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  1. Breit

    nVidia price cuts for GTX 780/770

    nVidia just dropped 780 and 770 prices about 100€ and 50€ respectively... now we're talking! oO some examples: GTX 780 ~418€ GTX 770 ~255€ News: heise.de original (german) heise.de translated (Google) Is this just the beginning or are we seeing more of that when the 780ti arrives? :cool:
  2. Breit

    NVIDIA's nForce Professional: The Chips and Motherboards

    The guys over at linuxhardware.org have put together an article about NVIDIA's brand new nForce4 Professional chipset and the upcoming motherboards featuring it: Take a look over here... View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  3. Breit

    USB printing support

    does anyone know if there is a way to kick that 'USB printing support' out of my device manager? i have a usb hub and if that hub is connected i have an unknown device called 'unknownprinter' which is connected to the usb printing support. i don't need that usb printing support an i don't want...
  4. Breit

    News on ATI's R520

    An article at TheInquirer states, that ATI's next generation graphics chip (R520) will feature 8 parallel shader units instead of 6 like the previous chips. The full article can be found here. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  5. Breit

    Intel demos 65nm dual-core mobile CPU

    TheRegister has the news: The full story is over here... View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  6. Breit

    Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003

    Microsoft is working on a Service Pack for Windows Server 2003. Everyone who can't await the release of the final SP1, can grab the Release Candidate on their website. The RC can be downloaded over here. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  7. Breit

    Doom 3 available for Linux

    The Inquirer is reporting that ID Software released Doom 3 binaries for Linux. They also say that there are some difficulties in installing the game on your Linux box. Read for yourself. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  8. Breit

    more dual-/multi-core news

    AMDZone has some nice pics and some additional info on AMDs upcoming Dual-Core 90nm Opterons. See for yourself... View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  9. Breit

    Intel will demo its first multi-core CPU at IDF

    EE Times is reporting that Intel will demo its first multicore CPU at the Intel Developer Forum starting tuesday (Sept 7-9)... The article is over here. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  10. Breit

    Quake II source code and .NET

    digging on the microsoft msdn sites brought this up: Download and Build Quake II for .NET! if you ever want to compile your own quake II with a highly optimized compiler, maybe to get a little smp support or just to tweak the last out of your cpu, you should take a look. sounds interesting...
  11. Breit

    New Intel Nocona Xeon vs. AMD Opteron

    Maybe this is the first review on one of those shiny new Nocona Xeon systems (Tumwater chipset, PCI-E, ... :o) and in case you missed that review, here it comes: the guy's over at hexus.net are running the competition between an Opteron workstation and a Nocona-Xeon workstation. Sounds...
  12. Breit

    5-year-warranty on all seagate hard disks

    A press release from Seagate states: Click here to read the whole thing. View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  13. Breit

    nVidia is going to revive SLI...

    HardwareAnalysis is running an article on nVidias plans to revive the SLI technology with the GeForce 6800 series graphics cards: View at TechPowerUp Main Site
  14. Breit

    Maxtor released a new hard disk...

    Today AnandTech is reviewing the brand new Maxtor MaXLine III SATA hard drive. To give you just the headlines: this is the first hard drive from Maxtor with NCQ (Native Command Queuing) enabled and it also features 16mb of cache. - Sounds interesting? See for yourself... View at TechPowerUp...
  15. Breit

    8-way Opteron Chipsets from nVidia

    The Inquirer has got the news: nVidia is working on a 8-way Opteron Chipset and maybe Sun is the manufacturer of choice to put the first 8-way Opteron Systems into the market... It's exciteing to see if the favorite Broadcom/Serverworks or the newbie nVidia will win this race. Here's the whole...