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  1. SniperHF

    Why does my Wireless NIC have a USB header?

    https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/PCE-AC55BT-B1/overview/ I bought that^ Didn't notice it before I bought it, but it connects internally to a motherboard USB header for some reason.... Anyone know why? It has no manual just a guide that says plug all the things in.
  2. SniperHF

    3770k OC Unstable - Low voltage memory to blame?

    I decided to update my 2500k (4.5ghz) to a 3770k. Specs are the same as my profile just now with more Ivy Bridge. However the system every so often freezes and then auto-reboots after 30 seconds or so. I'm trying to hit 4.3ghz but I've had this issue at pretty much any multiplier above auto...