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    Ryzen 3000 motherboards for Biostar

    Besides MSI and Asus, looks like Biostar also has a list leaked. B350ET2 B350GT3 B350GT5 B350GTN B450GT3 X370GT3 X370GT5 X370GT7 X370GTN X470GT8 X470GTN A320MD PRO A320MH PRO TA320-BTC TB350-BTC A320MY-Q7 A320MH B45M2 B450MHC B450MH Hi-Fi B350S1
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    Looks good regardless of how it performs

    Someone did a mod for their mining rig. Not sure how well it mines, but it looks interesting for sure. https://www.pcmag.com/feature/361688/the-wildest-pc-case-mods-of-computex-2018/11
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    Lengthening power cables

    Been thinking about starting a case mod, anyone know if gettting longer cables for power supply is safe?
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    GPU prices going down?

    I understand that mining created a shortage in GPUs, but that's only in the after market right? GPUs sold on Newegg, Amazon, etc. should still be based on MSRP no? https://wccftech.com/nvidia-amd-gpu-prices-down-25-in-march-beginning-to-normalize/
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    New e-atx Motherboard!

    I guess this is for mining right? 8 native pcie slots on Intel b250 chipset.
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    GPU too heavy?

    Got a Zotac 1080 which is huge and seems to be getting a bit heavy for my board. Will this damage my board?
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    Air cooling vs. liquid cooling

    Hope I can get some advice here. I have been curious on how to decide to go with air cooling or liquid cooling. The factors to consider would mainly be performance, noise and price?
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    X470 launching soon!

    Someone was bored enough to go through the config file of his motherboard and found Biostar X470GT8! This is based on the Raven Ridge architecture! This confirms that Ryzen 2 CPUs are around the corner right!?! https://segmentnext.com/2018/01/29/biostar-x470-gt8-amd-am4-motherboard/
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    Ryzen 2000 series

    Anyone know if its worth waiting for the new Ryzen cpus?
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    1060 suggestion

    So many brands offer 1060, not sure which to get for gaming and some photoshop. Suggestions?
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    8, 12, 19 GPU Motherboards

    Asus, Asrock, BIOSTAR, etc., which is best for mining? And 8 or GPUs, how hot does it get?