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  1. funboy6942

    [FS][US] RTX 3070 Reference ~SOLD~

    Trade this for a XFX RAW II 5700XT?
  2. funboy6942

    Sold Locally

    All in Title GOES! Asrock Updated Bios to working one for AMD Athlon 3000G. NO WIFI Antennas included. And YES it has a m.2 slot under it ;) Ryzen 1600 (non x or AF) AMD Athlon 3000G ALSO Included! Including a heatsink for it! OMG :O Evga GTZ 770 with new paste 2GB Edition with a 256bus :)...
  3. funboy6942

    Realtek DCH Modded Audio Driver for Windows 10

    One thing to consider if you plan on doing analog, like I do, is get a player call potplayer, for within its audio setting you can set it up to do almost every conceivable sound output. I seem to have trouble getting vcl player to do 7.1 right, even when forcing it to do dolby surround in its...
  4. funboy6942

    Realtek DCH Modded Audio Driver for Windows 10

    The only way to get 7.1 working is if you had analog out, and your onkyo has inputs for 7.1 analog in. Other then that you can do, or try to do, 5.1 and set your receiver to do "dolby" in like a matrix mode to have it manipulate 7.1 that way. Other then that, doing optical will only let you do...
  5. funboy6942

    Show your Home Theater Thread.

    Room is a mess, but upgraded a little bit from the last pic I have stuck up on it....room is still a mess however :P
  6. funboy6942

    [WTB] Need a ps4 dirt cheap.

    Don't have much money, and just want it and a controller so my kids and I can play on the PS now. Need a ps4,, just as long as I have a unit, and a controller. I can prolly get all the rest of the cords if needed. LMK what you got, money is burning a hole in my pocket.
  7. funboy6942

    Copper anti seize grease as thermal paste?

    I'm happy if it gets no where near throttling and running great with no stutters I can see, and many temps below its maximum threshold, and I'm happy as a clam. HOWEVER, for my case, many fans, and like to keep my house at 69, it is doing great for what I need it to do. But I really cannot...
  8. funboy6942

    Copper anti seize grease as thermal paste?

    Still no problems here with my brand, or application. No funky stuff going on, and I have applied it to everything so far that needs thermal paste. As far as application, a small dab will do you. Too thin will cause spikes, and too thick and it doesn't transfer the heat as good. I have found...
  9. funboy6942

    Traded locally

    PM(s) Sent!
  10. funboy6942

    Cognex Vpro-Plus-U USB STICK

    P/N PCV02370 H S/N 1E194309497 Made in Ireland Security Key As IS, PLEASE make sure that this version works with what ever version of the software you plan on using, or are using. If you require a photo of it I have not provided, please message me with what you need, and I will be more the happy...
  11. funboy6942

    [WTB] Found :D

    My ps2 has taken a dump, its doing nothing but scratching rings into my discs for some reason. So I am looking to replace it with a chipped unit this time to mess with so that if it does it again, Im not ruining my original discs that I have kept all these years in mint condition, just to have...
  12. funboy6942

    Copper anti seize grease as thermal paste?

    A fan, or wind blowing on you when its cold, makes you colder, especially if you are made of metal ;) Ive been/was a mechanic for many years, and used this stuff on many types of metal, under a ton of heat, stress, and pressure, and have yet to ever seen it eat any of the metal its been...
  13. funboy6942

    Copper anti seize grease as thermal paste?

    Attachment doesnt work on my end, getting a opps page ;)
  14. funboy6942

    Xbox 360 Game Console Bundle. PS2 Games. Wii Game Console Bundle. Logitech's 1st Digital Camera (NEW/Sealed)

    I just posted this up everywhere, and those games ur asking for are the butter to the sammich, but give me a few days and if Im not offered something for the complete set up, I MAY think of selling them off, but not really wanting to split it up atm.
  15. funboy6942

    Xbox 360 Game Console Bundle. PS2 Games. Wii Game Console Bundle. Logitech's 1st Digital Camera (NEW/Sealed)

    SOLD and took offer made on it at Anandtech forums. My X3 is only a few months old, bought direct from Creative. Works just fine, just some poo hit the wall for me this month and letting go of some stuff not tied to the floor. This is a retail unit, but does not come with cables other then the...
  16. funboy6942

    brand new 1080 Ti degrades like hell within days.

    I had to rma a 5700XT XFX unit 3 times, and it was new, and did the artifacting thing, one didnt work right out of the box, 2nd worked for about 2 weeks, then artifacting like mad, till one day, POOF, nada. So far my 4th card Im on has been holding up. But yeah, Ive had more luck buying someones...
  17. funboy6942


    You can always google the image for the buttons, then either use photoshop, or something else to make them the size you need, print them out, then use glue to put them on, then some epoxy to coat over them so to that they dont wear or rub off. Id also find some sheet of sticker paper, or...
  18. funboy6942


    BTW I LOVE the pic of the Brienne of Tarth! VERY COOL :D
  19. funboy6942

    Antstream Arcade (Vintage Gaming), anyone else try it, or have it and like it?

    I decided to give it a go with the free trial, and I have to say, for me I was unimpressed. Dont like the layout for the game menu, and you have to "trick" it to get it to show all the games in the section, for it will not show the whole list of games, unless I click on one, and then the banner...
  20. funboy6942

    COD: Warzone low FPS on decent rig setup

    I took ur advice and disabled it to get rid of any problems with it now and down the road.
  21. funboy6942


    I just bought these to try out on my PC, windows 10, and my XB 360, and I just LOVE it. The Dpad is clicky and no way to hit up or down when going right and left screwing things up. I also use a few XBOne controllers on my 10 rig. On my XP rig I use a old school Logitech Wingman Wireless, for...