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  1. Morgoth

    looking for a special pci-e card.. usb3 + sata 3..

    so im looking for a special expansion card that got Usb 3.0 on it and sata 3 on it i want this for my old hp z800 work station im wondering if such things exist instead of using 2 slots i can use only 1 slot i do know back in the 90's the made controller cards that got printer ports on it and...
  2. Morgoth

    cant format 3tb disk.. need help

    hi got 2 3tb toshiba pc p300 3tb had disk problem is i cant get them back to work properly.. 1 only sees as 2tb in windows other one he sees it as 3tb drive (2700gb aprox) i have them both connected to the sas controler sees them both as 2tb hard disk i cant format the one it says to be 3tb...
  3. Morgoth

    1.86TB PCI-E SSD LSI 6208 Nytro WarpDrive

    im wondering if any one knows what the read and write speeds are of this 1.86TB PCI-E SSD LSI 6208 Nytro WarpDrive ?? they are for sale on ebay and there prices are pretty low
  4. Morgoth

    metro exodus

    im wondering on what website can i get a key with discounted price. seems to be moost are sold out or re direct me to epicgames shop where you gota pay full price
  5. Morgoth

    Sapphire Pulse vega 56 issue

    so i got this new grapics card and it looks amazing reminds me back of the huge cards i had in the past like 7970 now i got an issue. my current psu only got 2x 6 pin pci-e power cables and im wondering of thats the reason why the system wont boot cus the card got 2x 8 orginaly the hp z800 work...
  6. Morgoth

    Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 56 GAMING OC 8G

    does any one here got experience with this graphics card? Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 56 GAMING OC 8G i want to get a upgrade for my rx 580 8gb to something more powerful the vega 56 card is now for sale for 275 euro i usually only buy sapphire cards
  7. Morgoth

    Metro exodus crashing?

    is it just me or is metro exodust crashing for every one? for me it literly turns my pc off when you are at the rotating train platform all other games like resident evil 2. fallout 76. 3d mark 11 seems to be running fine even my render software works fine i shecked my temps cpu is it 60/65c...
  8. Morgoth

    new casefans 80mm

    im looking to replace my stock 80mm front intake fans , im wondering what should i look at, i mean the type of fan blades thats on it and how mutch airdisplacement? like this one https://www.megekko.nl/product/2004/965554/Case-fan-80mm/Akasa-AK-FN076-hardwarekoeling vs...
  9. Morgoth

    recovering hard drive

    i got a huge problem ,after restorting my windows 7 with a backup copy windows decided to format some how my F drive 320gb large, and copy H drive a pci-e ssd to my 320gb F disk and label it as a H drive... is there a way i can undo this?? --edite thank god i managed to restore some very...
  10. Morgoth

    looking for new monitor 1080P

    hi im looking for a new monitor and i need some help what i want atleast 1080P 60hertz 1920x1080 (Full HD) 20,7inch or a tad bigger and very cristal clear picture right now im using acer ka210hq and i got issues with it it got a strange white glare on it when looking at dark places my budget...
  11. Morgoth

    forcing core speeds up with cad software

    i got an issue, i got this new RX 580 grapics card, but i have trouble forcing the core clock up to its max when using a cad software like if you start a game the core clocks goes up automatically but not when using cad software is there a way i can force this?
  12. Morgoth

    Raid system on a pci-e card??

    im wondering something like this, is it posible to turn it into a raid system? raid 5 i believe where it rebuilds it self when you insert a new harddisk, im limited on harddisk mounting space in my case, and this came up to my mind , how easy is it to make a raid system that auto backups my...
  13. Morgoth

    [WTB] RX 480 8gb or RX 580 8gb

    im looking for a RX 480 8gb or RX 580 8gb , not for minning want to replace my HD 7970 3gb normal price please, 200 euro ish, anny where from the world paypal only!
  14. Morgoth

    Fusion IO drive 160gb PCI-E ssd Need help!

    i just bought a Fusion IO drive 160gb PCI-E ssd but i cant find anny drivers any where! can any one here help me ?? thanks
  15. Morgoth

    Need advice on new GPU

    i need some advice on a new gpu im looking for the best and highest tier grapics card of older generation that fits best with my cpu's i dont need a brand new top of the line while it gets bottle necked by my cpu so what one? im using 2 W5580 xeons at 3,20ghz i do prefer amd becus im using amd...
  16. Morgoth

    Trouble shooting dieng system HP Z800

    im having some sireus issues with my system it seems to freeze up here and there like the keyboard and mouse turns dead, no lights or input reaction, screens freezes, every thing that moves on the screen stops to, all lights and fans in the case keeps running, i need to use the mainpower buton...
  17. Morgoth

    HP z800 workstation

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: CPU: 2x E5520 xeonsMainboard HP z800 GPU: HD7970 RAM: 24gb 12x2gb ram stiks at 1066mhz harddrive's 120gb ssd sandisk ( WIN 7 & 3ds max only)350gb compact disk for games1tb drive for movies only 1000 watt corsair modulair psu Mods: drilled new...
  18. Morgoth

    [FS][EU] Water kooling parts LGA1366 d-tek/swiftech ect

    Selling various waterkooling parts all in working condition Swiftech pump MCP 655 + EK-D5 X-top Rev.2 pump head 50 euro D-tek Fuzion v1 30 Euro ( still have 1 back plate left for it if needed) LGA 1366 << ( SOLD!) PHOBYA LGA 1366 no back plate . no screws 25 euro 120x120 radiators, hose...
  19. Morgoth

    Upgrading need some advice :)

    hey bin a long time ago and im finaly planing to upgrade my system afhter i found out i get low fps in doom 4 at high settings XD so my plan is to sell my water cooling parts in order to gain some cash for the plan ahead first i want to do i buy a new case, right now im using a workstation...
  20. Morgoth

    HP Z800 WorkStation Dual Socket LGA1366 Motherboard

    so my old EVGA sr-2 mainboard died and i got a new one, but i need some help getting info of these connects what there names are ect so i can find it easyer on ebay one says mainpower but its a shorter version (18pin) one says memory tough i need there offical names (10pin) i hope there are...
  21. Morgoth

    Seagate 1tb sata 600 HDD Issue

    i got a problem with my new Seagate 1tb sata 600 HDD it keeps connecting and disconnecting to my operating system i tried several different cables, but only got 2 sata 600 ports is there a way to fix this behavior? or is it doa?
  22. Morgoth

    asus P5G41T-M LE memory problem

    hi i have a qeustion when i insert a 1333mhz 4gb ram module the system wont post. no bios sheck just black screen. i tested the ram module in my own system and it works fine the mainboard is running bios version 0701 buildate 07/26/2010 a biosupdate should be enough to fix this problem?
  23. Morgoth

    Hardware acceleration

    is there a way i can force Hardware acceleration? for my openGL oplications like hammer and 3dsmax? only 6% of my GPU is being used, while it needs to render a ton of stuff...
  24. Morgoth

    Connectin PC psu to a laptop?

    i wonder. is it posible to connect a pc psu to a laptop?
  25. Morgoth

    new keyboard deffective!

    i need help before i RMA it the C key is not always responding i just unpacked it, there are no drivers with it, neither available on there own site im using keyboard *Trust keyboard elight Led illuminated* any one knows a fix for the broken key?