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  1. SniperHF

    Phanteks Announces Three New Products at CES 2020 - Eclipse P300A Case, D120 Distribution Plate, and Evolv Sound Mini Speakers

    Just bought a regular P300, it runs pretty cool @ stock anyway. It has a lot of little annoyances though. I don't like the non-standard front panel, would rather it go to the motherboard. I'd prefer it have some 2.5" inserts for the 3.5 bays instead of a behind the motherboard mount. The...
  2. SniperHF

    Games with Built-In FPS

    Kingdome Come: Deliverance has a built in counter with a menu option.
  3. SniperHF

    What PC specs were you rockin back in 2009?

    E8400 (stock, I didn't OC it till it was actually a bottleneck) Abit IX38 QuadGT MSI GTX 9800 (non +) 2x2GB Corsair Dominator 1066 DDR2 Antec 900 2xSeagate SATA 2 500GB drives in R0 PSU was an OCZ 760w IIRC. Still have all these except the OCZ which croaked out (as did its RMA replacement.....)
  4. SniperHF

    Why does my Wireless NIC have a USB header?

    Sure, it's a gift though so it might not go in for a while.
  5. SniperHF

    Why does my Wireless NIC have a USB header?

    Ah, since I won't be using that I can leave it unplugged I suppose.
  6. SniperHF

    Why does my Wireless NIC have a USB header?

    https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/PCE-AC55BT-B1/overview/ I bought that^ Didn't notice it before I bought it, but it connects internally to a motherboard USB header for some reason.... Anyone know why? It has no manual just a guide that says plug all the things in.
  7. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    It was still pretty common to put 98 on that type of system, my first P4 system had 98 even. Though I'd bet a good chunk of those systems were upgraded to XP at some point.
  8. SniperHF

    LACP vs 10GbE Questions

    Yes, assuming you don't hit a bottleneck somewhere else. There's some overhead in addition to not getting a larger maximum throughput, you won't get 1+1+ speeds for every link you add. But you'll get more provided you have separate sessions as in your example. I tested it on a Cisco switch...
  9. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    In typical old school ASRock fashion it had both AGP and PCIe, and DDR and DDR2 support for the 775 socket. Old ASRock boards are neat :D
  10. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Are old manuals interesting? I dunno but these are the ones I have laying around. Wish I had the DUAL VSTA board, but I built that one for someone else.
  11. SniperHF

    What happened to aftermarket GPU coolers?

    I had basically the same effect with the Arctic Mono Plus on my RX 480. 15 to 20c drop. Came with a bunch of RAM and VRM heatsinks too. Good deal. Though I ended up chopping off the VRM portion of the factory heatsink and kept that.
  12. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    CPUs I currently Don't have a motherboard for Top Left: Celeron 466mhz (No idea where I got this one) Top Mid: Athlon 64 3500+ S939 - I used this till I upgraded it to a 4000+ I remember thinking the 4000+ to feel a lot faster at the time. Top Right: E8400 - Used this one daily, don't...
  13. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Speaking of meters. Bought this used for $5 at a DeVry garage sale many years ago: Works great.
  14. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    I only have one good 3.5 floppy drive between my 5 retro systems so I keep it separate in the event I need it for something rather than have to yank it out. No idea why I left the other connections unplugged. When I built this one ~5 years ago I was just grabbing parts that would work...
  15. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    One of my old Franken-machines in the closet: Athlon XP 2000+ Asus A7S333 Radeon 9200se (used to have a 9800se but that stopped working) 2xWD IDE drives 512mb DDR (pretty sure it's 333 but it has an aftermarket heat spreader and I forgot to check it in Aida) Triple boot 98se,Windows 2000 (An...
  16. SniperHF

    AMD Halts Further x86 Technology Licensing to China

    This seems to me to be the key here. Sure it might cause Chinese companies issues selling products in certain places if they did it unlicensed but it's a drop in the bucket. More symbolic than anything.
  17. SniperHF

    Epic's Tim Sweeney Says They'd Stop Hunting for Exclusives if Steam Matched Epic Games Store in Comission Rates

    Aside from that I just don't believe him when he says they wouldn't have gone after exclusives or would back off if there were changes, If we take him at his word this is essentially a form of attempted price fixing to help and or enrich publishers. It's not a company going out and delivering...
  18. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    I've had very good luck with these kinds of buttons over the years on old keyboards. I've got an old Compaq kb with media buttons I still use as my primary kb for old systems. It has really loud keystrokes but is not mechanical.
  19. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Had a K7S5A, purchased in one of those Fry's Electronics bundles. Bricked it while trying to do a BIOS update :roll:
  20. SniperHF

    Best cpu heatsink and fan under $50

    Interesting cooler. Might have to check that out next time I'm in the need. Though by that point something better might come along :roll: I like that it includes 2 fans, so it might have a slight price premium on the $30 bracket, I usually end up adding a second fan to the 212 types anyway so...
  21. SniperHF

    Metro Exodus Ditches Steam for Epic Games Store as Timed Exclusive

    This is actually not strictly true, at least with Steam anyway. There are a number of games on Steam that will run straight from the .exe without Steam open. Divinity Original Sin 1&2 are an example. But most developers/publishers choose to integrate with Steam as a form of DRM. Yes I think...
  22. SniperHF

    Battlefield V Benchmark Performance Analysis

    Probably till the next BF release :roll:. The sort of tent pole franchises usually stick around. Or even something like Metro 2033, which wasn't actually all that big a hit at least on PC anyway, was such a system melter that it was useful for a while. BTW Crysis 3 MP was a blast for the short...
  23. SniperHF

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Same. But in hindsight a lot of them were underwhelming for the cost. The only one that made a big impact for me was the CNPS9700