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  1. Sasqui

    Looking for MS Office

    There were a few ads here for MS Widows 10 and MS Office on the cheap. Are they still out there?
  2. Sasqui

    [WTB][US] Webcam

    Looking for a decent used webcam. Have a one on the laptop, but my dual monitor work setup at home won't let me use it - lack of space.
  3. Sasqui

    [FS][US] 2x Swiftech H140-X AIO Coolers New in Box

    FS: TWO Swiftech H140-X AIO Coolers New in Box. $50 each+ shipping. Puchased in 2017 for an ambitous built and never used... decided to stick with air cooling, so these have been sitting. One box was opened just to look at the contents, however it's all brand new and complete. See pictures for...
  4. Sasqui

    My ASUS RT-N66U Router Died. Well, Sort of...

    Get up the other morning, no wireless from my router, at all... dead. Check it out and all the lights are off, the AC adapter has a blue light glowing (it's plugged into an APC UPS backup) and the wire is plugged into the router. No lights on the router itself, no signal. So I try this...
  5. Sasqui

    Half Life 4 Announced: Valve confirms it cannot count to 3

    https://www.tweaktown.com/news/71568/half-life-4-announced-valve-confirms-it-cannot-count-to-3/index.html Yes no doubt already posted, haha
  6. Sasqui

    Gifting Steam Games?

    Steam has some good deals right now, so I snatched a game last night. At checkout it gave the option to buy it for myself or gift it... to a list of people that I've already send games to. Question... if I haven't activated the game for myself, does Steam still allow gifting it? It used to. I...
  7. Sasqui

    Win 10 ...Purchase on FleaBay?

    Search "Win 10 Pro" on FleaBay, and there are a TON of results for keys under $10. Legit or not? I got a key for Office Pro Plus for a proverbial dime about 2 months ago. It worked great with download directly from MS. Before I spend $7 ...what should I be careful of? Or what should I ask a...
  8. Sasqui

    [WTB][US] FOUND Looking for: a 70x70x25mm 12v fan with 4 pin header

    The cooling fan in my QNAP TS-253-Pro NAS lost a blade. Still working, but it vibrates a lot. Posting in the off chance someone has a 70x70x25mm 12v fan with 4 pin header in a pile of old goods. I'd get one from QNAP, but they are asking $40. Ouch...
  9. Sasqui

    Max theoretical bandwidth of an SD Card Slot in a Laptop?

    I have a DELL Precision 7710 Laptop with an SD card slot. What's the max possible throughput in that slot? Would it be tied to the system via a USB 3.0 hub? Just curious, I don't think there are any SD cards that go more than 100MB/s... and yes, there's a difference between MB/s and Mb/s
  10. Sasqui

    2019 Black Friday/Cyber Monday PC Hot Deals & Wishlist Thread

    So, this thread is for folks looking for, and folks finding hot PC related deals for them this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season in 2019. Things that you wouldn't often see in the usual retail type ads. Got something you want and can wait for an awesome deal? Post it! Find an awesome deal that...
  11. Sasqui

    Buying a new unlocked Galaxy S8 - for use on Verizon

    I've been using my Galaxy S7 for 3 years now, and it's been great to me, but the microphone no longer works. Callers can only hear me on speakerphone. And yes, I've cleaned out the microphone hole. For a replacement, I've been looking on eBay for NEW Galaxy S8 phones. They can be had for...
  12. Sasqui

    Hard drive "burn in" testing software?

    Picked up two WD Easystore 10TBs at best buy. Will take the drivers out and upgrade my QNAP NAS. I'd like to stress test them overnight before cracking the cases open. What software is up for the task, Crystal Disk or Diskmark? I did some googling already and specifics are sparse. Thanks in...
  13. Sasqui

    Display Port to HDMI Cable/Converter?

    I have a DELL M6500 laptop that has no HDMI out, only Display Port. I want to used the laptop with two different TV's to watch movies on HDD and streaming video. Of course the TV's only have HDMI inputs. Has anyone used any converter cables to do that, or is it dependent on the graphics in...
  14. Sasqui

    Internet Radio Playing with Left or Right Channel Missing?

    This has happened inconsistently on two devices. I had an Aluratek internet radio player (that died after 10 years) and now an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen. So here's the deal: I'm listening to a rock station out of Orlando, WMMO. On the Echo Dot, one channel (either left or right) is missing...
  15. Sasqui

    Windows 10 Online Purchase Download and Install - Already Activated After MS Download and Install?

    Purchased Win 10 from "Bonanza" , they sent me a code and download link. Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 I've installed it from a DVD ISO, it never asked for an activation code and says it's activated. Tried it twice, even download from an...
  16. Sasqui

    [US] SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB SATA III 6.0 GB/s 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive $116 shipped

    Better price than even during black Friday. https://www.microcenter.com/product/602287/SSD_Plus_1TB_SATA_III_60_GB-s_25_Internal_Solid_State_Drive Have to add to cart to see the price.
  17. Sasqui

    Right Click mouse button not working - Win 7 MS Outlook and Word

    A week or so ago, the right click on my mouse stopped working as usual when selecting text in documents, emails etc. I used to get the context menu to copy, paste, etc. Now when I select text and right click, it simply unselects the text, no context menu pops up. And right clocking on...
  18. Sasqui

    Corsair is selling dummy RGB RAM sticks

    No doubt this was already posted. Reminds me of a quote from David Lee Roth “It's not whether you win or lose, it's how good you looked doing it!” :kookoo...
  19. Sasqui

    [WTB][US] Socket 1366 cooler CHEAP

    I purchased a socket 1366 cooler from Newegg for an x58 board and it won't be arriving until later next week :mad: In the meantime, I am trying to bring an ASUS P6X58D-E board back to life but can't even test it... no cooler. Anyone have a socket 1366 cooler they are willing to part with on...
  20. Sasqui

    ASUS MB Repair service P6X58D-E X58 Older Motherboard

    I have an ASUS P6X58D-E X58 that one day a few we decided it would stop working. I've swapped out RAM, CPU, PSU, CPU with no luck. The lights come on, fan spins up but no beeps, and the mem OC light stays on, and no signal on screen. I was thinking of contacting ASUS for repair services...
  21. Sasqui

    [FOUND] Looking for really cheap PCIe "newer" graphics card(s) with HDMI

    looking for a CHEAP PCIe graphics card, no 3D horsepower required. HDMI output. This is for an x58 MB and Xeon 5670 CPU in a rig that's really only used for WCG crunching, running Ubuntu/Linix I'm in New Hampshire, US
  22. Sasqui

    Really (really) cheap graphics card?

    This is for a WCG crunching rig, running Ubuntu, in an X58 motherboard with an X5670 cpu. PCIe preferrable. Not looking for any particular 3D performance, so REALLY cheap I had a GT220 graphics card that just flat out died. Any suggestions? I'm hoping for something that will be supported...
  23. Sasqui

    2018 Black Friday/Cyber Monday PC Hot Deals & Wishlist Thread

    It's back, another year flew by! So, this thread is for folks looking for, and folks finding hot PC related deals for them this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season in 2018. Things that you wouldn't often see in the usual retail type ads. Got something you want and can wait for an awesome deal...
  24. Sasqui

    Monitor Overclocking Guide?

    I was poking around here for a guide on overclocking monitors, is there anything? I'd like to see if I can tweak my LG and push more than 75Hz with Freesync I found this thread via Google: https://www.overclock.net/forum/44-monitors-displays/1493866-guide-overclocking-your-monitor.html
  25. Sasqui

    CPU and MB PCIe Lane Question 2x16???

    I'm sure someone knows the answer to this, and @Xx Tek Tip xX was having a problem running any PCIe card at x16 in thier rig. So, the way I read it, my 4790k CPU only supports 1 x16 PCIe lane according to intel...