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  1. snuif09

    Minecraft Nvidia Problems

    So I have this new laptop for like 2 months now and felt like playing minecraft again. And well what a damn trouble that is, low FPS because it won't run on the Nvidia card. I have spent a lot of time on google how to fix this problem, first off the usual javaw.exe and minecraft.exe priority...
  2. snuif09

    Need help installing Windows 8

    So I just got a new laptop awesome specs and all but I had it delivered without OS because I never had trouble in my life installing one. But now I get this problem, When I try to install it. "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup...
  3. snuif09

    I need some advice for my system!

    I don't want advice on what components to buy or whatever since I already have top of the line stuff. CPU: Pentium II @ 266MHz GPU:Hercules Stingray 128/3D Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster 16 ISA (CT1750) some 128mb SD-ram and random NIC etc. Thing is I want to run Windows 98SE on...
  4. snuif09

    What to do? Crossfire or new GPU

    it has been a while since i posted here mostly because i am more busy with making music and playing with my band etc but i need more GPU peen i have a powercolor HD4850 atm and msi k9a2 platininum mobo so should i just but another 4850(does it have to be the same brand btw?) or sell the 4850...
  5. snuif09

    The Fallout 3 Mod Thread

    Well seeing most of us have fallout i tought we could use a mod thread:) max lvl 100 now you can set skills to 255(great with the max lvl 100) high res weapon textures If you find some more cool mods please post them here.
  6. snuif09

    How can i get the core of my 4850 higher then 700mhz in ATI Overdrive

    i want to know how i can get the core higher then 700mhz cause i want to go higher but catalyst doesnt allow me :( i preffer software wise cause i dont know how to flash the bios but if that can be explained it would be great.
  7. snuif09

    Battlefield 2 on vista wont install

    I put the dvd in the dvd drive and all i hear is "click click click" then i go to computer and rightclick the drive then the pc freezes i open my dvd drive again pc works again then i put halo in and it works o.O bought bf2 yesterday the dvd looks clean no scratches but it just wont work.
  8. snuif09

    Need a good looking game for 15<euros

    I need a good looking game for my pc cause i have a hd4850 but the only games i have for the pc are halo 2,shadow run and eve online so i need something to push my card, 30 euros are also ok but i also want to keep some back for my guitar :P
  9. snuif09

    im not getting sound on youtube

    i have a problem im not getting sound on youtube im using ubuntu 8.04 32bit i have flash player installed but im not getting any sound. can someone help me?
  10. snuif09

    I think i have fried my x1950pro

    I have a sapphire x1950pro hooked up on this psu for a while http://www.hkc-europe.com/spjj.asp?id=219&jb=006002 now i have heard on the sapphire forums that the minimal you need is a 450watt with 30 amps. i am always getting a black screen when i am gaming for like 5sec. with eve online(wich i...
  11. snuif09

    The Guitar clubhouse

    This is the guitar clubhouse for all of us acoustic or electric guitar players. i play electric guitar for 1.5 year my main style is thrash metal and this is my axe Members: snuif09: BC Rich KKV, squier obey stratocaster HSS itsover65: ESP/LTD F-50 From Nowhere: Ibanez GRX mlee49: BC, Peavy...
  12. snuif09

    hot cpu temps,need help choosing cooler

    My x2 +5200 gets 51c idle and when im gaming like 65c im using amd's stock cooler. The point is that when it gets an high temp my pc shuts off first i tought it was my vid card but if im running cod2 at 640x480 its still shutting off so i think its the cpu. I was thinking of buying this...
  13. snuif09

    sapphire x1950pro problems

    My x1950pro 256MB is doin really weird. When i play cod4 on high settings(2xAA 16xAF) i get a nice 30-35 fps average but when im playin for 10 minutes i hear my fan making more noise(its getting warmer ofcourse xD)but then my pc shuts off:(,when its on low settings i can play much longer...
  14. snuif09

    22" or 24" , wich to choose?

    i want to know wich size is the finest for me. i am a gamer,i mostly playe first person shooters or mmo's. it takes 3 months for a 22" and 6 for the 24"(thats the time i have enough money)
  15. snuif09

    would chanching my FSB affect my performance vs ram

    I got new ram it runs at 800 mHZ effective(or something:confused: ) but if i change my cpu FSB would it kill my ram performance:confused:. Cause vista is running crap on 1.8Ghz and, 2.25 ran much nicer and stable(m2n-e cant do more).
  16. snuif09

    RAM question

    If i add an 667mhz 1GB ddr2 stick to a pair of 1gb 800mhz would it become slower or faster? And can you still run dual channel?
  17. snuif09

    Is this good memory?

    What do you think of this RAM. clicky I have ordered it yesterday but its not yet deliverd. I have the blue version of this but those have the exact same specs.
  18. snuif09

    volt mod XFX 8400gs??

    how knows a site for an XFX 8400gs voltmod need it for oc competition price is two 8800gt's:rockout: EDIT:the bios is from tpu but its the same model(cost less time with my noobness)
  19. snuif09

    m2n-e has foxconn ports!!!

    i have found something weird my ASUS board m2n-e has foxconn usb audio, iee ports do asus and foxconn work to gether or something:confused: PS:dont have camera so no pics