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  1. Fry178

    IF 1800+3600CL15 or IF 1900+3800CL1x ?

    Mainly for gaming gains, as i dont worry about encoding taking "2 mins" longer. Finally got a 5800x that was able to do 1900 on IF/Ram, and the fact that i started using the ram with a 3800x, i had to lower clocks, so i tweaked timings (b-die). Running games at QHD/UHD depending on game, and...
  2. Fry178

    whats the gpu:me error

    was cleaning latest driver and saw the pop up again, finally decided to look it up, but a quick search didn't find anything..
  3. Fry178

    B-die Patriot Viper 4000C9, what timings at 3600...

    Do have a corsair veng pro rgb kit (3600C18-22-22-22/42/64) with decent micron E, but a friend wants RGB bling, so im gonna sell him mine and i need something new. kit is a 16gb viper kit (amd), but I cant get IF to be doing more than 1800 on stock (volt etc), and i dont plan on trying to make...
  4. Fry178

    What CPU block will fit the stock RTX mounting holes?

    Im getting tired of the pump whine on my 2080 Hybrid, even modded (pump throttled on low temps). I have a 240 loop for the 3700x, so i could easily add a generic block to it to remove the block/pump combo. since it already has full vram/vrm block, i won't waste +140$ on a full coverage block.
  5. Fry178

    Need a case with at least two 120 mm fan openings in the bottom and tinted window.

    Finally switched to cpu and gpu being WC, but the gpu pump makes whining noise (crappy asetek design), all fans are inaudible (8dba or less, all throttled), nor do i want other noise to drown it out, so im looking for a new case. I would prefer having one with the "front" air intake positioned...