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  1. metalfiber

    Apocalypse Saturday?

    While it would be a break from the monotony i'm waiting on Desdemona 666 to lose it's spot and start heading down this way. https://www.ibtimes.com/largest-planet-killer-asteroid-approach-earth-month-arriving-saturday-2921210
  2. metalfiber


    I'm at a loss of what to say on this one. An E3 special i guess. Empty, It wouldn't last long on a frustrating game. https://newschannel9.com/news/offbeat/miller-lite-created-a-beer-can-that-doubles-as-a-video-game-controller-the-cantroller
  3. metalfiber

    Which Slot is Best for PCIe Gen 3 x4?

    Which Slot should i use or does it matter? I'm looking at the M2M_32G (top) or the M2P_32G (bottom). The top slot has a real good heatsink on it and i don't believe it will fit the bottom. I've only got 3 regular SSDs so the sata 3 4 and 3 5 on the top slot are unoccupied...
  4. metalfiber

    Power Supply fan clicking

    I have a Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750 watt PSU. The fan is clicking and it does't sound like bearing noise. It sounds more like a fan blade is hitting something. I'm going to try to see what it is from the outside at first. If i can't see anything, then I'll take it apart. If i still can't see...
  5. metalfiber

    New install Windows 10 (issue solved)

    Building new new PC. I've got a Windows 10 disk but no DVD drive in the new build. Can i just copy the files from the Windows 10 disk to a clean flash drive and then boot from usb? If i have to go though a lot hoopla i'll just hook up a temp drive to the mobo from the outside.