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  1. SoNic67

    Testing monitors at nvidia

    This is a must-see video for every geek here. Especially for the ones that think G-Sync certification is "money for nothing" :rolleyes:
  2. SoNic67

    Samsung S10 upgrade offer

    Samsung offers a path to upgrade an S8/S9/Note 9 to a S10 and I did take the "bait". Basically they gave me a trade-in credit of $550 for my S9 from the price of S10. I will need to return the S9 to them in functional and cleared condition (all my accounts deleted first). Plus they will send me...
  3. SoNic67

    OpenCL missing?

    Latest nVidia drivers 419.17 (02/22/2019) on Windows 10 ver.1809. I am missing the OpenCL support. This is not a GPU-Z error, it happend also in one of my programs that relies on OpenCL. In the nvidia's Program Files folder, I have the OpenCL.dll and openCL64.dll files. Anyone in the same...
  4. SoNic67

    CPU-Z and ECC/registered RAM

    I had used CPU-Z on those mother boards - Dell Precision T5500 (X39) and T7610 (X79) that use ECC RDIMM. The CPU-Z cannot read the SPD on those memories. I have tried AIDA too, but it doesn't see the SPD either. Also, on the T7610, I think it also I am not sure it it reads the number of channels...
  5. SoNic67

    SATA3 adapter on Dell T5500?

    I have a Dell Precision T5500, and the embedded controller is only SATA2. I am trying to add-on a PCI-e SATA3 controller but I hit a wall... none that I have tried recognize a SSD at boot time (some not even later). I have tried two controllers with ASMEDIA ASM1061 chip. No luck, SSD are not...
  6. SoNic67

    New update ofering older version?

    I have installed the latest "beta" drivers 19.1.2 and AMD control center now insists that I have new drivers available - 19.1.1. See attached pic. Is this something that anyone else sees? Is something in my drivers installation?
  7. SoNic67

    AMD FreeSync

    Does anyone here have a monitor that is supposed to support FreeSync and it doesn't work? I just got a new AOC monitor that is supposed to support FreeSync, but in AMD drivers it is shown as "Not Compatible". I have an RX580, Windows 10 and 18.11.2 AMD drivers.
  8. SoNic67

    AMD/ATI ATIFlash - flashing questions

    I want to edit my RX580 Device ID with the ID of a WX7100. In the help of DOS version of atiflash, I see the following: -mi <Num> [ID] Modify SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter <Num> to <ID>. SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter <Num> is...