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  1. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    I'm a flawed individual, no sht. Now it's gave me a complex and i have a fear of phobias. What the hell is a fear of phobias called anyhow?...mo-pho?:rolleyes:
  2. metalfiber

    Life is Strange: True Colors Coming in September 2021

    Just did Life Is Strange 2 and that one depressed the hell out of me...hopefully this one is a little more like the first one.
  3. metalfiber

    Maps, science data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    Video games treat Covid brain fog...hell, i've used video games to treat my brain for 42 years or more. :) https://newschannel9.com/news/local/can-specialized-video-games-be-a-prescription-for-covid-brain-fog
  4. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    Games are a brain vacation to me...vacation as in my brain always needs to take a sht. :)
  5. metalfiber

    E3 2021 Announced As An Online Only Event

    Went to the 1997 E3 in Atlanta. It was epic but the best thing about it 3hrs in was finding the free booze guy. :)
  6. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    Biomutant is on my wishlist but not this version...
  7. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    Replaying The Outer Worlds since both the DLCs are out now. I'll try to play it differently this time....... https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/what-are-you-playing.204644/page-347#post-4145680
  8. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    Finished Life is Strange 2. I believe i got one of the good endings. So good in fact i feel like dancing...on the end of a rope. :(
  9. metalfiber

    guys plz Help me My GPU Frozen in 100% Fan all time when pc turn on and icant do anything anyone here speak arabic cuz i dont speak eng Help

    Maybe you've got an app like Afterburner that has manual fan control on at 100%
  10. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    Dad could roll the score over and over on Space Invaders...i never was that good at it.
  11. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    I thought i'd give Life is Strange 2 a whirl. It helps if you've got save files from the first Life is Strange. They went heavier in the story on this one...live in someone else's shoes type story. It's needed more and more this day and age.
  12. metalfiber

    Intel Core i9-11900K

    With such mixed gaming results in the reviews around the web it has to be firmware.
  13. metalfiber

    OFFICIAL Cyberpunk 2077 Game Discussion

    I using GOG but i may have missed a update or something. :confused:
  14. metalfiber

    OFFICIAL Cyberpunk 2077 Game Discussion

    58GB update commencing. :eek:
  15. metalfiber

    Hardware Elitism - a tech scourge that needs to die.

    I was left behind way back when the graphics slot was AGP 8x and it switched to PCI express. I could not afford a new mobo, cpu, memory and graphics card at the same time so it was Xbox to the rescue. So, I sure ain't going to make fun out of someone with less and help them to get the most of...
  16. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    It was made by the same crew that did Odyssey and the basics play the same...which is not a bad thing in my book.
  17. metalfiber

    What are you playing?

    Finished my first Yakuza game Like A Dragon. I did rather like it. The game reminded me of some of the old JRPGs just as Final Fantasy did...that's good and bad but mostly good. Now back to Immortals Fenyx Rising and the DLC Myths of the Eastern Realm. I still think that Immortals Fenyx Rising...
  18. metalfiber

    RTX 3070 Usage Under 1% When Gaming

    Did buy the 3070 from a legit store? Check the specs and everything with TPU's GPU-z.... https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/
  19. metalfiber

    1968?! date on 300 chipset version

    That's like the one i get with a Windows updating an intel driver.....:kookoo:
  20. metalfiber

    Container Ship Meets with an Accident, Clogging the Suez Canal

    When my Suez Canal gets clogged i'll take an Ex-lax.
  21. metalfiber

    Samsung Develops Industry's First HKMG-Based DDR5 Memory; Ideal for Bandwidth-Intensive Advanced Computing Applications

    7,200Mbps 512GB DDR5 at CL 99 :rolleyes: We'll have to wait a year for the CL to level out.
  22. metalfiber

    Why i'm boycotting corsair (iCue 4.x)

    Going back in black for my next system anyhow with just a subtle highlight here and there...can't totally get away from RGB if you wanted to.
  23. metalfiber

    XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme DDR4-5000 MHz CL19 2x8 GB

    It's a bit more for 2x16...but the fan on this one does cost 400 bucks. :rolleyes:
  24. metalfiber

    How much over MSRP are you willing to spend on your graphics card?

    I stood inline virtually of course to get my GPU at MSRP from EVGA. EVGA does it the right way and i wish others would do this too...
  25. metalfiber

    Solar System

    Give that person a cookie not a cigar. http://spaceref.com/interstellar/interstellar-object-oumuamua-is-likely-a-piece-of-a-pluto-like-planet.html