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  1. D.Crepit

    GIGABYTE Launches the AORUS Gen4 7000s M.2 NVMe SSD

    Funny how nobody seems to want to publish their TBW ( tera bytes written ) number...
  2. D.Crepit

    Logitech Maximizes Comfort and Saves Space with New Sculpted Ergonomic Trackball

    Nice stuff... but I just can't figure out why Logi doesn't make a wired USB version anymore. Just seems like an obvious thing to do...
  3. D.Crepit

    Chieftec Announces CW-01B-OP Chassis

    Well what do you know. A case that might just be usable. The case market was getting to the point it looked like you might as well just call it an Atari and not a PC. With this, at least in the custom market, you have this thing called flexibility. All Y'all will begin to appreciate that...
  4. D.Crepit

    AMD to Bundle "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" with 3rd Gen Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 Processors

    And what do they give to Linux users??? A rebate?
  5. D.Crepit

    Cougar Intros MX331 Line of Mid-tower Cases

    I'm in shock... "shock" I tell yah... Apparently these guys have actually heard of hard drives, SSDs, and ( gulp ) actual bluray disks... unbelieveable! Now I wonder if the idea gets some traction with the rest of the tech universe.
  6. D.Crepit

    Editorial The COVID-19 Pandemic, or Why Chaos Isn't a Pit... It's a Ladder

    LOL... real scientists actually measure things, as opposed to make them up. And obviously CC IS REAL... did not say otherwise... In point of fact, a real scientist ( the kind who actually measures things ) noted back during 9/11 that the three day grounding of air travel did in fact cause a...
  7. D.Crepit

    Editorial The COVID-19 Pandemic, or Why Chaos Isn't a Pit... It's a Ladder

    Just one small problem with this article. While we have certainly cleaned up the environment, it is pretty clear that climate change and global warming are un-affected by 6 weeks of near total shutdown. AND most important the 90% shutdown of stratospheric transport systems, has not affected...
  8. D.Crepit

    DeepCool Rolls Out the MATREXX 55 PWM 2F E-ATX Case

    An "E-ATX" case, with a grand total of 4 drive bays.... :wtf: Who buys something like this??? :confused:
  9. D.Crepit

    SilentiumPC Announces a Trio of Armis AR6 Series Cases

    Evidently, with these newer cases ( from all manufacturers) , your not supposed to customize them with say cooling system controls, or usb/flash memory peripherals, or heaven forbid you use a bluray disc...:kookoo: And room for ssd/hard drives is at a premium as well.:rolleyes: We're getting...
  10. D.Crepit

    Antec Announces the P82 Flow Chassis

    Antec Sonata Proto is still in production after more than a decade for a reason...
  11. D.Crepit

    Microsoft Releases Windows 10 November 2019 Update (1909)

    IOW, your saying both... don't care and don't know? Who doesn't know that "collecting data" automatically makes you a target for data theft? And not even the NSA has escaped that one...
  12. D.Crepit

    Microsoft Releases Windows 10 November 2019 Update (1909)

    Yup, we all want a major security breach on our desktops for all to see. And MS proves once again that they have no clue or just don't care about security. Outside of switching to Linux or Apple ( maybe? ) the world is trapped on the information age version of the Titanic...
  13. D.Crepit

    Intel Submits USB4 Support to the Linux Kernel

    Now this is progress. Wonder if they can fix existing glitches in the Linux USB stack while they're at it??? Just love when they can't see a device that they can see... or the mouse just hangs while the driver figures out its been sent an interrupt to restart.
  14. D.Crepit

    BIOSTAR Rolls Out the Racing X570GT Micro-ATX Motherboard

    What isn't funny, is that X570 appears to need that fan on ALL implementations. Can certainly do without that on an ( for e.g. ) HTPC ...
  15. D.Crepit

    Microsoft's Biannual Major Windows 10 Update Cycle to Slow Down

    Which "update" fixes that disaster of an access control system??? Who actually thinks posting your e-mail address on the login screen is a bright idea??? I've been on Linux for years now. While I have no axe to grind against MS products, I still think Win7 is better than Win10.
  16. D.Crepit

    AMD Radeon RX 5700 Series Reference Models Revealed

    For me, there is a simple metric here. The AMD cards have FOSS drivers ( in the Linux environment ) and therefore are my go to choice. As we've recently seen, older nVidia cards tend to lose support and when that happens you have a paper weight. Realistically, under these circumstances, AMD...
  17. D.Crepit

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 431.18

    You might as well. In the Linux space nVidia actually dropped proprietary support for some of their older cards altogether. Since FOSS drivers for nVidia are no match for AMD ( or even Intel ) FOSS drivers, that pretty much pushes them out of the Linux environment. So far your options remain...
  18. D.Crepit

    Cooler Master Introduces the Silencio S400 & S600 Cases

    The Antec Sonata still beats this in the silent PC arena... and its been around 10 years... wonder why???
  19. D.Crepit

    TSMC Expects Most 7nm Customers to Move to 6nm Density

    While I think this is all grand and what not, I have to wonder... At what point does H/W reliability drop off a cliff with these ever finer resolutions??? Inquiring minds and all that...
  20. D.Crepit

    AMD Announces 2nd Gen Ryzen PRO Mobile and Athlon PRO Mobile Processor Series

    Meanwhile, we still can't get the latest APUs as retail parts... only full OEM systems... :(
  21. D.Crepit

    NETGEAR Debuts AX12 Wi-Fi 6 Home Router

    "Might never get" OR NEED ... slight adjustment there ;) BTW, at THAT Price(!) range, you can get an x86_64 box with the usual features, Plus around 8 LAN ports and a WiFi card... toss in OPNSense ( Hardened BSD system included ) and Your in Control! Options... options... :)
  22. D.Crepit

    Kolink Launches the Inspire K1 Case

    Must admit, putting anything smaller than a 120mm fan in a case these days is pretty much bordering on total incompetence. I like the basic layout of the case itself, but really!!!
  23. D.Crepit

    Sharkoon Announces Pure Steel RGB Minimalist Case

    On the one hand, the top mounted PSU isn't sucking in all the lint off the floor. On the other hand, where there should be front intake fans we see bottom intake fans... to suck up lint off the floor... just can't win here can we? Oh, and apparently there is no gravity where they design these...
  24. D.Crepit

    TP-Link Announces Archer C2700 Router Powered by Intel Components

    So this uses an x86/64bit processor? Now the key specs... how much RAM / ROM does the TP-Link unit have? Doubt if it would run pfSense.
  25. D.Crepit

    Logitech Goes Vertical With Its Most Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

    Now if only Logitech would introduce this and their track ball marble with a novel device known as... ...a cord... ?