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  1. GorbazTheDragon

    LGA 1200 VRM list (now with Z590, H570, B560, etc.)

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yPS3hj_K7EPT4RBWCyjdKNP56pnwDz-IgBc0975-FUg/edit?usp=sharing Hi all, this is a continuation of my previous LGA 1200 VRM list including primarily Z490 boards, I made a new thread since I can't edit the previous one any more. I've added preliminary info for...
  2. GorbazTheDragon

    Larger-than-GA102 (non-HBM) dies spotted?

    Guy I know has been snooping around on some Chinese forums and came across this (post was quickly deleted later)... The pics are of a System Function Testing machine which tests the assembled packages for defects in the BGA, substrate and likely some die function testing as well. These dies...
  3. GorbazTheDragon

    Z490 motherboard VRM list

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yPS3hj_K7EPT4RBWCyjdKNP56pnwDz-IgBc0975-FUg/edit?usp=sharing Hi all, since the other day I could not find any VRM lists that provided a satisfactory overview of the VRM situation on LGA1200 motherboards, I decided to start one myself... I have put in most...
  4. GorbazTheDragon

    [FS][EU] [sold] i5 5675c

    Oddball Broadwell chip... CPU only, not delidded. Shipping from Netherlands, shouldn't be too hard to sort within EU. €100 I accept GBP as well. <= Heatware somewhere on the left there Also see my ratings on local Dutch site: https://tweakers.net/gallery/982219/aanbod/
  5. GorbazTheDragon

    Bearing quality, the deadly flaw of the Gentle Typhoon?

    A few years ago I dropped 60 odd quid on two pairs of 2150rpm GTs as part of a HiFi amplifier project. Long story short the amplifier got put on hold and two of the fans found their way into my personal rig. I've actually been running them for around 2 years now, their aerodynamic performance...
  6. GorbazTheDragon

    Used a GTX 690 for 2 weeks...

    Just thought I would quickly share my thoughts... Bought a second hand GTX 690 while I was on holiday a while back, cost me 100 quid. Interesting piece of hardware history to have and quite a nice looking card overall. Replaced my GTX 670 FTW with the 690 the other week just to see how it...
  7. GorbazTheDragon

    WCCF says new BIOSes for Z370 boards hint compatibility with 8 core chips?

    https://wccftech.com/intel-next-generation-8-core-cpu-support-z370-bios/ Rather amusing that they are letting people stick to the older chipset on this one and there is no noise about "increased power consumption" due to the 2 extra cores. I'll also mention that the VRMs on Z370 boards are for...
  8. GorbazTheDragon

    What's up with the crummy VRMs?

    Was looking through motherboards for a rig my friend is building, ATM eyeing either R5 1600x or i3 8100/i5 8400 or maybe a 8350k since he plays a lot of older single thread games and probably won't put 6 cores to much use. But so far didn't manage to find a single motherboard with a decent...
  9. GorbazTheDragon

    F-35: Still no end in sight

    http://www.pogo.org/straus/issues/weapons/2018/f-35-still-no-finish-line-in-sight.html No comment
  10. GorbazTheDragon

    ESO Live press conference: Gravitational waves, Massive object mergers.

    Interesting breakthrough as recently the first visible observation of a gravitational wave event was made.
  11. GorbazTheDragon

    Forza 7 Performance of Vega64 beats 1080Ti?

    https://www.computerbase.de/2017-09/forza-7-benchmark/2/#diagramm-forza-7-1920-1080 I feel like based on the size of the 1080Ti and Vega GPUs this is a more sensible position for Vega to be in. I wonder how many other games will start showing this kind of performance, maybe it is just a...
  12. GorbazTheDragon

    i9 7980XE drawing 1kW (der8auer)

    TPU NEWS THREAD. USE THIS ONE INSTEAD. Should come as no surprise that these chips are absolute monsters as far as power draw with these kinds of clocks and voltages. I think it will be interesting to see if/how mobo manufacturers evolve their products for these chips. Maybe we will see the...
  13. GorbazTheDragon

    GrafTech HITHERM thermal interface material

    So in this video that I was watching I came across this TIM. It appears to be some kind of graphite based stuff, similar to mica pads but electrically conductive. Anyway, I pulled up the product page and found the two interesting figures, the thermal impedance and (through plane)...
  14. GorbazTheDragon

    Phanteks EVOLV ATX or other cases?!?

    I'm looking for a good ATX, water cooling ready case for my rig, so far the only one I've really found to fit my needs is the Enthoo EVOLV ATX, so I'm wondering if anyone here can suggest alternatives. - Good 3.5in storage options, at least 2 horizontally mounted drives when running 2x240mm...
  15. GorbazTheDragon

    [WTB][EU] Mid-high end LGA1150 mobo (ATX, Z87/Z97)

    Hi all. Just poking around for a possible ATX replacement for my Z97-I Plus to run a water cooled 4790k based setup. Z87 or Z97 are both possibilities, preferably something high end like the RoG, Deluxe/Sabertooth, XPower, UD5/UD7, or OC Force boards. Shipping either to the Netherlands or UK.
  16. GorbazTheDragon

    Which 1060

    Looking for a 6+GB NVidia card to use for flight simming, seems like Titans are hard to come by second hand especially in the UK, so I'll most likely be going for the 1060, ATM the price jump to the 1070 is too much. Long rambling next, skip to bottom if not interested... That said, I...
  17. GorbazTheDragon

    Re-seating heatsinks without re-pasting giving better temps

    Title... Basically I reseated and repasted my CPU and GPU heatsinks on my laptop last week (first time in 22 months) and I got pretty similar temperatures after I did it (GPU was down ~2c). I had some thermal pads arrive yesterday and replaced the VRM/VRAM pads, I was too lazy to clean out the...
  18. GorbazTheDragon

    Ghetto test bench and stuff (Core2Duo, GTX 670, etc...)

    OK, so just got my H75 in, and decided I wanted to see if I could pull a lightbulbie on this one... The H75 doesn't have the mounting brackets for LGA 775, for my Maximus II Formula, which sucks, but oh well, let's see what I can find right? Two hours later, some yarn (a good 5 metres or...
  19. GorbazTheDragon

    eSATA or USB3 3.5/2.5 inch external drive enclosure/dock

    Anyone have any ideas for something decent? I could just get some 5 pound piece of junk, but I'd prefer something that will last. eSATA would be nice, I already have all of my laptops USB ports used by other things, but I'd take USB3 over eSATA+USB2.
  20. GorbazTheDragon

    Normal Voltage Ranges For C2D and Rampage II Formula

    So I recently acquired a Rampage II Formula for around 100 bucks, I threw my old E7200 in to see how far it would go, but it doesn't seem to be as simple as changing multis and the Vcore like Haswell is. Main question I have, is what are the normal voltage ranges for this board and CPU. I am...