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    Radeon x600 pci (not pci express)

    So I have a computer build and I tried a x1300 but was unable to get it working for driver reasons, so I thought, since X000 series doesn’t seem to have that issue I’ll try a x600 on a pci to pcie adapter. It uses the same bridge chip as the x1300 but when I install it I get no post display I’m...
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    where are the legacy catalyst drivers?

    I was looking through the ati download section and none of the old catalyst drivers are there? were they deleted? am I looking in the wrong place? I'm looking for catalyst 6.5 for windows ME/98SE It's for a x1300 and I plan to use it on Windows ME and Windows 7
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    nvflash help

    I'm having trouble with a 6200 pci some 15 years ago I overclocked it in the bios and I'm trying to put it back cause with age the clocks are no longer stable it's on a k6 computer whenever I try to run nv flash or open gpuz it crashes and resets the computer I can install it on another...
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    Unlock gt610 shaders?

    I read that the geforce 610 has 48 enabled cores but a total on chip of 96. can I enable those? Or improve anything on this card with bios mods other than clocks? btw, detail. This card I have(soon) is actually a pci card, not pci express from zotac. Not sure if it matters. Probably native...
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    reflash possibilities? rtx 2070

    hey what's up. I have a laptop with this gpu and was wondering if anyone has been able to modify the bios that is in it or flash it to a higher model i used to flash and modify bioses all the time about 15 years ago but am totally out of the game now lol so I'm kind of back to hold my hand...