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  1. JunkBear

    Bluetooth mouse + tablet

    I just decided to put a bluetooth keyboard and mouse on my tablet so it's easier for certain games. Is there any way to accelerate the mouse pointer on Android like you can Do with Windows?
  2. JunkBear

    Need advice on laptop HDD

    Hi fellowship of the TPU. I have an older laptop Dell Inspiron N5030 that I just want to upgrade on a budget to save money instead of buying a newer one. I will order a cpu from ebay to max it out but I want to order on newegg a sata mechanical hard disk. I wont necessary go for the...
  3. JunkBear

    Found GTX670

    Like title says I found at eco-center where they dump electronic an EVG GTX670. Will install it on a i5-4430 socket 1150 with 8 gigs DDR3-10600. What is the cheapest small case I could find to fit in only the optical drive and a regular psu?
  4. JunkBear

    AMD wireless virtual reality

  5. JunkBear

    Word page - register popping

    Hi. I have cleaned my register a while ago and now this page is popping up each time I open my laptop. Could you help me on that one to figure out what to do? Thanks
  6. JunkBear

    Xubuntu ISO needed

    Hi. I need à safe place to download ISO of the most récent Xubuntu. I tried on their website with two différent computers and still the dvd wont boot.
  7. JunkBear

    What you think of this laptop

    I just see that laptop which is cheaper due to a sale and I would like to know what you guys think of that. http://www8.hp.com/ca/en/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=12206248#!tab=specs Thank you.
  8. JunkBear

    Need low Watts gpu

    I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre M73 sff so only à 240watts psu for thé whole system. So what is thé low power, low profile gpu that is currently cheap and available to play games not thé newest ones.
  9. JunkBear

    What 1150 skt are good for?

    Is it really outdated à skt 1150 and whats différence with 1151, 1155 or 1156?
  10. JunkBear

    Opinion on GT620 needed

    What you guys think or have you used and owned an Asus GT620 Silent 2gigs? What could be the possibilities paired to an i5-4430 skt 1150
  11. JunkBear

    Couple old computers

    Hi. I still have in my possession a couple old single core and dual core computers. Need some ideas of projects to do with it. Thx
  12. JunkBear

    upload not working

    I am using a Huawei Y530 with Android. I can't upload pictures on forum the problem is that when I click onto the UPLOAD button nothing happens. Is it a problem with the application or only with Android ??
  13. JunkBear

    HELP on older case name

    Hi. I seen a while ago some cheap Micro-ATX case with a molded plastic handle on top integrated to the face also. I need this to make an easy goign case. I will take out the part of my Lenovo Thinkcentre M73 SFF since its too small for a good gpu and a powerful psu. I will transfer and make...
  14. JunkBear

    Canada sellers thread

    Hello guys. I have nothing to sell for now but if you have please fel free to sell your things here if you are in Canada. I started it because mostly all sellers are in USA or they just plainly refuse to put their country of origin in description under their avatar. So if moderators are...
  15. JunkBear

    Need help on OpenFirmware

    Hi. Long time I did not post but I need some help here to save the router of my aunt. She dont have money for now to buy another one so I will install DD-WRT on it. Linksys WRT54GS V7.2 On the page you see I have the choice of 4 downloads so which one I should choose and why? Thank you.
  16. JunkBear

    Need order online 135mm fan in Canada

    Need 135mm fan that ai want to order from online store in Canada. What place can you suggest? Its to replace a psu LSP-650 fan that starts vibration and sounds.
  17. JunkBear

    Full system before buying GPU

    Hi. I have a Lenovo M73 with the followings: CPU i5-4430 skt 1150 84 watts Memory 2 sticks of 4gigs DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 HDD Sata 500 gigs LG DVD/RW Sata 2 X 80mm Fans Power supply specs Lite-On PS-4241-01 240 watts Total 230 watts max +12v1 12 Amps +12Vcpu 16 Amps 15 watts max +5.08Vsb 2.5...
  18. JunkBear

    Mini-Itx project

    Hi. Happy new year in advance ! I got an older ITX with onboard soldered cpu and I would like to make a mod rig. I want to put it inside an homemade case with external psu that just give the +5v and the +12V with grounds of course since the 3.3V is mostly unnecessary on mobos these days. Am...
  19. JunkBear

    G.Skill ripjaws heat

    G.SkillRipkaws ddr3 1600mhz with the red heat spreader. Are they prone to heat a lot or the heatsink is mostly for design? I want to install it in a Small form factor rig but it so near the stock oem stick that it could cut air flow on it. Will I have any heat problem on the Gskill if i remove...
  20. JunkBear

    What games with GT730/GT740

    I will upgrade my office setup with 4igigs more and a GT730 OR 740 thats the max i can go since my psu is 240watts only. What FPS games could i play with it or any other games at 1024x768 or 1280x1024. I dont play higher resolution than that since I find it way too small on my computer screen...
  21. JunkBear

    Need to unlock USB key

    Hi guys. I explain you the situation... My mother work in a hotel room service and a customer dropped a usb key in the corridor without identification and its encrypted with Disknet pro 4 EPM Explorer. I would like to unlock it to get personal contact or info of customer so we can ship it back...
  22. JunkBear

    Need low profile low power gpu

    Just got a Lenovo Thinkcentre M73 i5 3gigs with 4gigs ddr3 and 500gigs WD blue 16m cache. Would like to put the gpu inside so i make it a small gaming computer. What would you suggest as title specs says?
  23. JunkBear

    Need website pictures download software

    Need website pictures download software As the title says it. I want to put the link of the website in the software and it gets all the images at once and save it to my computer. Thx
  24. JunkBear

    Needing advice on gpu

    Hi. I am rebuilding a sff low profile Dell optiplex dual core rig for some internet stuff, movies and older games. I need a pci-e graphic car that has low profile but also sucks really low power. The psu on this optiplex is different so i cant replace it with a regular one and the psu itself...
  25. JunkBear

    Good card?? : EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 650

    EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 650 with 1 GB GDDR5 Memory 01G-P4-2650-KR What do you think about this card specifically and it's gaming possibility? Is it overkill for my setup under avatar?