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  1. Dead_Again

    Very entertaining! :p

    Very entertaining! :p
  2. Dead_Again

    Is PC part picker always right with compatibility?

    You can trust them for most things, but as others have stated, it's always worth double checking your final "build". It's also easy enough to inform them if the info given is wrong, I've done that a number of times *evil grin* :p
  3. Dead_Again

    Games Under-Performing, Unknown Culprit, Proves to be a Challenge

    Yeah, first try with just one stick, then two, moving the sticks back and forth....Workstations can often be very picky about what ram they accept :( and perversely accept the most generic ram instead...Go figure! :p Basically, what I (and other TPU members) am suggesting is a process of...
  4. Dead_Again

    Games Under-Performing, Unknown Culprit, Proves to be a Challenge

    Thought I might add something here, as have owned CAD workstations in the past... Dell Workstations are quirky beasts, especially the lower-end ones like yours. I would suggest installing the drivers from the Dell website (even if windows auto detects and installs own sets), then checking each...
  5. Dead_Again

    RAM issue

    If I remember rightly, the issue is over the voltage with this board (used to own one briefly) and the RAM. As @cadaveca has stated previously, the cpu is not "fully" capable of running at 2400MHz ram speeds (check with Intel via the ol' googleness). However Asrock claimed this wasn't an issue...
  6. Dead_Again

    Spoiler Alert........this car is fast.

    The other end of spectrum:
  7. Dead_Again

    Spoiler Alert........this car is fast.

    @qubit I agree, but suspect the magic barrier of 290-300mph exerts serious stability issues on this car :p
  8. Dead_Again

    What lighting do you rock on end of 2015 ? [ "light" thread with a poll ]

    I tend to go for minimal lighting stuff, but the youngest child likes to see "pretty lights" inside the main pc :p
  9. Dead_Again

    Need to unlock USB key

    Choices: 1) Keep it, after wiping. 2) Hand over to the ol' Bill (Police) 3) Stick it in a safe in case customer asks for it at some future date.... 4) Don't post on a public forum about decrypting the drive :p
  10. Dead_Again

    Patriot Introduces 128GB Compact USB Flash Drives

    I'll just leave this lying around: http://www.usb.org/developers/ssusb :)
  11. Dead_Again

    memory and graphics card update for build, circa 2008.

    PC recycling centres are a good way to get hold of old ram... Especially those companies that breakup servers. Last deal I made I got 25 sticks of ECC DDR2 800 ram for (converts in head) $22. :)
  12. Dead_Again

    Which GTX is enough?

    I'll just add my little bit (to the already excellent advice given): you should always try for a single GPU solution, especially if you are new to PC gaming, design, etc. Simply put, this means less hassle for you... Also... Some MMO's benefit more from actually being on a SSD, for faster map...
  13. Dead_Again

    Favorite Softwares?

    GPU-Z Power Shell qBittorrent XnView ClamWin AV To name but a few :)
  14. Dead_Again

    [Budget:2000$] \ questions?

    Your pcpartlist appears to be empty, just thought you should know :)
  15. Dead_Again

    Best budget PC parts for Dolphin emulator - Help?

    AMD variant: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fwgNdC Edit - Canada: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/fwgNdC
  16. Dead_Again

    Favorite Motherboard Brand?

    In 25-30 years of 'messing around'with pc's, I've gone through a lot of motherboards, both personally and when building for clients, I remember some fondly like Chaintech, Foxconn, Abit, SOYO, etc. These days I tend to go for MSi for gaming, Gigabyte for stability, and occasionally ASRock when...
  17. Dead_Again

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Not a waste, if one is enjoying the experience...but each to their own I guess ;)
  18. Dead_Again

    Replacement Blower Fan For GTX 960

    I can understand wanting to replace your gpu fan, but that link is not for you... Description: NEW For ATI HD 4870 5970 5870 5850 4890 5450 5650 4350 Laptop Video Card Fan 4 Pins Replacement + Thermal grease Accessories Wholesale... If you want to replace the hsf, then consider: Arctic...
  19. Dead_Again

    Skylake 6600 vs 6600k

    Only OP can answer that one, so please stop trolling the thread...
  20. Dead_Again

    Skylake 6600 vs 6600k

    I sincerely hope OP got the answer s/he was looking for, before it all got derailed...
  21. Dead_Again

    Advise for/against engineering sample cpu

    Basically Intel doesn't like knowing these samples are 'floating' around outside of their control. They tend to come down harder on those selling rather than buying. This is of course is assuming said samples are true engineering samples...
  22. Dead_Again

    Multiple System Specs?

    You could try pm'ing @W1zzard and 'ask'! :p Lot of members on TPU put their extra rigs into their sigs...
  23. Dead_Again

    Try pm'ing one of the main forum mods like @Mussels not RCoon...As he has already explained...

    Try pm'ing one of the main forum mods like @Mussels not RCoon...As he has already explained: his role is the Gaming Moderator (and a damn fine job he does in that role!)
  24. Dead_Again

    does usb 7.1 headsets comes with it's sound card?

    As has been mentioned already in this thread: go for a pair of good quality headphones and match to the sound setup that is best for you ;) I personally favour DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm: closed back, so my girlfriend isn't disturbed! :p Check out http://www.head-fi.org/ for more information regarding...
  25. Dead_Again

    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    Landstalker Sega Genesis: