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  1. funboy6942

    Sold Locally

    All in Title GOES! Asrock Updated Bios to working one for AMD Athlon 3000G. NO WIFI Antennas included. And YES it has a m.2 slot under it ;) Ryzen 1600 (non x or AF) AMD Athlon 3000G ALSO Included! Including a heatsink for it! OMG :O Evga GTZ 770 with new paste 2GB Edition with a 256bus :)...
  2. funboy6942

    [WTB] Need a ps4 dirt cheap.

    Don't have much money, and just want it and a controller so my kids and I can play on the PS now. Need a ps4,, just as long as I have a unit, and a controller. I can prolly get all the rest of the cords if needed. LMK what you got, money is burning a hole in my pocket.
  3. funboy6942

    Cognex Vpro-Plus-U USB STICK

    P/N PCV02370 H S/N 1E194309497 Made in Ireland Security Key As IS, PLEASE make sure that this version works with what ever version of the software you plan on using, or are using. If you require a photo of it I have not provided, please message me with what you need, and I will be more the happy...
  4. funboy6942

    [WTB] Found :D

    My ps2 has taken a dump, its doing nothing but scratching rings into my discs for some reason. So I am looking to replace it with a chipped unit this time to mess with so that if it does it again, Im not ruining my original discs that I have kept all these years in mint condition, just to have...
  5. funboy6942

    Xbox 360 Game Console Bundle. PS2 Games. Wii Game Console Bundle. Logitech's 1st Digital Camera (NEW/Sealed)

    SOLD and took offer made on it at Anandtech forums. My X3 is only a few months old, bought direct from Creative. Works just fine, just some poo hit the wall for me this month and letting go of some stuff not tied to the floor. This is a retail unit, but does not come with cables other then the...
  6. funboy6942

    Antstream Arcade (Vintage Gaming), anyone else try it, or have it and like it?

    I decided to give it a go with the free trial, and I have to say, for me I was unimpressed. Dont like the layout for the game menu, and you have to "trick" it to get it to show all the games in the section, for it will not show the whole list of games, unless I click on one, and then the banner...
  7. funboy6942

    Anyone remember M.U.G.E.N?

    I totally forgot all about this program/game till this morning looking into abandoned games to DL for my XP rig that I already didnt own on disc, and in my hunt I came across this, and used to play it waaaaaaaaay back in the day. If you want to have a go with it I have included some files on my...
  8. funboy6942

    [WTB] Close thread, do not need anymore :D

    I was hoping to be using a 6 core amd for my xp rig but wasnt in the cards :( So after looking up my intel mobo Im using, and not wanting to redo this system again for a long time, trying to do a AMD set up, this is the fastest and best CPU it will support, so I am hoping someone has one...
  9. funboy6942

    [WTB] found on ars, please lock

    I and my son built a XP rig out of some parts I got. I had a ATi 9500 in it, then put in a GT 920, but both cards didnt do as well as I liked, so I found a GTX 560 TI on ebay for $40 shipped, and with it installed is no better the the GT 920 when tested out, some games I have are still slow :(...
  10. funboy6942

    I need some help, if there is anything like what I need, point me in right direction PLZ

    I have several receivers, but my main one hooked to my pc right now is a Onkyo RZ810. I absolutely hate the fact that pretty much all receivers amde with 4K in them, all manufactures have ditched the 5.1/7.1 analog in, opting for just outs. This does me no good at all when I want to pc game with...
  11. funboy6942

    GTA V Free till the 21st on the Epic Store

    ENJOY! you can click on enjoy
  12. funboy6942

    Redone command center and 177 inches of pure bliss :)

    Son and I, mostly my son moved my stuff around and got things they way I been wanting for years, and all I can really say is that I'm one supper happy mofo right now
  13. funboy6942

    Copper anti seize grease as thermal paste?

    I bought a quarter pound of the stuff for a tune up for 8 bucks. While my friend was putting it on my plugs, it got me thinking, thermal paste applications. So I tried it, and why not? Copper dust in a lubricating grease that's good all the way up to 982c, so copper for thermal, great to keep it...
  14. funboy6942

    Why would my junction temp be showing up in the AMD software at 900+c?

    I just got a Amd RX 5700 XT and its having problems playing a game, and my screen saver is all messed up as well as it will not play scarygirl game I just bought. I have tried several different drivers such as 19.9.2, 19.9.3, 20.1.3, and 20.2.2 all with the same results. My gpu temp shows up at...
  15. funboy6942

    Miss playing FEAR? Well now you can again! If you wanted to that is on your updated hardware that is :)

    Go into device manager and disable, not remove or uninstall, under human interface devices disable all the HID stuff you see, and BAM, you can now run FEAR in 4K glory :)
  16. funboy6942

    Denon AVR-S530BT 140W HDR Bluetooth Home Theater receiver $160 Shipped

    In great shape, minor scraches here and there but nothing major. Was used as my PC gaming receiver for my set up and TCL 4K tv I was using as a pc monitor, but I got my hands on some older units for my son and I and no longer need this one. Only downside, and why Im selling so cheap, is it...
  17. funboy6942

    I scored at goodwill today!

    I was able to get my hands on the original Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble satellites today for $5. Hooked them up with my vintage jvc set and brought out some new life into this set. The soundstage is outstanding! They were produce between the late 80's early 90's and weigh a ton for such a...
  18. funboy6942

    [WTB] found

    Im looking to buy one at a right price right away. LMK what you have and how much ur asking. TIA! FYI, Im sorry but Im not looking for the blower type due to them getting really hot and a PITA if you want to change out the pad on them for thermal paste ;) Sorry :(
  19. funboy6942

    Asus Realtek Drivers from 2018 Prepatched for DDL and DTS support through Spdif

    I hope this link works for you! If you have a Asus mobo then I guess you can install using the Asus setup, if not Ive installed it on mine and my sons motherboards by Gigabyte using the 1220 and 1220-VB chips. Make sure to select the install anyway in red when it comes up. Im also uploading...
  20. funboy6942

    AMD A4-3300 APU with AMD Radeon 6410 HD Graphics 2.5GHz Socket FM1 65W Dual-Core Processor $12.99 Shipped (prime) new OEM

    ENJOY!! Looking to build a retro or emulator rig, need something on the cheap? Or have a mobo laying around, like me, wanting to put together a XP rig for old classic gaming, I happen to have like 3 motherboards, and a ton of ram just laying around, with a few pcie old graphics cards, but I...
  21. funboy6942

    Runes game bundle. A bunch of GREAT time wasting games, for $2.49 10 of them in fact :D :O

    ENJOY!! IMO some of the best time wasting little games if you like puzzles, and games like breakout with a twist, and color matching stuff. I happen to, but owned only one of the ten they had in this bundle,so Im making this for all of you that may like this kind of crap like me. Now Im off to...
  22. funboy6942

    [FT][US] Sold on EBay

    Zotac GTX 1070 Mini 8gb, near mint, GPU lapped with new Arctic Silver ceramic polysynthetic compound. ONLY bad is one stand off on the cooler broke to hold the fans to the cooler itself, and 3 out of 4 ain't bad doesn't effect it one bit and no vibration noise at all from it either. Cools just...
  23. funboy6942

    Closed, made different listing

    I have a Asus Dual RX580-O4G 4GB and a XFX GTS XXX 4GB OC+ both in pretty much near mint condition. Gamed with only, never mined or overclocked. Cards only and $96 (each) shipped in the con us.
  24. funboy6942

    Here is one for you to figure out and go hmmmm, tape deck to computer or Denon does...

    OK here is some back story. I have a Proton AD-300 which when I had my old B370 board with the Realtek 1220 chip had it plugged into the line in jack of the computer and was able to listen to my deck that way through my computer and was happy. Fast forward to now I have a Gigabyte X470 mobo and...
  25. funboy6942

    5.1 surround sound music, NOT on youtube...

    I will add more, or you can to, please link to free true 5.1 or 7.1 music, or effects, lets have some fun :D Im currently listening to it with my Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 with true 7.1 speakers in them, not software enhanced, and it sounds fantabulus :O So far I got this one enjoying 5.1 music I...