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  1. pcminirace

    Da Module Thingy + Leetfoot

    I reaffirm myself, it is spectacular.
  2. pcminirace

    GPU Market Size Will Reach USD 200.85 Billion By 2027 at a CAGR of 33.6%: Valuates Reports

    When governments backed their currency with gold, the currencies had a gold standard. Then they hit the banknote printing machine and everything changed. Now the miners get their foreign exchange with megawatt hours that should not be cheap or ecological. But they can't hit the banknote printing...
  3. pcminirace

    New Day Ryzen

    It is a clean construction but I cannot rate it as there is no mod.
  4. pcminirace

    New Day Ryzen

    A good assembly and ... what is the mod? I guess the case is good enough to play. Good assembly.
  5. pcminirace

    Ice Blue

    I think I remember that I prepared the case so that the mesh would fit 140mm fans. I made the hole for the mesh 140x280 and the mesh hardly entered through the interior of the case. In addition, when putting 120 mm fans there is a lot of free space. If you are not going to install 140mm fans, I...
  6. pcminirace

    Ice Blue

    Debes proteger todo el interior de la caja de las chispas del corte y limpiar bien el polvo de hierro a continuación. No recomiendo la sierra de calar porque si se atrapa tienes que tirar la caja a la basura. Los modelos H400 y H200 / H210 funcionan mejor ya que el frente se puede quitar de la...
  7. pcminirace

    Ice Blue

    I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't draw plans for the mod. Although I uploaded it this year, the manufacture is from 2019. Take a tape measure, remove the glass from the case, measure up to where the screws of the upper 120 mm fan start. Transfer the measurement to the outside and mark. Add...
  8. pcminirace

    Da Module Thingy + Leetfoot

    Nobel prize guy take my 10.
  9. pcminirace

    Yaiba Kusanagi

    To you for do it.
  10. pcminirace

    AZZA Introduces CAST Mid-Tower ATX PC Case with Removable Outer Shell and Independent Frame

    They no longer know what to invent to differentiate themselves from the rest.
  11. pcminirace

    Yaiba Kusanagi

    I like closed cases better, because of the dust. But I have to admit that the case is the most picturesque so here goes my 9. What a lot of work.
  12. pcminirace


    Thanks again
  13. pcminirace


    The case looks good. The legs are very original. Could you show a picture of the cables going to the motherboard and gpu? Thank you.
  14. pcminirace

    Thermaltake The Tower 100

    If you ever have to connect a cable it must be fun to hit the mark. I would love to see a mod where on the side of the ssd they put a 240 mm radiator, another 120 on top and a custom loop. Beautiful case.
  15. pcminirace

    Metro Exodus Thermaltake Level20 build

    I like clean mods better, but there is my 9. What a job.
  16. pcminirace

    Lian Li Case

    Nice case. More photos please
  17. pcminirace

    See Through Wooden Case

    It is a beautiful case. Clean and tidy does not hide anything. Good ventilation and good taste. Congratulations.
  18. pcminirace

    Carbon EK X Edition

    The execution of the case is impeccable. The concept of a box open on the side but almost closed on the front with a radiator, is not so much. Why do you have to rest the case on the front to open it? It's very original.
  19. pcminirace

    Razercon 2020: Tomahawk Cases, Blade Stealth with Tiger Lake, and AM4 Motherboards

    From what I have been able to see in the photos on the Razer site, in the ITX case the power supply is placed in a position where it takes the air from inside, to expel it inside. And in the middle of everything. They could have done frankly better. The only thing that I see bad in the NZXT...
  20. pcminirace

    My Nano case.......with update

    I can't vote on it until you finish it.
  21. pcminirace

    Red Wars

    It is a clean construction, but I cannot vote for it. I do not see any modification of case.
  22. pcminirace

    Computer Desk

    It´s great. Thanks
  23. pcminirace

    4D-PC Two-011 "The Master"

    Thanks it´s great.