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    Mixed resolution/refresh rate eyefinity/nv surround questions

    I've been looking for newer information on each for mixed resolution, I have some experience with eyefinity being very flexible but finding it hard to find information on nv surround about this. My setup is moving from 3x 1080p to 1080/4k/1080 and one above 1080 my ask is, anyone on here have a...
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    Kyle leaving hardocp! going to intel

    read more at https://www.hardocp.com/article/2019/03/19/goodbye_hardocp_hello_intel/ losing a great un bias review for hardware website is a big loss to everyone that loves hardware. Techpowerup and hardocp have always been the places i go to check reviews on what i want to buy since forever...
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    P8Z77-V Pro wifigo card interchangeable?

    ive been looking around to see a picture of the wifi go card they have included with most of their mobile z77 boards, but cant seem to find out if its interchangeable. Not the whole thing, wondering if the pcb is fixed or it has a mini pci adapter under there and can be changed to newer ones...
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    data storage System build cheap raid controller?

    Planning on building a media storage server but im having trouble coming up with solutions, ive done some research into raid controllers and while i continue doing so i thought perhaps some experts on here could help me out. the case is a norco 4224 and im going to use 24 x 2tb wd green hard...
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    need help picking mobo for 2 toxic cards

    i got to buy another motherboard but unlike the asus p6t that i have which has the pci-e slots sort of close to each other. my big problem is i got 2 toxic 5870 cards and they cant breath due to the fans being front and center or the cards. so i need another space or imagin a 3 slot card before...
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    WSGF eyefinity 6 review multi monitor resolutions.

    great review on wide screen gaming forums, i was looking for information on 5040x1050 so i could make a decision on a card or cards to buy cause even though many reviews only show single resolutions 3 monitor resolutions could be better on ati cards or nvidia cards. now i just got to find a...
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    480gtx multi monitor resolution reviews?

    anyone know if there are any up? i just keep seeing high resolution reviews but on one monitor... thanks w1zzard for clearing that up for me, hopefully sooner then later. i want to buy cards but i don't want to wait forever and ati already has good drivers for their eyefinity.
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    3 monitor span?

    i have 3 monitors and trying to set them up to play games on. The problem is that i can get 2 monitors to span because they are on the same video card... the other just wont do it. if anyone has any ideas as to how to set this up or software that could help set this up, that would be great :)...
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    X1950XTX limited speeds...

    I recently got a x1950xtx and plugged it in to find out that the speeds are limited and should be higher, 508mhz core and 600mhz ram... should be running at 600/1000 could some people help me out with this problem, sort of new to this not working.. thanks :) P.S. ran it in 3dmarks 2001 and got a...