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  1. Ferrum Master

    nvme storage + airport X ray?

    Mates, Has anyone carried them around in baggage while traveling more often? I am planning a longer trip, and I want a lightweight backup storage to dump my camera RAW's as I will be short on SD my storage. So I've got a JMS583 based USB to nvme solution in a proper metal housing and borrow my...
  2. Ferrum Master

    Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut Pad?

    Just saw in the RSS feed. https://vonguru.fr/2019/06/01/test-le-carbonaut-de-thermal-grizzly-sur-la-rtx-2080-ti-partie-2/ https://www.thermal-grizzly.com/produkte/298-carbonaut Anyone got a hand on them from our native visitors?
  3. Ferrum Master

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium driver 2.40.0016 WHQL

    There is still support for a dino age product. Released from February 21, 2019 DriverVer=02/11/2019, CatalogFile.NTX86=wdm_emu.cat CatalogFile.NTAMD64=wdmemu64.cat WHQL Cert. & signed from February 12, 2019 Change log : Full compatibility and support with Win 10 RS5 aka October...
  4. Ferrum Master

    [WTB] Rampage IV[Any of them] for parts.

    Hi mates. Anyone have a died, preferably with dead socket Rampage IV or blown, burned, bent cracked etc. I have a one bad board with faulty ASUS ROG IC [almost sure]. So I want to repair, to have some spare backup board. The problem is you can obtain one, but those are blank, it has a Atmel...
  5. Ferrum Master

    ASUS support example.

    Now it is my turn. I have a new monitor. PB328Q, as per page it supports 10bit with 12bit LUT. So nvidia control panel shows only 8bit option. So I opened a ticket. Read and please give your judgments, ain't it really a false advertising? I wonder if the same is on AMD cards... none around to...
  6. Ferrum Master

    GeForce Hot Fix driver 361.82

    Hey. There is a green present for @RejZoR http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4026 This is a GeForce Hot Fix driver, version 361.82 that addresses the following issues: Eject NVIDIA Graphics Device Put them on... I din't have the eject issue, but my HBAO+ force setting was...
  7. Ferrum Master

    Looking for new piece of metal.

    Mates. I just got on ebay 3960X... and I need to sell my old CPU make a burrito offer from my old hardware and this one needs more serious cooling... Currently I have the old venerable Megahalems... I got it on ebay for 30quid 5 years ago... gosh time flies fast... too fast. And I am looking...
  8. Ferrum Master

    Good and silent white coloured 120mm PWM Fan.

    Can anyone suggest some good white 120mm PWM fans, I will dig up, if I can get them locally. (Because of motherboard bios speed ramp controls controls supports only PWM) Really silent ones ant cruise 20-30% 600-800RPM, but steep ramp to some 1500-2000RPM? They are siting on my old grandpa...
  9. Ferrum Master

    ASMEDIA ASM1061 perfomance?

    Hi mates! I am just wondering, anybody has this little critter integrated on your motherboards... I have a X58SO so no sata 3. I am just wondering, will this chip perform any better than my ICH10R, which i am quite skeptical about, but still it must be proven. Any benchmark info out there...
  10. Ferrum Master

    PSU Cable management replacement.

    Hi Mates! I've got a vocation... and what a tech guy should do in that? Ok, I am constructing two audio amps, but that's a another story... I've came up with an idea to replace all my wires for my PSU. I want a clean look. Sleeved type is a must have. The problem number two... I have an...
  11. Ferrum Master

    OS reinstall needed after upgrading CPU?

    I've swapped CPU on my HP550 laptop from T5270 Merom to T8300 Penryn... I am just wondering. Everything works fine and the speed boost is incredible... But Penryn has SSE4.1 and few other features... is Windows 7, XP or whatever aware of these features after CPU upgrade? Or all instruction...
  12. Ferrum Master

    SAMSUNG F4 HD204UI Access time

    Hi mates, I just bought a new HDD, a Samsung HD204UI. SO.... just out of curios nature the first thing is the benchmark stuff comparing to my older hards... The Read and Write speeds are ok... but the Access Time graph... I've never seen such thing for older drives. There two possible...