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  1. Sanhime

    Laptop not switching to dedicated GPU

    I just bought a Lenovo Y50 with a Intel 4600 and Geforce GTX 860M 4GB. I updated to the latest drivers and playing games seems to run fine. I was able to play BF3, Tera, TF2 at good speeds. Lately, I tried to play the games again and I noticed the image quality looked a lot different and ran...
  2. Sanhime

    moving my linux mint partition to another hard drive

    Hello. I have a 3TB hard drive with Win7 occupying around 2.1TB and Linux Mint (Ubunutu) occupying 600GB. I have a spare 1TB hard hard. I want to move the Linux Mint to the other hard drive. How do I properly do this? And how do I properly edit GRUB# which is the current bootloader? Thanks.
  3. Sanhime

    Triple boot XP (32bit), 7 (64bit), Ubuntu (64bit) on a single 3TB drive

    How do I seamlessly make a triple boot of XP (32bit), 7 (64bit), Ubuntu (64bit) on a single 3TB hard drive without needing to switch between UEFI and BIOS? I'm trying to make 7 the largest partition, and the other two smaller. I know MBR has a 2TB limit, but is that limit per drive or per...
  4. Sanhime

    750GT SLI or 760GTX --> for laptop?

    Just like the subject says. Price wise, on newegg, with all others things nearly equally, a laptop with either of the two GPU configurations cost almost the same. So which one will be better? Thanks!
  5. Sanhime

    looking for budget laptop for graphics and stuff

    Hello all, I want to look for a laptop for a relative who is in college and is using/learning autodesk 3D MAX and autoCAD. I understand quadro and firepro systems are expensive. So for college kids who typically don't have money, what type of GPU/laptop is reasonable for a college student...
  6. Sanhime

    best/strongest 150mm length PSU

    Need to find the strongest/best 150mm length (preferable) that can power an OC'ed 2600k with a GTX690 and 2 hard drives to fit in a Bitfenix Prodigy. I know 160mm PSU will fit but many people it is a tough fit. Would I be able to find a 150mm PSU that can do a good job?
  7. Sanhime

    NAS laptop with a mediasonic external USB

    Thinking about building a NAS using my laptop with a non-raid 4-bay mediasonic. Every time I read about NAS, like FreeNAS, always talk about RAID, but I cannot raid with this box. Furthermore, I already have data in these hard drives. Do I need to format the drives in order to use FreeNAS...
  8. Sanhime

    HD tune end to end error message

    I was checking the health of my hard drive since the beginning of the month using HD tune. I don't understand the end to end status. It's been consistent with 96-96-99-4 Failed but recently it change to 92-92-99-8 Failed How should I interpret this? Thanks.
  9. Sanhime

    End to End error Detection

    HD Tune is showing my hard drive End to End error Detection Failed with numbers: 96 96 100 4 They have not changed in the pass 2 days. Should I be concern about this? Thanks.
  10. Sanhime

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Hello. Is there a way to install language packs on Windows 7 Home Premium?
  11. Sanhime

    3Mbps Comcast internet enough?

    Well, it's time to consider my options again regarding internet because Comcast likes to mug me, force me to open my wallet, smack me around, and tells me to like it. My situation: Currently I use Comcast's 15 mbps connection connected to a wireless router. 2 computers in the house. I mostly...
  12. Sanhime

    memory reporting

    Having trouble with the memory being reported. It always says 7.22gb out of 8gb is usable. Is there a setting in bios I need to mess with to fix this? Thanks. i7 2600K asus p8z68v-pro gen3 8gb corsair LP vengeance win7 64bit
  13. Sanhime

    Cloning from 1TB to 2TB hard drive

    Whats a good free imaging/cloning program? I have a 1TB hard drive with Win7 and I want to seamlessly migrate my stuff to a 2TB hard drive. Any suggestions?
  14. Sanhime

    Need a wireless solution of old pink imac

    Got a buddy with an old imac (the ones that look like a pink bubble) and I think is still running OSX 10.4(?). I need to find a wireless network adapter solution. Maybe a usb wifi or ethernet-to-wifi. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  15. Sanhime

    i2600k @4.4ghz and CM hyper 212 evo

    i2600k @4.4ghz and CM hyper 212 evo with 2 noctua fans Are these temps "normal"? Ambient temp is ~20C. Cores are idling 33-35C. After playing a few hours of BC2 and BF3, the highest temps (according to HWmonitor) on the cores seem to be 58-60C.
  16. Sanhime

    Dominator or Vengeance for OC?

    This: Dominator 1600mhz http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145313 Or this: Vengeance 1866mhz http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233142 Also, what do you people think of the new low profile Vengeance 1600mhz ram? Would I realistically see a notice...
  17. Sanhime

    Strictly for gaming: z68 or x79

    There's so much hype surround x79 but so little information about x79. I am wondering just for gaming purposes only (and I'm talking about Battlefield 3), is it even worth waiting for x79/LGA2011? Are we going to see performance difference like we saw with 1366 vs 1155? s quad channel even...
  18. Sanhime

    bsod bccode 116

    From what I understand, this code is video card related. I tried to look to see how I can read and UNDERSTAND this log/file dump nonsense so I am out of patience. Unfortunately, Microsoft invented this dump language so that normal English speaking folks like myself cannot understand. If...
  19. Sanhime

    display driver appear to not load at startup

    I am having this problem where the nvidia display driver does not load during start up. I can see Windows and login screen, but everything is in default low resolution. I can tell the driver did not load because evga precision complains it does not detect the display device. This especially...
  20. Sanhime

    How do I enable FXAA?

    Is there a way thruogh control panel or through program to enable FXAA for all games?
  21. Sanhime

    how do you read the BSOD error message?

    I've been getting BSOD errors lately. Seems to happen randomly, and only happens during cold booting when my PC is off for long periods of time, like a day at least. I get this message. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID...
  22. Sanhime

    Do I need to reapply TIM when...

    I had to replace my motherboard, so of course, I had to remove the heatsink in order to tranfer my CPU from the old motherboard to the new one. The current TIM is still on the heatsink and CPU. Should I reapply the TIM or can I just stick the heatsink back onto the CPU?
  23. Sanhime

    SSF4 costumes on SSF4 AE?

    Does anyone know if the DLC for SSF4 such as extra costumes would work on SSF4 Arcade Edtition?
  24. Sanhime

    Reapply thermal paste?

    Should I reapply TIM to my cpu? I think its been more than a year since since I bought my D0 i7 920. I was using AS5 atm the time, and I have not changed since so I'm pretty sure its still the same TIM. Should I reapply TIM or is there no need?
  25. Sanhime

    Looking for a good hard drive enclosure

    Looking for a good hard drive enclosure that can hold 4 or more drives and have USB 3.0 (no NAS, can't afford :( ). Anyone have recommendations? Thanks!