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  1. CheapMeat

    Samsung NVMe boot on X79

    Hey all, I wanted to ask this since there's a lot of conflicting info and often the answers are from complete noobs arguing different tangent things. So I have a Samsung 950 Pro working perfectly fine as a boot drive. But do the Samsung 960's have the same NVMe firmware/driver on the drive...
  2. CheapMeat

    Is there an ASRock X79 Extreme11 equivalent for current(ish) boards?

    Mostly curious but any boards come close to the connectivity (slots, lanes, ports), power and quality of my favorite board (that maybe isn't server grade)?
  3. CheapMeat

    [WTB][US] Watercooling Blocks Heatkiller MB-SET ASRock X79

    This is a loooooong shot but I really want to buy this kit and have fun with my old gear. I tried to buy the kit off watercool.de but just got a message that it's not actually still in stock. =/ I was hoping a dusty bit of kit was sitting on a shelf somewhere in a warehouse still. =/ Does...
  4. CheapMeat

    [WTB] [USA-IL-Chicago] Rosewill 4U RSV-L4000 and/or Rosewill 2U RSV-Z2700 / RSV-Z2600 cases

    Hey all, I'm looking to move some hardware to a rack and would really like the Rosewill RSV-L4000 and/or any of the 2U's Rosewill offers, RSV-Z2700 and RSV-Z2600. I don't mind scratches/scuffs.
  5. CheapMeat

    [WTB][US] AMD Radeon HD 7990

    Hey all, I've always wanted to try out this card. Any chance anyone on here has it for sale? Thank you.
  6. CheapMeat

    [WTB] Nexus WaveAir 80mm PCI slot cooler

    Hey all, long shot again, but does anyone still have one of these old niche coolers? I really want one for the sake of it. But I can't find any available anywhere at all at this point. I can do Paypal if you have it laying around, even if the fan is broken...
  7. CheapMeat

    Is there a difference heat exchange wise with these designs?

    I'm sorry for the very basic and simplistic drawing. But say all components are exactly the same, same load, same ambient temp. Is there a difference in the efficiency or cooling ability of one over the other? Is it better to forcefully blow air unto the components? Or forcefully suck air away...
  8. CheapMeat

    [WTB][US] Various ASRock Z77/X79 Extreme Boards

    Looking to see if anyone still has some lower end various ASRock Z77/X79 Extreme boards (+IO shield & box would be nice too). Example Z77 Extreme 4/6 or X79 Extreme 3/4/6/7. Thanks! :D
  9. CheapMeat

    [WTB][US] ASRock X79 Extreme9 Motherboard

    Hey all, looking to see if anyone has the ASRock X79 Extreme9. Sadly I didn't have funds to buy it at the time when a generous poster had it on here (swell deal too). But now I'm ready. If not available, I might be up for the Extreme7 or Extreme6. But holding out for the 9. I'm just a bit...
  10. CheapMeat

    [WTB][US] old school DDR1/DDR500 Crucial Ballistix Tracers w/ LEDs 184-Pin

    Loooong shot but does anyone still have these? I just recently found out about them and want to try them out on something. I think they come in 400 and 500 variants. The size doesn't matter as much to me. I know these are super old now. But I love blinkenlights...
  11. CheapMeat

    [WTB][US] ASRock 990FX Extreme9

    Hey all, curious to see if anyone has a ASRock 990FX Extreme9 AM3+ motherboard. It's old but would like to play around with it. Thanks.
  12. CheapMeat

    [WTB] ASRock X79 Extreme 11

    Hey all, so I haven't had luck yet with a Z77 Extreme11, so wondering if anyone has a X79 Extreme11. I'm on a ASROCK Z77 Pro4 and would love to upgrade a bit but keep my DDR3 and other stuff. I know I'd have to swap the CPU as well. But that's okay (I can maybe trade/sell my 3770K). It's hard...
  13. CheapMeat

    [WTB] ASRock Z77 Extreme 11

    Hey all, I know it's an older board now but worth a shot. I'm currently on the Asrock Z77 Pro4. It's served me well over the years for all kinds of tasks including case changes & career changes. But I'm stuck with 3 PCI slots and and overall reliable & nice but average board. I want to give my...
  14. CheapMeat

    I wish more dualies were beauties like this (and more existed).

    There are similar but very few get the aesthetics, the balance of design (even the 2x2 / 4x4 DIMM slots is done well as a compromise), etc, right like this; the PCB edges, heatsinks, power connectors, spacing, lack of SMD & other clutter... EVGA Classified SR-X