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  1. mastrdrver

    AMD 5600X Cinebench results on LTT forum, 4.70 Ghz all core.....

    https://linustechtips.com/topic/62476-post-your-cinebench-r2015r1152003-scores-read-the-op-plz/page/731/?tab=comments#comment-14172795 Air cooled: 4.70Ghz all core CB20 Single: 609 CB20 Multi: 4746
  2. mastrdrver

    Probably the best video out there about how CPUs are made (Silicon Run)

    The video starts at 2:56: The video was made by HP and Intel and is a little dated (from the 90s), but it's still relevant. It also shows how the notion of "adding on 2 cores" is nonsensical, what can go wrong in making integrated circuits, how the circuits are built, what a metal layer is...
  3. mastrdrver

    Power backup for DSL modem?

    Is it possible to do this with like a small UPS unit? I've never had one before and wanted to make sure before I did get one. Also if any one had any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not really interested in a UPS big enough for my desktop, it would just be nice to be able to use the...
  4. mastrdrver

    [US] Smoking Hot: XFX R9 290 DD $335 AR and instant discount. PowerColor too!

    Saw this the other day so I'm not sure how much longer the XFX deal is good for: Newegg link PowerColor deals that are good through Monday 5/26: They also have a PowerColor with the reference cooler on it for ~$300 after a rebate and 8% instant discount. For about $100 more, the PowerColor...
  5. mastrdrver

    PCGamingWiki, sources of possible fixes for games

    Ran across this on accident just now. Didn't know how many others knew about this so I thought I'd throw this out there just in case. PCGamingWiki link
  6. mastrdrver

    In game ping is high since dsl got reconnected

    For what ever reason, my dsl connection at the box got unplugged a few weeks ago. Initially after they reconnected it, i has terrible download speeds. Guy came back out and said he cleaned off the connection and retested the line and it showed him that I should be getting what I'm suppose to...
  7. mastrdrver

    Are 5870s still worth $150 or more???

    I was just looking on ebay as I was thinking about selling my 5870s to upgrade. I was surprised to see XFX 5870s going for $150 plus. One with an Zalman VF3000 went for $200 (I mention this because I have two of these coolers but don't use them because I need the PCIe slots). Is this correct...
  8. mastrdrver

    TD: 3 monitor stand up to 24" $100, bolt on up to 27" $100

    I bought this stand recently to hold three 22" Hanns-g I got. Very sturdy as the base is between 5 and 10 lbs. The thing does not move and holds the screens tight in place. The cheapest other three monitor stands I could find started at $100 more then this. The stand can also be bolted down but...
  9. mastrdrver

    Youtube video audio off

    Anyone know why the audio is off in my youtube video I uploaded? When I watch the video from the file on my computer there's not problem, but when I uploaded it to youtube the audio is a little late now. :confused: Thanks in advance.
  10. mastrdrver

    Getting errors on memtest86 on test 6, X58. Need help

    I'm certain the memory is not bad as they test by themselves ok. It's just when I have all 6 of them in there I keep getting errors when I run memtest86 on test 6. All other tests pass without problems. When I only use 3 dimms, they can run up to 2133 no problems. It's just when I try to run all...
  11. mastrdrver

    Win 8 desktop becomes unresponsive but system does not lock

    I just installed Win 8 and I'm having this weird problem. First off nothing is overclocked so I know it's not anything with that. I seems to act like the que depth for hard drive requests gets too high and it suddenly gets hung up trying to do something. I've had this happen twice to me. In...
  12. mastrdrver

    Newegg: 120HZ 23.6" Acer monitor, $200 after promo

    Like the label says.
  13. mastrdrver

    Crucial M4 256GB $160, 512GB $330 AR

    At Microcenter and can be ordered from online and shipped. 512GB: link 256GB: link
  14. mastrdrver

    [WTB][US] WTB 1156 matx board

    Just as the label says.
  15. mastrdrver

    No rebates: Crucial M4 256GB $160, 512GB $350

    At Newegg: 256GB: link 512GB: link At Amazon: 256GB & 512GB: link
  16. mastrdrver

    BF3 Premium Edition $45.44 on Amazon

    Was just looking around and ran across this. Pretty good deal since normal is $60. link
  17. mastrdrver

    If you have a Microcenter around: Xigmatek Elysium $140 AR

    My MC in KC only has the windowed version so I'm not sure if this applies to the non-windowed version. link Just looked and you can get this deal too if you have to have it shipped to you.
  18. mastrdrver

    eVga X58 SLI LE Windows 7 boot problems, desperate for help!

    Been having problems with this board and I need some help as to why it is doing it. Problem: Anytime my friend's GTS 250 is in the top PCIe slot, Windows 7 will freeze at boot. I had no problem installing Vista on the system with the GPU in the top slot. Once I install W7, it will go...
  19. mastrdrver

    Tom's reviews desktop Trinity

    link Looks like Piledriver made some nice improvements on IPC compared to Bulldozer. Seems to have finally caught up to Llano fwiw. :rockout:
  20. mastrdrver

    Free Blu-ray player software

    If you're just wanting a program that will play your blu-rays on your PC or MAC, but hate the price that comes with players, then Giveaway of the Day has the program you're looking for. I just installed it and used it you play the third Transformers movie. It did it all without a problem...
  21. mastrdrver

    Newegg: $200 AR 256GB OCZ Petrol

    Can't really find any info on if this ssd is good/bad/neutral or what. For the price though its hard to beat. The Crucial M4 is another $50. I just got a thing from Newegg for 15% off of OCZ ssd drives which would make this even better and in which I would probably pick up a couple to RAID.
  22. mastrdrver

    Converting HP OS partition into an ISO?

    Is this possible and how do I do it? I've got a coworker and the hard drive laptop is take a dump. I've tried imaging it several times, but it never seems to transfer over the boot partition. I was thinking I had read once that it was possible to make an ISO out of the "destructive...
  23. mastrdrver

    Verbatim SSD???

    Anyone know what controller it uses and what the performance of it is? Newegg has the 256GB model priced at $1/GB, so I'm really interested. link
  24. mastrdrver

    Recommendations for an Eyefinity setup

    Newegg link Since my 28" took a crap on me I've been thinking over about getting 3x monitors so I can do an Eyefinity setup. I'm not sure about the quality of any of those monitors in that list so I need some help. Looking to keep it below $150 per monitor if possible. The question I have...
  25. mastrdrver

    External enclosure

    Need some suggestions on an external enclosure. Getting it for my dad, so I need something reliable that is not going to break or have some part of it stop working after a while. Been looking at this Thermaltake unit. Would like to keep it no more then ~$40. Would go with some of the Rosewill...