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  1. HalfAHertz

    [Solved] Can't get Asrock B450M Pro4 to post with all memory slots populated

    Hi, I can't seem to get the system to post at all using the stock settings. I'm using four sticks of 8gb, which are all the same brand and model (tho on closer inspection, the new pair has slightly different cooling case). The only way I managed to make the system boot is by reducing the ram...
  2. HalfAHertz

    CM Extreme2 475 PSU failing?

    The last 2 or so weeks, I've experienced some strange pc behavior. When I turn on the pc, the lights and fans turn on, then after 2-3 seconds everything turns off and after about 2 seconds starts back up and the PC boots up as normal. The second strange thing is that sometimes, when waking from...
  3. HalfAHertz

    Singaporeans, where do you buy your hardware from?

    Hi, I am planning on building a simple gaming rig but am unsure of where to start. Sim Lim has a lot of small vendors but I'm not sure of the quality there. Where do you usually go for your hardware needs?
  4. HalfAHertz

    Kingston s100 any good?

    Hi, does anybody have experience with this drive? What kind of controller does it have? Will it be any good as an OS drive for a small laptop? The other alternative would be a Kingston ssdNow V Drive.
  5. HalfAHertz

    Laptop GPU flashing

    [Fixed partially]Laptop GPU flashing So today I decided to open up the laptop for cleaning and changing the thermal goo. And after a bit of tinkering, I got to the insides. Then I proceeded as usual but what I thought was some really dried up goo on the GPU turned out to be some very brittle...
  6. HalfAHertz

    The DirectX Performance Overhead

    Found an interesting read about what developers think of the current state of DirectX
  7. HalfAHertz

    Weird Win 7 bug

    Ok I've been fooling around with win 7 lately trying to bring it up to scuff and a feature I was missing from win XP was the My computer toolbar which could be explored and expanded like a menu. I sort of got it working on Win 7 but for some reason, whenever I start some executables, it either...
  8. HalfAHertz

    Rumor: AMD is up for sale, Dell may be interested

    more here
  9. HalfAHertz

    Nvidia - Intel cross licensing

    A cross licensing between Nvidia and Intel was announced today, leading to a 1,5 billion deal and dropping of all charges between the two. http://www.securityweek.com/intel-pay-nvidia-technology-licensing-fees-15-billion...
  10. HalfAHertz

    [Swedish]New ASUS mobo and Intel Sandy Bridge quick preview @ sweclockers

    It is one of the first Asus boards with support for UEFI. Unfortunately the article is in swedish, but if you watch the video, you can get a pretty good idea of what's going on. http://www.sweclockers.com/artikel/12976-forhandstitt-pa-uefi-med-intel-sandy-bridge edit: seems I can't embed the...
  11. HalfAHertz

    Win 7 borks my usb stick?

    For some reason last night my backup usb stick gave out under win7. I tried everything to bring it back -format using the windows interface, format using diskpart, using some external tools - nothing seemed to help so I almost completely gave up. Then today at work I tried formatting it on...
  12. HalfAHertz

    *Request* EVE Online buddy account

    Hello, I was curious about the game, heard some great stuff about it and I'd really like to try it out. Would anyone playing EVE Online mind sending me a buddy account invitation? Here's a link to the address: http://support.eve-online.com/Pages/KB/Article.aspx?id=58 PM if interested, thanks.
  13. HalfAHertz

    Radeon 5670 reviewed

    As the title states: http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?id=3109&cid=3&pg=8
  14. HalfAHertz

    [WTB][EU] 2GB So-dimm ram@667MHz

    Hi, this is my first attempt at using the TPU Trade froum whee! So I've been thinking for a while about moving my lappy to 64bit and dual channel memory, but for the task I need a second 2gb stick. I'm interested in something that runs on 667@5:5:5:15 by default. I'm located in Jutland...
  15. HalfAHertz

    Mobility 3650 wrong readings

    Hello W1z, First of all thank you for the great array of software you're providing. Secondly the last few versions of GPU-Z show only half value for the core and memory speed - i.e. I'm clocking the card at 100;100MHz, and GPU-Z shows 50;50MHz. The problem seems to persist in GPUTool CP1 as...
  16. HalfAHertz

    Interview with Jen Hsun

    A really insightful interview with NVIDIA's CEO on NVIDIA's future strategy and a bit about their past http://tech.tbreak.com/2009/11/nvidia-past-present-future-an-interview-with-jen-hsun-huang/
  17. HalfAHertz

    Mobile hd3650 support

    Hi, was just wondering if there are any special optimisations or settings that need to be implemented, to fold on a mobile card. I tried running both the client and console F@Hs with no success. I get the "You card is not currently supported" message Currently running on mobility modded...
  18. HalfAHertz

    NVIDIA GeForce GT240 Benchmarks Surface

    experview have some early benchmarks on the GT240 40nm parts here http://en.expreview.com/2009/10/10/nvidia-geforce-gt240-benchmarks-surface.html p.s. Sorry already posted here at good old TPU: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=105829 Mods feel free to delete
  19. HalfAHertz

    Ati+nVidia working together (kind of :D )

    I was browsing the net and stumbled on this graphics monstrosity: http://forum.xdevs.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=360&view=unread#unread (russian version)...
  20. HalfAHertz

    Problems with Logitech V220 mouse

    Well as the title states, my mouse is giving me some hard time. The last few days it just randoomly stoped responding and i had to take the usb dongle in and out for it to start working again and today it completely stoped working. I decided to open the dongle to see if there are any loose welds...