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    The Saga Of 'Star Citizen,' A Video Game That Raised $300 Million—But May Never Be Ready To Play

    A video i watched earlier about Star Citizen
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    malware in Britney Spears Instagram Photos!

    Quick to point the finger at Kaspersky, What have other AV done about it?
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    Post your DXDiag results

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    The Best Single Player PC RPG Games of the Last 10-ish Years

    Rage, GTA V, Bioshock not on the list :(
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    New Exemptions To The DMCA Allow Users To Hack And Repair Their Phones (And Their Tractors, too)

    Oh the farmers have been hacking their tractors for a while now. How long until Apple devices are classed as consoles?
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    Does Having Fast UK Broadband Mean You Lose More Sleep?

    I'm on Virginmedia Vivid 200 (200Mbps down 10Mbps up). I think at a certain point maybe 20Mbps, that's way before the speed I have content become instant on the internet. When a user has instant access to everything I doubt they would lose sleep. The user will only consume more content in a...
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    Wireless signals used to detect weaponry

    Just like Batman
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    GTA 5

    open mobile phone ingame > select intenet > have a look. GTA just has updates to introduce stuff not DLC.
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    Battlefield V Revealed: 1942 Reimagined

    I have been a BF player since BF2, stopped playing CoD after WaW #5. However after that New CoD Blackout Battle Royal game mode, I would love to see Battlefield have one. I may end up back in CoD if it doesn't.
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    Your most embarrassing PC building story...

    I have a couple of old ones lol. The first one: forgot spacers on the case then screwed motherboard to the case and wondered why the PC only lit up for 2 sec when I pressed the power button. The second one: way back in the days of IDE, I had just built a PC and was wondering why it wasn't...
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    Web Mining, Part Two: Adblock Plus Now Blocks Web Mining Efforts a la TPB

    This is nothing new for sites generating revenue, Its not a good way for sites to generate revenue either. ESEA was hit with a $1 Million fine for one of its coders.The coder implemented a miner in its software. article here ( https://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/20/esea_gaming_bitcoin_fine/...
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    SpaceX will deliver global high-speed internet in 2019 using more than 4,000 satellites

    i recall reading some place it is planned to be free
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    Conan Exiles (A survival game....yet again)

    @WhiteNoise i agree with you, it is one of the better early access games. One other thing are the patches/bug fixes, they come quick and the team working on this game have been addressing issues faster than any other early access game I have played. Ark clone? Nope more like Age of Conan turned...
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    noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Gaming Chair

    Timeless design - heheh its just another car seat DX Racer style gaming chair clone at an absurd price. Maximum weight 120kg - If this chair can hold dudes the size of Antonio Silva, Mark hunt and Brock Lesnar, i think the Maximum weight issue is user not product
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    Netflix Picture Quality Not Great

    I recall something a while ago that edge browser is the only browser to support streaming 1080p, others stream 720p. Maybe try edge browser? Also PC not able to stream 4k
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    Post the oldest website you know that still exists.

    Talking about esreality.com . Here using the Ninox Aurora, grat mouse.
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    The market its flooded with so many cases!

    Purchased a Fractal Design Define XL at the start of 2011. No complaints and fans still going strong inside. Have no intentions of getting a new case either. This has plenty of space and them some for what i need, easy to manage wires and sound dampening pads.
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    Are you guys going to do a review on the VR headsets?

    Or add vr gaming to GFX card reviews?
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    Will It Handle 1440p?

    Have to agree with haunted here, i run a single 390 on a 1440p monitor and dont have any problems with gameplay( Ie GTA V smooth as butter). Get the monitor first see how you find the gameplay and if you feel the need for another 390 first.
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    is This Gaming Pc Good???

    ^^This go to local B&M IT shop or check local paper for IT guys. Most will do it for a small fee often in your home if you like.
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    Dead PCIe x16 slot... wtf

    Have you manually moved the PC case with a GFX card inside?. I'm asking because when i moved house my PCI-E slot died. The bumps on the ride probably made GFX card bounce up down killing the slot.
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    Russia's new supersonic bomber can outrun Britain's best fighter jet

    Lol i just brain farted for a second. had a thought "that looks like a nice protractor triangle".
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    Do you plan on using DirectX 12 mixed GPU in the future?

    Not long since i purchased a 390. When upgrade time comes i don't see any reason not to run multiple Gpu's