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  1. Miguel2013

    what is a ONT and an ONU device? is it required for fiber optic internet?

    can someone tell me what are the uses of these devices? Also what's a OLT. Are these required for fiber optical internet? What if I need to swap my modem from century link... do I need a ONT or ONU modem device? What do you use? which type of ONT do you recommend?
  2. Miguel2013

    Installed a Intel 7260 AC WIFI card but speeds are crap and crashes even with intel drivers

    bought this card (see atachment) I think it's the R version check SPS # I heard this is the updated version. I'm not sure ¿could u confirm? anyway speeds are crap 5-15MB/s file transfer windows smb and tends to hang and freeze windows 10 for a moment. It's WIFI AC it should be awesome but not...
  3. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] WTB 50 feet cat6a cable like new

    looking to pay 10$ including shipping, I'm low on budget.
  4. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] 1tb ssd 2.5in sata

    Any kind good condition, 2.5in 1tb drive, looking to pay 65$ for used one.
  5. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] WTB 512GB/1TB SD card 100mb/s write at least

    hi I'm looking for a semi to fast standard digital SD card for doing image recovery fast and small. requesting a price of 40$ for a used one. pm me please can pay with paypal venmo or money order.
  6. Miguel2013


    looking to buy a couple short cables cat6a doesn't need to be long 2 feet min. willing to pay 5$ for each if this kind. I'm low on cash but high hopes. can pay with venmo or paypal or money order.
  7. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] WTB Corsair H70 water cooler

    I need one in good condition looking to pay 30$ mainly need the radiator and atached hoses to heatsink combo in 1 piece but not the fan, good condition. can pay with venmo or paypal.
  8. Miguel2013

    ¿is there a gigabit internet speed test available to test my new internet connection? they all cap at 350mbit

    hi I just got century link fiber optic and they showed me they tested internet in my house and it says is 940mbit up and down. but when I try it myself not with their machines and servers I only get a max of 600mbits at best using google fiber optic servers in los angeles I tried other servers...
  9. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] 8GB single module 1600mhz 1.35v DDR3 sodimm 204pin

    Hi forum looking to pay 15$ for a used 8GB 1600mhz memory module has to be 1.35v can pay with venmo or paypal or money order.
  10. Miguel2013

    what kind of usb 3.1 hub can i use? they all use usb c for the connection on the back of pc!

    I read usb 3.1 has a 10gbit outputs compared to 5 for 3.0 so I wanna buy a hub for 3.1 but then I can't connect it to my desktop only my phone. What do you guys recomend?
  11. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] WTB usb 3.0 hub 4 ports

    looking to pay 10$ for a used one that you think it'll be cool to offer it as deal :cool:
  12. Miguel2013

    what's the best free and powerful undelete recovery program to recover files from drive A:

    hi I was checking my stuff and found a floppy antivirus disk from 1995 and thought I'd check its files and found there is 0. I remember back then I was using it to scan my dos, I can't remember why is empty or why I formated the disk. Can someone help me recover those files so I can run the...
  13. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] WTB Samsung 870 QVO SSD 1TB or better drive 2.5"

    need a 1TB ssd sata 2.5" drive, looking to pay only 80$ for a used drive of good quality and life and fast. can be any brand and model not only samsung. I can pay with venmo paypal money order
  14. Miguel2013

    1 TB WD BLUE 3D NAND SATA SSD M.2 2280 ¿will it fit my pc?

    Hi I found someone selling these for 50$ bucks each and I wanna get one but I don't know if this is pcie 2.0 or 3 and if 3 if it works with mine I think I have a pcie2.0 4x left from the mess. I wanna know if I can get this for super duper. aparently I have no slot left. Soon I'll be getting a...
  15. Miguel2013

    ¿Is there a software other than SparkoCam that does the same job of allowing my camera to stream over new apps but free?

    I looked at different software on the internets... ended up with 2 homepages that look nice but not what I wanted... ContaCam y cyberlink youcam9... ContaCam is nice for survelience and youcam9 adds effects to my streaming, but what I actually wanted is a program that takes my pci pinacle 100i...
  16. Miguel2013

    wanna upgrade my cpu and ram? depends on asrock 970 Pro3 motherboard limits

    really quick, I want to increase my ram to 64GB on the asrock as well, but I wanna what CPU i have to adopt to do that so I can get faster than 1333 and I don't want to overclock, although on the https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/970%20Pro3/ says OC next to those speeds like 2100mhz ¿what's the...
  17. Miguel2013

    need to upgrade my MSI z270-a-pro (MS-7a71) RAM to maxium allowed

    I was running out of space in photoshop. scratch disk is slow. I need to know maximum allowed speed and size, currently it has 16GB of DDR4 1200 dram frequency at 2400?? 2x8 they have PSD48G240081 product number. if there is faster like 3200mhz I am able to switch them too. please advice for...
  18. Miguel2013

    ¿can my pci pinacle 110i video capture card with windows 10 drivers work with discord and facebook?

    Hi i can capture from my hi8 camera using the s-video cable that produces better image quality than the rca yellow plug cable using OBS studio. howerver, when I use facebook live from my desktop or wanna use discord and stream live video I can't! Can someone tell me what driver to use for it or...
  19. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] WTB Gigabit switch 8/16 port unmanaged

    hi looking to buy a switch that shows different light color for 100mb and 1000mb (not same color for either) 8 ports or 16 ports. WOrking condition. looking to pay up to 12 bucks. venmo-paypal.
  20. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] Need 500gb ssd to copy a clon from another hdd.

    Willing to pay 35$ for it which includes delivery .)
  21. Miguel2013

    what kind of nas device and storage to get?

    I was thinking I'll buy one of the nas devices from the many vendors as long it allows me to connect usb devices to it besides sata drives. What are good options? how good is the Iomega Storcenter Ix2 NAS
  22. Miguel2013

    [WTB][US] need 2 1TB ssds for 100$ any offers?

    I need one for my laptop that's using 250GB samsumg and can't even install wow. need another one for my desktop that also is using 250gb ssd. at least need 1 drive for my laptop that will give me more mobility if it had more space. my heatware is perfect and I can pay venmo.
  23. Miguel2013

    tiny heatsinks are falling from my video card.

    can I just use any superglue to reglue it? putting them back into the memory module from whatever glue is there will hold it only for a couple days, I need a permanente fix but I don't want to clean it or use new tiny heatsinks.
  24. Miguel2013

    need advice for a photo printer 200$ to a thousand. Buy local preferably.

    I'm looking for a printer that can produce vivid realistic photo impressions from the screen to paper closely matching quality as possible. mostly designs will be cliparts svg and raster designs on paper done in gimp krita and photoshop.
  25. Miguel2013

    Zelotes wireless mouse looses connection after only 30 seconds of inactivity.

    I bought this zelotes wireless 2.4ghz mouse on ebay model is f-14 Pointer movement is disabled on the screen if I don't use the mouse for 30 seconds. Takes 1/2 second of hand to mouse movement to continue pointer movement on the screen but it doesn't require me to click only move it to keep...