spot). Want as be...
  15. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Work is switching employee rewards vendor so we all had to cash out. Needed a headset and this was on the list... Alienware 310H. Listened to music (flac), movies, and some games and overall I'm pleased with them. Since they were free... 8/10, would accept again! My only problem isn't the...
  16. Disparia


    Still waiting on the fan to arrive, but the feet came in! Soft rubber that will fit within the existing spots and lift a little. New territory for me, but I also got around to trying out some of my PS1 and PS2 games, and I think it did rather well considering I didn't have any expectations...
  17. Disparia

    Question about 4k Content vs 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor

    Got to get into a meeting soon, but to possibly help out I think the problem is when you are ripping BD, you are keeping it at full resolution which may include black on the top and bottom depending on how wide the original content is. After the rip, when you go to encode to H.264 or whatever...
  18. Disparia


    Temperature Plugged it in and ran a NES game for quite awhile with success. No fan + top on. Then I opened a SNES game and the degrees started to tick upwards. Don't even have a screen shot of it, as when it hit 90 degrees I pulled off the top and closed the emulators. No surprise to any of...
  19. Disparia


    I think $55. Had started a sheet with the exact prices I paid, need to find it again... Oh yeah, I've used those fans before. Good quality. Have also used the 5 volt A4x10 with the Raspberry Pi. It performed admirably until 2015 :) Dad didn't game, but Mom would enjoy Wheel of Fortune from...
  20. Disparia


    NESputer A project with an actual chance of success! Usually work slows down, I feel like doing smm'thing, and right in the thick of it work ramps up again. Thread dies. This time however, the finish line is in sight. As you may have seen from the Show Off thread I've been buying these items...
  21. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    My monitor is very particular about inputs -- 75Hz over DP but only 60Hz over HDMI -- so I wanted a KVM without the "V". Found this on the 'zon: It's been working very well for past 30 minutes. I can now get rid of my basic secondary kb+mouse and just use my good set with both home PC and...
  22. Disparia

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Crucial P5 1TB and FSP 90w power supply came in today. Last pieces, time to get to work on the case.
  23. Disparia


    Jizzler == Disparia Had Wizz change it awhile ago to align with the rest of accounts (Steam, LOTRO, WoW, etc). I just changed it in WCG as well, which I don't think was an option the last time I looked, but it is now.
  24. Disparia

    Phanteks Enthoo Pro II

    Cool. Better than some earlier models where the secondary system is crammed in as an afterthought and is tough to access. The Enthoo puts it right there with the same accessibility as the main system. Unfortunately for Phanteks my main system is also ITX so I'm not really interested in ATX + ITX.
  25. Disparia

    AMD Announces Renoir for Desktop: Ryzen 4000G, PRO 4000G, and Athlon PRO 3000G

    Cool. The A8-5500 APU in my home server is a decent performer considering its 8 years old but I'm certainly looking forward to an upgrade with a 4000 series chip.