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    hp 14-cf1015c

    Greetings, everyone! I hope you are all doing well and remaining safe and healthy during these troubling times. A friend of mine brought over his HP laptop that had a critical error with Windows 10. System Restore was unable to fix the issue (couldn't initiate). I attempted to reinstall...
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    Buffalo NAS Boot ISO

    A friend purchased a NAS from Marketplace on Facebook for a pretty decent price. I can't recall why the owner sold it so cheap. Anyways, when my friend got the NAS home, he wrote zeros to all 4 hard drives. He did so without getting the boot firmware. We both scoured the Internet looking for the...
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    PS4 Storage

    I'm not sure if this is the correct thread. But, I do have a question about game storage. Currently, I have the default 500 GB HDD. I was thinking about buying a 1-2 TB external to install my games on. My question is can both storage be used? Right now, I have about 4-5 games installed on the...
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    Flash Drive with two partitions

    Greetings and salutations members! Several years ago, I made a live Linux USB. If I'm not mistaken, the distro was either Antergos or Apricity OS. Not every USB creator could make the flash drive bootable. So, I had to use one that I no longer remember the name. It created two partitions on the...
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    SSD tools

    I'm looking for a dependable program that I can use to see how much life my SSD has. Intel has a feature-rich tool that has piqued my interest. Does it only function on Intel SSD? I have an off-brand model, I just want to see how much time before failure.
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    DIYPC GamerMax-W

    Do PC cases that have USB ports require drivers? I plugged in several devices and none of them work. I have the cable plugged into the motherboard USB 3.0 header. I made a similar post earlier, but it was in the wrong section. The motherboard USB is working properly.
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    DIYPC GamerMax-W

    Can't delete, moved to new section
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    Wipe free space

    Just out of curiosity, I wanted to wipe free space on my hard drive. I decided to use CCleaner since it was already installed onto my PC. During the progress, I noticed the amount of free space was shrinking. 344 GB had went down to 160 GB, so I panicked and stopped the process! I am assuming...
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    Location history json

    I'm not really sure where to post this, but since it might require a specific set of software; I thought this will be the right spot. After the Facebook debacle, I wanted to see what Google had stored on me. I downloaded everything and extracted it. My location history, to my surprise, is in...
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    Winfile file manager

    I saw a post on Arstechnica about reliving 1990 with Winfile. The source code is hosted on github which I downloaded. I don't know what I am supposed to use to compile it. In the article it said it has been changed to be used with Visual Studio 2017. Programs like that up a lot of space. Is it...
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    Nod32 possible false positive?

    After installing Nod32, it started an initial scan. So far, it has found seven infections. Some of which I am not so sure about. 2 of the 7 infections are Kingsoft WPS office suit and OBS (Open Broadcast Software). I'm wondering if they are false positive or do they really contain some...
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    Windows install for another computer

    A friend of mine has a Lenovo C365 all-in-one. The company she got it from setup a BIOS password and its making it impossible to boot from USB flash drive. Her system is pretty much hosed with a lot of viruses. It originally came with Windows 8, but has been upgraded to 10. I was wondering if I...
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    Samsung Galaxy 4 Note black screen

    A friend of mine wants me to back up her phone. The problem is the screen does not come on. I did some Googling and came across a program called FonePaw. The suite has an option called Broken Android Data Extraction. I looked through the step-by-step instructions. Basically, you put the phone...
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    Windows 7 32 bit clean install

    How much hard drive space does Windows 7 use ? I thought it was around 15-20 GB (perhaps that's for 64-bit.) After installing Windows, I noticed only 6.77 GB had been used. To me, that seems incredibly low. Could the amount of RAM affect it? The laptop has only 1 GB. The reason why I checked...
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    Android APK's

    I was wondering is it possible to extract installed apk's from an Android phone? People from my Facebook lottery group are disappointed with the recent update to our state's lottery app. I have the old version on my phone, so I wanted to extract so they install the old version.
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    Windows 7 when to install SP1

    After installing Windows 7, is it better to install SP1 first then check for updates or vice versa? I've always check for updates, install, reboot, check again and again until all the updates have been installed. After that, that's when I install service pack . Sounds pretty time consuming.
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    Blu Ray drive

    I'm currently thinking about getting a Blu Ray drive so I can watch movies on my PC. I cant decide on whether or not if I should get an internal or external drive. My only concerns is will an external USB drive have an issues playing back movies? Like will there be any stuttering. Also, will my...
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    Portable HDD

    A friend of the family had a portable HDD that would not show up when connected to a PC. So, I removed the hard drive out of the enclosure. When I plugged it up, I didn't hear anything. I knew that the R/W head was stuck. I very carefully took off the top cover and moved the R/W head off the...
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    Laptop SSD

    I got my first SSD about a week ago. I just now decided to put it in. After removing the old standard hard drive, I didn't feel like removing it from the bracket. I have my SSD installed without it. Its in, but its slanted. Can that damage the drive later down the road because its not sitting...
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    YUMI and Tails 3.0

    So, I am using YUMI to add another OS to my flash drive. Realizing the disk space was low, I decided to remove two older versions of Tails (1.5 and 2.0). After adding 3.0, it would not start the OS. I am able to get the the menu, but when I press enter to start the OS I get an error: "vmlinux...
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    Flash drive with CD portion

    How can a USB flash drive have a CD partition on it? Also, can it be removed? It's not actually a CD but flash memory, so it should be removable or can it be re-partitioned, right? E:\ is a part of F:\ which is the flash drive.
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    Mi Box

    A couple days ago, I purchased a Mi Box to replace my Fire TV Stick. The main reason for getting the new device is because it has USB support. It's Google based, so I can install programs via APK with ES file Explorer. When I first got the box, I used the ES to install Kodi 16. The following...
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    Video joiner and dvd creator

    A friend of mine recorded a lecture and he ended up with ten separate videos. What's a good piece of software that can join them all together? And after they have been joined, what's a good software to make the video playable on a DVD player? In the past, I used Easy MPEG/AVI/DIVX/WMV/RM to DVD...
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    Virtual Memory

    This question has been answered before—but I can never really get a definitive answer. So here goes.... Currently, I have 12 GB of RAM in my machine. Windows, on its own, has made the page file the same size. From what I've read, people suggest the page file be either 1.5x-2x the amount of ram...
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    Windows Startup password

    Is it possible to remove a startup password without being able to log into the system? A friend's laptop just prompt her today for a password that she never enabled. Now, she does have a standard user account password, but that doesn't work for the startup password. She had the computer for...